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Heads Up On New WSO

Just wanted to give you a heads up on the new WSO that AJ
and I are launching.

We were going to launch today, but we’ve decided to hold
off until tomorrow. It’s just taking a little longer than
anticipated to put all the moving pieces together.

But…I did want to give you a quick preview of what this

We’ve been testing and tweaking what is essentially a passive
sales system designed to get real “sticks and bricks” businesses
to pick up the phone and call you for Internet marketing
type work–ranking videos, seo, mobile sites, whatever.

I say that our new method is passive, because it doesn’t
require you to actively go out and seek business.

No cold calling.

No mass emailing.

No direct mail.

None of that.

We use our own professionally made videos, which we rank
quickly for given search terms, to hook business owners.

(Before you think…Gee, I’ve heard that one before…sure
in a way you have…what you haven’t heard before is our
“secret sauce”! Which takes a good idea and makes it a killer

Don’t want to give too much away, but we include 3 methods
of attack for you in our report. One of these is a very
potent marriage of video and social media marketing. It’s
what we call a little “gray hat” in the IM business.

It’s a little edgy! And it’s very profitable!

But I think I’m giving a little too much away.

Not only do AJ and I give you a step-by-step report that
shows you exactly what to do…

We also include 4, professionally made videos for 3 really
hot niches. That’s 12 in all! You’ll be using these videos
to create your passive sales machine.

Okay, enough said. I’ve let too much slip out already.

(I haven’t told you about the OTO, which is 72 more videos
for 18, proven, killer, offline niches. Don’t tell AJ I
told you about this. He’s going to kill me for telling you
this much! He would really kill me if I told you we’re
including yet another “secret sauce” approach in the OTO,
that you won’t get in the report…or anywhere else, for
that matter.)

So, tomorrow am, I’ll email you and let you know we’re
good to go. When we launch, I’ll email you the link to
the WSO so you can check it out yourself.

This Week

Just a quick update on what’s happening this week. We’ve got
lots of cool things in the works.

1. AJ and I are coming out with a killer way of getting
offline business–easy, painless, inexpensive! We’ll be
launching this as a wso, probably tomorrow. I’ll give you
plenty of heads up warning so you can get in early.

2. On Thursday at 4pm GMT, a plugin developer I know is
launching another wso. This is to sell a really amazing
WordPress plugin he’s developed. The plugin turns keywords
in your site into affiliate links automatically. I’ve got
a review copy, which I’m playing with. It works great. You
can use this on your own sites, as well as a method for
taking your clients’ sites and getting them to create
more revenue.

3. Not sure of the exact date, but a little later this week,
I’m launching another wso aimed at showing you how you can
easily leverage the WarriorForum to create a very nice
passive income for yourself. We’re looking at $1k to $3k
right off the bat. This is so simple and easy it hurts!

Of course, I’ll be emailing you before all this stuff
goes live so you can get in early!

Complete No-Brainer

Quick heads up. If you’re not selling mobile to your established
clients, you’re missing the boat in offline marketing.

What makes the sale so much easier is having a lot of
mobile templates to choose from. What I do is take pics of
a selection of the templates I have and put that on a pdf to
show clients.

If I were more organized, I would just put a selection up
on a website somewhere…Hmm…putting that on the list
right now.

One of our Offline Millionaires members, Debbie Hamstead,
has created a really inexpensive wso of mobile templates.

You can see those here.

I bought mine just as soon as Debbie emailed me and told
me they were available.

Just so you know, I personally get nothing out of your
buying these. I’m not an affiliate of Debbie’s.

Just wanted to pass a good thing on to everyone else!

Facebook Fanpages Update

You bought my Facebook Fanpage CheatSheets a while back.

Facebook has made a few changes in the way the app works, and
I wanted to show you a few things. Actually, they’ve made
this all a little easier.

I shot a quick video stepping you through this. You can
see that, here:

Also, as a reference, I made a short pdf about all of this
Hope this helps keep you up to speed with Facebook.

One more thing…my jv partner, AJ, and I are coming out
with a new wso very shortly. Don’t want to let the cat
out of the bag, too much, but let’s just say it’s going to
rock! This is aimed at Offliners and involves easier ways
to get business.

I’m coming out with another wso in a few days, which is not
in the Offline space, but is aimed at a really easy way you
can leverage the WarriorForum to create a nice stream of
passive (or near passive) income for yourself.

So, be on the look out for these two coming very soon.

If You Buy Domain Names, Read This!

In addition to everything else I do, I also buy and sell
domain names. It’s a nice little profit center for me.

So, I’m hyper aware of coupons, etc, that I can save m.oney

I just noticed today that GoDaddy has a coupon that you
can use for a $5.00 .COM  registration. That’s a big
savings over what they normally charge. And, a big savings
over the $7.49 that I usually pay.

Here’s the coupon code.

Coupon: cjc500V    (Note: Case matters!)

You’ll use this right at the end of check out, just before
you pay.

Hope this helps save you some m.oney!

Free Info and Happy Post Thanksgiving!

Nothing to buy in this email at all. Couple of things, though.

If you’re in the US, then happy post Thanksgiving. I have
been on a diet for about two months, and lost a whopping
16 lbs. I think I probably gained 5 of those back yesterday.

Oh well.

If you’re not in the US, then I hope you had an equally
wonderful Thursday.

Getting content for any type of information business is
problematic. Don’t think that you’re not in the info
business because you don’t blog. Anything Internet is based
on information! And, having good information that you can
use in various ways is key.

One thing that good marketers do is they use information
to help position themselves in the minds of their prospects.
(I’m doing that with you right now! 😉 )

So, that means you need a steady stream of cutting edge
info to use for various purposes.

Where to get that info?

One of the best places is HubSpot.

Now, HubSpot has a lot of paid services for SEO, etc. They’re
geared toward the business market. But…they’ve also got
a ton of f.ree reports, etc, that you can use in your
own business.

Here’s a link to get their new SEO kit.

You have to opt-in. They’ll send you an email once or twice
a month. But they don’t abuse that.

It’s a great resource. Make sure, though, that you don’t just
cut and paste this stuff. You don’t want to run afoul of the
copyright laws.

Here’s the link, again.

Note: I get absolutely nothing out of this, except the
knowledge you’ve been provided with what I think is a key
resource for anyone operating in the online/offline world.


I consider myself to be an SEO expert. And, I am. I mean
I get paid to do this stuff and actually achieve
high rankings for real businesses. Not only that, but I’m
a pretty proficient affiliate marketer in my own right.

Having said that, I’m also constantly learning, because
1) you can’t know it all, and 2) Google is constantly
changing. Think about all the Google Panda changes that
have occurred just this year!

I learn by testing. I learn by reading on forums, etc. And
I learn by buying products.

Most of what I buy contains very little that I don’t already
know. But every now and then someone comes up with something
that’s ground breaking.

What I want to tell you about, today, is one of those
ground breaking products.

It’s called Strategic Link Building. And, I’m very impressed.

Here’s the main deal about Strategic Link Building, and why
it’s important for you.

Social Media has changed Google. That’s really what Google
Panda is all about. It’s Google’s acceptance of social media
and the whole idea that a link is not just a link. A link
carries with it relevancy!

SEO is all about knowledge and manipulation. If we understand
what Google wants, we can give it to it (him? her? 🙂 )

In the near past, Google was all about content. Making sure
that the content delivered to G’s users via search was
as close to what the searcher wanted as possible. That’s
still true, but with the advent of social media, G now
has yet another way to get a fix on what’s relevant and
what’s not.

You and I as SEO practitioners have to learn how to game
this system. And, that my friend is what Strategic Link
Building is all about.

You’ll learn more about the whole issue in Peter’s pdf
when you buy the product. But there’s a lot more to this
than just a report.

The content is mainly delivered via a series of quick
videos. The videos are really clear and step you through
everything you need to set up a killer seo campaign for
any type of website, be it for a client or your own.

Without giving too much away, here’s a selection of titles
of a few videos that I found really interesting!

1. How to use Social Profile Builder to Create a List of Available
Networks in Ping.FM

2. How to Setup Google Alerts for Your Announcement
Network Updates

3. How to Use Yahoo Pipes to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds
Into One

4. How to Syndicate Content to PingFM via HootSuite

5. How to Use Graffiti App to Add RSS Feed To FB Page

This is just a selection and in no way gives away anything.
I’m just showing you this, so you see this is not your
grandmama’s seo course.

Yahoo Pipes? I mean it’s something I’ve thought about, was
going to get to, and knew I never had the time to really
figure out. That one video to me was very cool.

There’s more. Much more to this whole thing. And, I don’t
want to tell you too much, because I don’t want to give
the whole concept away.

You can learn more, here:

Just so you know, there’s an OTO. You don’t have to buy it
to make this work for you. It’s basically software that
automates some of the process. I bought it, however. I’m
at the point where I try to either automate or oursouce. I
suggest you get to that point asap, too. But if you’re not,
then the lead product will work fine. If you’re a newbie,
you might just want to stick with the lead product, because
part of this is just learning more details about seo.

Okay, just had to let you know about this.

If you have any questions, etc, just reply to this email.

I’m still going through the product myself, but I’ll be
happy to answer anything I can without, of course, giving
away anything.

Easy Way to Get Business!

We all know that Offline Marketing offers you the fastest
and easiest way to make m.oney with your online skills.
The only real issue is how to find the business.

There are tons of ways to do this, cold calling, direct
mail, etc. One of the simplest, and probably cheapest is
to just go to businesses and hand out flyers.

For real! If that sounds a little too unsophisticated,
then…well I guess it is, but it actually works quite
well. Here’s why.

1. By handing out flyers you present yourself in a very
non-confrontational way.

2. If you’re not naturally a “salesy” person, then having
the flyer to refer to is a great ice breaker.

3. If you really would rather hide behind your computer
instead of being in front of the prospective client, then
you can always hand out your flyers after business hours.

4. Once you make a little money with this, you can funnel
that back into your business, get on Craigslist, and find
others who are willing to hand out the flyers for you.

So, bottom line…this works. The only deal is designing
the flyer.

Fortunately, that’s already been done for you.

A Warrior friend of mine, Bruce, has this great package
of pre-made flyers. Not only does the wso include fabulous
looking flyers, but there’s also a lot of great information
about how Bruce actually uses these things to create

Check out the comments. You’ll see that I bought mine,
and you’ll also see my review.

Here’s the link to the flyers:

PS: When you read the thread comments, you’ll notice that
Bruce had some issues with delivering the product. That
was yesterday. I bought mine this am and everything worked

Here’s the link again:

What Businesses to Target–Offline Marketing

What types of businesses should you approach for maximum
success with offline marketing?

I get asked that question virtually every day by someone.

My normal response is to find businesses that have either
high dollar sales, on the one hand, or recurring sales on
the other. A heating and air company has high dollar sales.
A dentist has recurring sales (and potentially high dollar

So, everyone should market to heating and air companies
and dentists, right?

Eh…maybe…, but maybe not!

Here’s the issue.

Everyone else is approaching these businesses, too!

Let me ask you this…What if you had a list of businesses
that no one (or very few marketers) were approaching?

A couple of things would happen.

1. The sale would be easier for you because you would
not be competing against big SEO firms.

2. The actual delivery of your service would probably
be easier, especially if you’re doing SEO, because online,
in the search results, there will be much, much less

I thought about creating a list like this for you, but then
I remembered that a few months ago, a fellow offline
marketer, Brian Anderson, had already done this and offered
this as a wso to the offline community.

I bought Brian’s wso(with his list) when it came out. I
found it to be very complete, and actually helped me target
businesses I had never even thought of. (He also includes
a contract with the wso.)

(Brian’s list comes from person experience. He’s like me.
He runs an offline marketing business.)

If you’re serious about building an offline business, this
list will solve one of your big problems. Who to approach.

Here’s the link so you can check it out:

PS: If you’re in my Offline Millionaires membership site,
you don’t need to buy this. AJ and I are providing you
with the same type of information.

PPS: Just to save you some time, I’ve pulled out some of
the testimonials from Brian’s thread. Here they are…

1. “Experienced or new to offline marketing, you cannot
go wrong with this method. Brian goes into great details
with these niches”

2. “Brian identifies 30 local business categories that
really need our help. The great news is that the big name
SEO companies are not targeting these businesses.”

3. “Just got your offline silver.
It should be called good as gold.

I love the contracts, 30 separate contracts niche targeted.
This is worth the cost of wso and way more.”

4. “This material is perfect timing. I was just
recently wondering as to how profitable the smaller niches
were. I’m glad to have gotten my hands on this…this opens
up the market even more so.”

Here’s the link again, if you need it: