Digital Client Crash Course Walk Through Review


Digital Client Crash Course is a complete course on how to start and build a digital marketing agency. Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson both know what they’re talking about. They’ve both done this. This is one of the most complete trainings on this subject that I’ve seen to date for the price!

I did a video walk through of the inside of the members area for you. Just watch this next video!

Simple, Repeatable, Profitable!

I get people asking me all the time how to start making real money online. Probably every week I get an email or message from someone asking for help.

I know literally zillions of ways to make money online. I’ve done them all. The problem with answering people’s questions, though, is they want something that’s simple, repeatable, and newbie friendly.

It can take years to build up the skills needed for some methods. And, understandibly, most folks can’t wait years. They need cash now.

Every now and then I run across a new system, or a better version of an older system, that anyone regardless of their skill set can use to start making real money.

Today is one of those days.

Billy Darr and David Kirby gave me access to their new training. It’s called 100 Bucks Daily. (That’s about $36k a year!)

I opened it up and found exactly what I was looking for. Something simple that I could recommend to people who want to get started with this stuff the right way.

On the surface, the 100Bucks A Day method looks like yesterday’s news. At the core, it’s about creating review videos for affiliate products and ranking them.

As I said, that’s on the surface!

I’ve done this very method myself for years, and I’ve made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it.

As I dug deeper into the training, I realized that Billy and David had simplified this method to the point that anyone can do it right off the bat!

They have a template you follow to make your review video. (Works on MAC or PC.) You really don’t even have to think. Just follow along.

As far as ranking the videos, they have a very simple, newer strategy that they use. I learned this strategy myself from one of the top video marketers in the biz, and it flat out works!

If you’ll get this and actually do it consistently two things will happen.

1. You’ll start making some real money now.

2. You’ll build up a whole collection of review videos that will make you money month after month after month!

(Nothing better than waking up, checking your phone, and seeing you made money in your sleep. That sort of thing!)

This is a simple, solid system. Like all things, it won’t do anything for you unless you actually apply it, but that goes without saying!

Today’s the last day you can get this on early bird sale.

Click one of these links today and check it out!

One more thing.

Who should get this? Anyone who wants to learn a really simple method for making money online.

Who shouldn’t? If you’ve already got a real business up and running, you might not need this. Real business to me means six figure territory.

Just my 2 cents. You do what you want! 🙂

Leadz Walk Through

One of the main things I do is prospect for new business. I love to use social media for this. LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite platforms. I’ve pretty much got LinkedIn automated, and I HAD Twitter automated. I say “had” because last year, Twitter changed things up so that a lot of the popular Twitter automation softwares quit working. Too bad.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with new software that automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. Yesterday, I bought some cloud based software called Leadz. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.

Click Here To Learn More About Leadz!

Leadz automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. It will do virtually all of the “heavy lifting” for me, while leaving me free to move my new leads off of Twitter and on to the phone. (My preferred method of selling.)

To show you what Leadz does and how it does it, I shot a complete walk through video of the inside of my account. You’ll see that below.

I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with Leadz. Click this next link to read the sales letter and see if this is something you’ll want to pick up. Oh, if you buy this through my account, make sure to open up your receipt from JVZoo and click on the bonus link. There’s only one more piece to the puzzle of Twitter marketing that you need in place to dominate. My bonus gives you access to another video I created that shows you how to get this in place using free software. I only spend minutes per month doing what I show you, yet my account looks like the account of someone who tweets multiple times per day. Again, all free and given to you as a bonus for purchasing Leadz through me.

Click Here To Read The Sales Letter!

Cool beans!

Here’s my video walk through:

Exclusive, New LinkedIn Software On Sale Today!

There have been some major changes happening on LinkedIn that are dramatically altering how it works and how you can make money from it.

To that end, my good friends, Gloria Gunn and Mike Jones, have just released an amazing and new piece of software called Viewermatic that leverages these changes!

(Click that link to see a complete video! Before you buy though, get my coupon below!)

LinkedIn’s whole platform is undergoing radical alterations, everything from the layout of the platform to how it works internally.

If you want to make real money on LinkedIn, you need up to date software…and training!

I’ve got both right here!

Viewermatic is a new piece of very slick software that will basically run your entire LinkedIn account for you. Gone are the days of manually connecting with people! Viewermatic will build the right connections for you AND pre-sell them for your product or service!

Not only that, but Viewermatic isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to buy!

For a limited time, you can get Viewermatic for a low, one time fee. Comparable software from other vendors will cost you hundreds per month.

You owe it to yourself to check out a complete video walk through about Viewermatic. Click the next link to watch!

Also, if you buy Viewermatic today through my link, you’ll get my new report, How To Sell Anything On LinkedIn, for free! (The bonus is available through your invoice that JVZoo will send you.)

Inside that report is a link you can use to register for a webinar that Gloria and I are holding next week all about LinkedIn’s recent changes.

If you’ve got older LinkedIn software…yeah, it’s probably still going to work, but it won’t be effective!

Only software that truly leverages LinkedIn’s new platform and internal structure is going to get you the leads, sales, and money you deserve!

Check out Viewermatic right now, today! Before the price goes from a one-off price to a monthly price.

When you purchase, use this code “vm30” to get the full blown Agency version for the price of the more limited Lite version!

Make High Four Figures In 30 Days Or Less! Anyone! You!


I’ve been waiting for someone smarter than me to crack the code on this. They did and it’s amazing!

So, what’s the deal here?

AdSense. Making real money (as in $7k per month) with AdSense!

I did AdSense back in the day with SEO. It worked pretty good. But Google came along and changed everything.

AdSense was one of the single easiest ways I’ve made money to date, though, and I was really sorry when it quit working.

Well, guess what, Tom Yevsikov and his partners, have cracked the code on AdSense. They’ve figured out how to make it work again.

This isn’t the old SEO ploy, though.

This is a brand new, coloring outside the lines, and wow does it really work system!

They’s got this down to a simple series of short steps anyone can follow!

Click that button right now to see a complete video about MadSense!

The product is called MadSense, and this is one of the most brilliant systems I’ve seen so far.

Right now this is on early bird sale. Get it now and save money!

One more thing…

Everyone wants to know what the OTO’s are, and that’s very fair.

I asked Tom, and he was very happy to show me everything.

You DO NOT have to have any of them! Just want to get that clear right now. But, if you want to hit the ground running, you’ll want to consider picking at least some of them up.

Here’s a complete list:

OTO 1: This OTO is a complete done-for-you package. It’s basically plug-n-play. Cost: $67.

OTO 2: This OTO is extremely cool! In MadSense you’re going to send adsense traffic to websites that you own. In this OTO, you’ll learn how to flip these sites for huge pay days! Yeah…told you it was cool! Cost: $47.

OTO 3: This is resellers rights for the MadSense product. It’s got a few restrictions on it, which you’ll want to read, but if you do information marketing, you’ll want to take a look at this.

MadSense! I’m so glad that AdSense is back!

Totally New Offline Lead Gen Method! (NEW FREE Platform!)

Real quick, because I want you to get in on the ground floor on this.

(Click that to see what I’m talking about!)

Getting customers is the hardest part about offline marketing. Well, to get customers, you need to be able to get leads, then have a system you can use to convert those leads into paying customers.

One of the issues with this is a lot of tried and true methods are overcrowded. (Write a quick post on Craigslist and see what I mean! You’ll get overloaded fast!)

I was just previewing a new product called Local Lead Drop. I know both the guys who created this and I trust them completely. (That’s part of why I’m so excited about this!)

Local Lead Drop is a no-fail system for getting high ticket customers for your business…get this…using a lead source that I had never used before.

The Local Lead Drop System flat out works, and they have the proof to back up this claim.

Now…one quick thing you have to be aware of.

When you read the sales letter for Local Lead Drop (click the link above!), they show you some leads for specific services they offer.

Local Lead Drop and the new platform associated with it isn’t just for the types of things they’re showing you on the sales letter. If it’s something offliners want to sell, mobile, video, sms, you name it, then you can get clients using their system.

Just wanted to clear that up!

Cool beans!

I’m encourage you to check out Local Lead Drop today!

Create A Business Like Mine…Easy!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I do several things.

1. I consult with businesses

2. I run an information marketing business

3. I sell gold

I want to talk to you about business #2, the info marketing business.

This is literally one of the coolest businesses on the planet to be in! Why? Well, for one thing I can make more money than most professionals (doctors and lawyers) and only work three or four hours a day.

It gives me time and location freedom.

Besides, it’s just cool! 😉

How can you build a business like this?

Here are the steps.

1. Build a list

2. Sell affiliate products to that list

I’d love to make this harder to do, but actually it’s not. It just takes a little work on the front end to build your seed list.

One of the great ways to do this is to use YouTube videos. I’m going to lay this whole thing out for you in this email, so pay attention!

1. Create (or use PLR) videos around topics of interest to your market. My market in this is the Internet marketing world. So, videos about how to make money in various ways work great.

2. Upload to YouTube.

3. Use social media to promote the videos. So, here you’d just tweet links to your videos, or use Facebook. Easy. Don’t over think this!

4. Either send people directly to an affiliate product to buy or a squeeze page. I use LeadPages for this, but there are cheaper solutions. (Just look on JVZoo. There are tons of them.)

5. Build your list and market other products to them

So, how to get started?

Francis Ochoco just launched a killer set of PLR videos that will work great for this sort of thing. I just spent $4 at Starbucks for a Vente Decaf Iced Americano. You can pick up access to a massive ton of Francis’s PLR videos for less than two of these Americanos would cost me!

Click that link right there and pick this up today. Well worth it!

Offline Software Builds, Ranks: You Profit!

I actually woke up at 4 am and had a totally brilliant idea.

There’s some massively cool software launching that will definitely interest you no matter the niche you’re in.

It’s called Serplify. And, basically it creates huge numbers of keyword and location focused web pages and ranks them.

You can use these to sell affiliate products…or…and this is the part that excited me…you can rent or sell them to local businesses!

Yeah, it’s THAT COOL!

(Just launched! Click that right now to see a video of Serplify in action!)

Maximize Your WordPress Site’s Conversions

Not getting the conversions you need from your WordPress site?

Fortunately, that’s a problem with an easy solution.

WP Convert Max is a brand new, premium theme designed with internet marketers in mind. It flat out will boost your conversions through the roof!

Right now this is on early bird sale. After that, the price will rise sharply.

Get WP Convert Max for the early bird price while you can and start making more money online.

Make $10K Per Month Dropshipping

Dropshipping is probably the single best business model out there for internet marketing. If I had my career in IM to do over again, I’d probably just focus on this one thing.

You can build a huge business dropshipping.

You never have to buy product up front. All you do is sell a product that someone else will mail for you, get paid, then pay the vendor.

It’s really that simple.

Even my own 18-year old son makes money dropshipping!

If you want to get started doing this, there’s a really cool product that just launched. It’s called Dropshipping Cheat Code.

(Click that link to learn more!)

Dropshipping Cheat Code gives you the inside skinny on learning how to make real money doing this stuff…fast!

Right now, this is selling for less than I bought lunch for today. Get in while it’s on early bird pricing!