Monthly Archives: July 2011

Cutting Edge G + Local/Google Places Information!

I’ve had tons of folks lately asking me for more information
about what’s happening with Google Places/G + Local.

I was actually considering writing my own WSO report about this
so I could get this information out to everyone.

Someone just beat me to the draw!

Kimberly Thomas has just released a very inexpensive, but yet
very complete report all about G+ Local/Google Places.

I just read the report.

It’s just what I like!

It’s not fluff!

This is step 1 do this, step 2 do that, actionable material that
shows you the skinny on how to correctly fill out a G+ Local/Google
Places listing for an offline client.

It’s not just the basics, either.

You know those stars that show up in some search results? They
catch the eye so that even if you don’t have the top spot secured,
searchers will be more likely to click on those that the would

Kimberly shows you how to get those into your G+ Local/Google
Places listing.

Ever heard of a KML map? It’s like a sitemap, but it tells Google
about the geographic location of a webpage.

Kimberly covers that too!

She’s even covered how to use Panoramio for your photos and geo-tag
those babies!

There was some stuff in her guide that was new, even to me!

Lots of cool link building ideas that would work very well for
a G+ Local listing.

For the amount of cutting edge information that you receive, buying
this is a no-brainer.

Here’s where you can learn more.