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One of My Favorite Outsourcers

A large part of success in offline consulting or in any
type of online marketing, for that matter, is finding
good outsourcers.

I’ve been using a particular person on the WF for graphics
for a few years. He’s inexpensive, nails the concept on
the first try, and quick.

He’s currently running a wso I thought you also might
be interested in. He’s designed a bunch of really great
WordPress squeeze page themes. For the price, you’d be
nuts not to grab them. I did, yesterday, and am already
putting them to use for one of my new projects.

Here’s the link to the squeeze pages:

Bookmark this guy’s page for future reference. I highly
recommend him for all kinds of graphics, not just WordPress

Here’s the link again:

I Hope You’re Doing This

I wanted to change the conversation away from Offline
marketing for a moment. I’ll tell you why.

Honestly, as far as dollars per unit time, Offline is
hands down the best and fastest way to get a real
business up and running with your type of skills.

But, there’s one (albeit small) drawback with Offline

You’re still trading dollars for hours.

You can have this whole thing as automated and outsourced
as you want, but if you decide not to show up for work
for a month, then guess what? You’re not going to have
much of a business left.

To that end, even when you’re starting out, you absolutely
must be thinking about creating some sort of residual
income for yourself.

Personally, I’m an affiliate marketer. I also build lists
and market to those lists.

Do you see the power of this?

Now, you might have guessed, I’m sort of a crazy workaholic.
I actually love every single thing about what I do. But,
if I wanted to, I could just slack for a week and still
have income rolling in.

You need to start now, though, or sometime soon, because
these things take a while to grow.

With that in mind, I wanted to tell you about a killer
wso I bought about listing building.

It’s by Charles Kirkland, who’s something like an internet

And, what it does is tell you step-by-step everything
you need to be doing to make money as an affiliate marketer
on the WarriorForum.

Click here to find out more!

Notice I said “as an affiliate marketer”.

Not a product creator. I love that! But even a small report
like the one’s AJ and I have been selling recently
take a tremendous amount of time and focus to bring to

But as an affiliate you can easily capitalize on other
people’s hard work.

Leverage! 🙂

“But Lee! I don’t have a list!”

Not to worry. Charles’ wso has you covered. Follow his
method and you can go from zero to making several
thousand just in affiliate commissions in no time.

Click here!

You don’t have to do this.

But you should do something like this just to increase your
income and even it out.

SEO-Where the Big Money Is!

You know selling fanpages, mobiles websites, and Google
Places directory listings is great! The least that I would
charge, even if you’re a complete newbie, for any of the
above is $300. As you get a little more confidence, you
can charge a lot more. (Right now, I get $600 for a simple
mobile site.)

There’s a small problem with each of these, however, and
that’s the fact that once you sell something like a
mobile site, you’re done. There’s no monthly recurring
income. And, that means you have to make another sale to
get more income.

What you really need to be building towards is finding
businesses that are willing to pay you $500 to $2000 per
month for an ongoing service.

By far the best way to do this is to sell SEO!

By “SEO” I mean specifically the service of getting someone’s
page ranked highly in Google. That takes quite a while for
really competitive keyword phrases, which is good for
you and me! Because it means month after month of big, fat

SEO is really two things. 1) On page optimization, and 2)
backlinking. The on page part is easy. The backlinking
is where most folks kind of drop the ball.

I do so much of this that it’s worth belonging to a few
services that are fairly expensive that I use for backlinking.
I’ve also developed a few good relationships with backlinkers.

When you’re getting started, though. It’s difficult to justify
spending a few hundred per month on something that you
might not be using that much.

On the other hand, you certainly don’t want to be doing
the backlinking yourself! Who has time for that? It’s mind
numbing work!

A friend of mine on the WarriorForum contacted me the other
day. He’s developed a really neat solution to the whole
backlinking problem. I can’t tell you much about it yet,
because he hasn’t launched, but what he’s developed is a
much cheaper way to create real, viable backlinks.

Would this be the only backlinking tool you would need to
sell professional seo services as I do? No. But when you’re
just getting started, it certainly would be something you
could legitimately use and charge for. Something that
would create real results for your clients, all while you
get the money and experience together to branch out into
other methods.

If you’re interested in this, make sure you check your
email around lunch time tomorrow, because that’s when the
launch is going to occur. This is going to be one of those
dimesale launches. You know, if you get in early, you can
save some money.

I’ll email you tomorrow when it launches.

Join the Revolt!

The Revolt is locked and loaded!

We’re ready to completely blow the lid off all the nonsense
surrounding local SEO!

For the price of a hamburger at McDonalds you can learn
how two SEO professionals achieve top rankings and also
make very nice checks doing so!

We’re launching Local SEO Rebellion at 11:30 EST!

I’ll email you the link, but if you want you can just go
to the WSO part of the WF and hit refresh a lot! 🙂

Quick Update On Our New WSO

Just wanted to update you on the new WSO that AJ and I
are putting together.

We’re almost there.

I know I’ve been promising this for a couple of days, and
honestly I feel kind of bad about putting you and everyone
else off.

But not too bad!

Here’s why!

At first, AJ and I just thought we would write down some
basic (but good) instructions on how to do this stuff. Not
junk, mind you! Good stuff, but maybe not the end all and
be all of local seo marketing.

The more we got into this, however, the more determined
we became to write the definitive report on how to rank
web pages and Google Places pages for local seo.

We didn’t want to write a novel, however!

We also didn’t want some site where we dump a bunch of
junk videos about how to install WordPress, etc and just
call that a product.

The more we talked about it, the more we started analyzing
our own ability to rank web pages, and quite frankly
the more we went back and took at look at the junk we’ve
both bought, the more we became determined to give you
absolute golden quality!

Our goal, if you will, is for you to read this report, then
feel absolutely 100% confident that you can talk with a
local business owner about ranking either their Google Places
page or a page on their website.

We want you to have absolute confidence in your abilities to
deliver the goods, because when you couple that with
Offline SmackDown (how to get business) you’ll be a six-figure
offline business just waiting to happen!

So, if you can bear with me just another day, I’m pretty
sure we’re going to have a report that’s absolutely going
to knock your socks off!

As a matter of fact, I’m expecting it to cause some stir
in the WSO community, because AJ and I aren’t holding anything

The report is not named “Local SEO Rebellion” for nothing!

Why did we name it that?

Because we’re tired of the (can’t use that word in polite
company!) XXXX you’ve been buying! We’re tired of hearing
from folks who thought they were buying a product that
worked, but in reality were only buying yesterday’s stale

I know that sounds harsh, but as you’ve probably come to
realize, AJ and I both are a little “take no prisoners!”

(As a matter of fact, I emailed AJ yesterday and told him
that my 12-year old daughter was threatening to buy me a
t-shirt that says “Doesn’t play well with other children,”
as a gift for my upcoming birthday. 🙂 Can’t deny it.
It’s probably true!)

So, if you can hang on a little longer, I can promise you
it’s going to be worth the wait.

The part where we show you actually how to structure the seo
so that business owners will actually feel compelled to
pay you a monthly retainer…just to keep you in their side!
…is frankly worth the wait!

(That part wasn’t my idea! It was AJ’s, and it’s pure

You’ll see when you get the report.

So, let’s leave it at this.

I’ll email you before we launch so you can get in while
the price is lowest!

Update to Offline Smackdown

Just wanted to keep you informed about a few things that
AJ and I are doing.

You know we released our last WSO, Offline SmackDown, a few
days ago. It literally flew off the shelves! At this moment,
we’ve sold over 500 copies.

Offline SmackDown is a really focused way to get business
for local SEO and for Google Places SEO.

Once folks started reading the report, aside from the
glowing reviews, AJ and I realized that many of our customers
knew very little about how to actually do the SEO work.

Because of that, we decided over the weekend to create a
new report about how to do this stuff.

I had hoped to have this done by today. I knew we were pushing
it, but I also knew a lot of our customers need this
second report.

It’s not going to get done today!

We just can’t do our normal job of giving you the excellent
information you need that fast.

It’s going to be released tomorrow.

That way, both AJ and I will be confident that you’ll have
everything you need to rank local webpages and Google
Places pages quickly and easily.

So, watch the emails!

We’ll launch this as a WSO at a very inexpensive price, then
the price will rise, as usual.

I want you to get in early, so I’ll email you and let
you know when we launch.

BTW: if for some reason you didn’t buy Offline SmackDown,
check it out, here:

I Hate This Kind of Thing!

I don’t know if you saw it, but on the Warrior Special
Offers thread, this guy is selling a wso where he claims
he can build a site in 3 minutes and rent it out easily
to business owners by only sending out a few emails.

Now, he doesn’t get much for the site rent. Less than $10.
And, he says because of the speed thing, he can do 3 or 4 of
these per day.

It’s all done with quick WordPress set ups, which I hate
to admit, he’s got really good videos for. Also, because
it’s so fast and easy, it really doesn’t matter if all
the sites work.

I’ve worked offline for a couple of years now, and I’ve tried
all kinds of stuff, but not this. I honestly can’t tell if
I’m jealous or not. (I normally don’t have that problem, so
I think I’m just worried that this is yet another wso
that’s not going to work. I mean, it’s just not that
easy to create an offline business!)

Either that, or this guy knows something I don’t.

Anyway, you decide.

Here’s the thread.

Not only that, but it’s ridiculously cheap! Less than
$7 as I write this.

Oh, another thing is he says you can outsource all of this
so all you have to do is to make money and let somebody
in the Philippines do all the work.

I don’t know. You decide.

Personally, for the price I couldn’t pass it up.

PS: If you happen to be in Offline Millionaires, Don’t buy

PPS: You can see my own comment at the bottom of the thread.
I didn’t want to be rude.

Here’s what I said:

Quote: Just purchased this. Really great report. Thanks
for not making this a ton of boring videos where you have
to look at fluff for 45 minutes to get to the 5 minutes
that are actually what you need to know. Also, it’s a
brilliant system.

Here is another quote:

Looks like you spent a lot of time and work on this. I’m
in, thanks, and hope I can make a killing!

Another Quote:

Super, super, super, super simple.

Very, very, very, very clever.

Get it. Get it. Get it.

I’ve been doing offline stuff for over 3 years. I’m not a

But I was grinning ear to ear with the method in the
Offline Tornado System.


We’re about to launch our new WSO! I’m basically just sitting
around waiting for the moderators on the WarriorForum to
approve the thread.

When we launch, you’ll be the first to know. But so you
can act quickly, let me tell you a few things about this
new report.

It’s called Offline SmackDown. (You’ll see why in a moment.)

It’s hands down the single best, fastest, cheapest way to
get offline business ever conceived by the human mind!

It works like gang busters!

It’s completely newbie friendly.

The first 10 buyers of Offline SmackDown will be given
a f.ree, lifetime membership in our soon to be announced
offline membership site. (Easily a $500 value!)

AJ and I are so confident about Offline SmackDown, that
we’re actually issuing a challenge to other WarriorForum
information marketers to check our report out and see if
they don’t agree that this is the single best method in
existence for getting offline business and for making
a huge amount of money in record time…even for newbies.

I’m actually emailing marketers as we speak and issuing
the challenge!

As soon as I get the go ahead from the WarriorForum, I’ll
email you and we’ll launch! Probably in an hour or so.

Offline SmackDown!…Just sayin’

Let’s Rumble!

Two quick things you must know (and that might
absolutely change your life…forever!)

I know that’s a huge promise, but go with me here.


If you bought the first WSO that AJ and I ran, Offline
Viral Money Machine, then I think you would agree with me
that it’s pretty brilliant! (If you didn’t, let me know
and I’ll send you the link.)

After AJ created that method, he challenged himself to
create an even better way of creating an offline business.

Specifically he wanted the following:

A method that…

1. Works fast!

2. Gets businesses to call you! (ie. no cold calling or
mailing out thousands of post cards on your part.)

3. Creates a lot of money…fast!

4. Creates a monthly recurring income from each sale!

After testing a lot of things, he’s done it! AJ just sent
me his report on this, and I’ve got to say…it’s beyond
brilliant. It’s pure genius!

If you’ve been reading my emails (and I hope you have),
you know that for me selling SEO (or search engine optimization)
services to businesses is the Holy Grail of offline

There are two reasons for this…

1) The amounts of money you get are huge. I personally have
more than one business in Atlanta paying me $1000+ for
ongoing seo services.

2) This is not a one time sale. Because of changes in Google,
it can take months to rank for competitive keywords.


3) SEO is easily outsourced! (I never do my own SEO, just
pay my service providers to do it for me.)

(Okay, that was 3 reasons…but I’m a little excited about
this. 🙂 )

With AJ’s new method, you’re going to have businesses
calling you for SEO services within only a few days of
implementing the strategy!

We’re going to be releasing this method as a WSO very, very
soon. So, watch my emails. I’ll let you know the exact time
we’re launching so you can get in early!

Okay, on to point number two.

AJ and I are so completely sure that our new report is the
absolute easiest, fastest way to make a serious income
online, that we want to issue a challenge to you.

If you buy our report and follow what it says, we know
you’re going to make a lot of money fast. We’re so sure
of this that for the first 10 buyers who email me with
proof they’ve made money from this method, we’re going to
offer them a f.ree, lifetime membership in our upcoming
membership site!

That’s at least a $500 value!

So, bottom line…watch the emails. We’re going to be
launching very soon. (I’ll email you the time and date.)

Your SEO Solution!

Yesterday, I emailed you about a new backlinking tool
a friend of mine on the WarriorForum has just release.

I got a preview of it, and I like it!

You know I sell SEO, backlinking services to businesses.

What I like about this tool is the fact that you don’t
have to already be making a ton of money in your offline
business to afford it.

This is easily something you can use when starting out so
that you can legitimately tell business owners you can
get their webpage on to page 1 of Google.

It’s also a great addition to any SEO expert’s arsenal!

Check it out and see what you think!

For what it does, the price is completely ridiculous!