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What About 2012?

Nothing to buy, just wanted to share something with you.

I’m working on my goals for my businesses.

Basically, I have three areas of focus, offline marketing,
affiliate marketing, and product creation.

I had a conversation (skype im) with a pretty well known
marketer a few days ago about my Offline plans.

Basically, my goals are to streamline what I’m doing.

When I started in Offline, I was a one-stop shop. I did
everything, and it was all custom work.

That was a fine way to get my feet off the ground and start
making some serious money, but it limited my growth potential
after a while.

Earlier this year, I decided to streamline what I was
doing, think tract home builder as opposed to custom builder.

Interestingly, the guy I was skyping with told me I was
going in the opposite direction from most.

That’s fine. I’m very comfortable being a “contrarian.”

As far as product creation, I’m looking at AJ and myself
continuing to bring fresh, innovative products to market.

True affiliate marketing for me is like retirement money.
It’s something that’s more of a steady build, rather than
pay the bills this month money. So, I’m continuing to
build that, too, but on an even consistent basis.

What are your plans?

What direction is your business going?

If you want, email me back and let me know. Sometimes it’s
nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Heads Up On This

Just a quick heads up for our Volume II Offline Video
launch tomorrow.

We had so much success with Offline Video Explosion, that
we’re running Offline Video Explosion Volume II.

Volume II will target 3 more really smokin’ hot niches that
either AJ or I have sold to in the past.

We’ve already got our customers from Volume I ranking their
videos one page 1 of the SERPS. That’s only within a few days
of uploading the video.

Here’s a quote from an email I received, today:

“Best of all, my video is ranking #5 on the 1st page of
Google right now. I’m so happy with the results.”

Actually, his video is at #2 when I looked.

So, I’ll send you an email to let you know we’ve launched.

Follow Up on Increasing Profit!

Yesterday, I sent you an email about how you can make small
changes in your site and dramatically change the money you

This skill is key for anyone involved in online or offline
marketing. I’ve consulting with a number of businesses,
looked at their online sales systems, and ended up
dramatically increasing their bottom line. (I was well paid
for that, too!)

You can (and should) be using this same set of skills on
your own sites, too!

Today, Mark Thompson has just released a really killer WSO
about how he took a site, and with a few simple tweaks,
increased his profit by a whopping 760%. What’s more, the
work he did only took about 5 minutes!

If you want to learn more about this central skill, check
this out, here.

(If you do decide to buy this through my link, just send
me your PP receipt, and I’ll personally take a look at
your site (or a client’s site) and help you figure out
which changes to make to increase your site’s
profitability. )

PS: Mark’s WSO consists of a series of short videos that
show you exactly what he did to make that huge increase in

PPS: Everything he did was free!

PPPS: You can charge sticks and bricks businesses huge
fees for this!

PPPPS: You can see my own review of this product here on
Mark’s thread. Just so you know, I did get a partial review
copy. Honestly, I liked it so much that I bought the wso,
myself. I never, ever tell you about anything that I
haven’t bought myself and that I don’t consider to be worth
your time and money.

Here’s my comment on Mark’s thread:

Hey Mark! I actually thought I knew a lot about this.
What’s so cool about this is I was doing some of this and
getting very good results with it. But even in the first
video you pointed out a couple of tools that I hadn’t been
using. Great content! Thanks! Lee

Here’s the link, again.

How the Pros Increase Profit

Nothing to buy, here. I just had a thought, which applies
to both offline clients’ business and your own sites.

You might not know this, but I used to teach mathematics.
I’m pretty good at thinking about numbers. And, I want to
show you something you might not have thought about when
it comes to making a website more profitable, much more

As an example, let’s say you have a website that gets
20k views a month.

Let’s also assume this is a money making website. So, to
make this little example simple, let’s assume you
have an offer for something on the website, and you get
10% of your visitors clicking on the offer.

That’s 2k people.

When they click, they’re taken to a sales page for
something. Let’s assume 5% of them buy. That’s 100
sales. Let’s also assume the thing they buy makes you $20.

Now, there’s nothing “golden” about these numbers. Just
giving us something to work with.

So, 20k visitors, 2k click throughs, 100 sales, and
$2000 cash.

Now, let’s talk about how to increase this.

1) Increase the number of visitors. If you double the
visitors, you’ll double your money. Don’t just believe me.
Do the math. But doubling traffic is hard to do.

2) How about increase your click through rate? Let’s
suppose you increase this to 15%. With no increase in
traffic at all, you’l increase your bottom line by 50%
to $3000.

3) Okay, let’s increase just the conversion rate on the
sales letter. Say, to 6%. No increase in either traffic
or your click through rate, and you’ll make $2400.

Now, here’s the kicker…

4) Let’s say you increase your traffic by 5%, your
click throughs by 5%, and your conversions by 5%. Sounds
doable, right?

So, 21k visitors, 2205 click throughs, 116 sales. That’s
$2320. But $2320 is a 16% increase over $2000.

My point in all of this is small, incremental changes in
your sales process can lead to some really big gains in
your bottom line.

A Warrior I know did this same stuff ( and more) and
increased his overall profit from his site by a whopping

He’s releasing a really phenomenal wso about this, which
I’ve had the pleasure of getting some advanced notice about.

The launch is 11am tomorrow. It’s a dimesale. I’ll send
you the link as soon as he goes live.

To sweeten the deal, I’ve got a really neat bonus, which
I’ll tell you more about when I email you tomorrow.

How to Optimize YouTube Vids

Couple of things.

1. I hope you got my video link about how to get the
latitude and longitude for your YT video yesterday.

I had a lot of emails coming back to me thanking me for this,
but also asking if I could send out links to the other
two videos in the series.

I can’t do that, because this refers to a product I sold,
and that folks paid money for.

But…I can just redo the other two videos so you can see
what I’m talking about.

So, a little later today, I’ll be sending you another
email with links to all 3 videos. With this, you should
have a basic understanding of how to do basic on-page
optimization for a YouTube video.


If you’re an offliner, and you have, or desire to have,
restaurants for clients, you absolutely must look at this

This is a really killer WP theme that does a lot more than
just look pretty. It accepts reservations. Has a place for
a menu. Already has the mobile switcher code in it. And

I bought it the moment I saw it.

Couple of ways to use this…

1. As is for a small restaurant.

2. Or…you could easily hire someone who understands themes
and have him/her modify this a little more to fit your
particular restaurant.

Of course, I would be charging big bucks for that. Something
on the order of $2k to $3k.

Here it is again,

Informative “Thank You” Video

Earlier today, as a thank you for my Offline Video Explosion,
I shot a series of three videos about how to optimize a
YouTube channel and also about how to optimize YouTube
videos for an Offline client.

One really neat thing to do is to get the latitude and
longitude of the client’s place of business and use that
to optimize the video with.

Google maps has changed the process of doing that. So,
I thought I would give you the link to the video about
doing that…finding the latitude and longitude.

Just a way of saying thanks!


Sorry, Don’t Know How I Missed This

I generally stay on top of things and when I see something
that I’ve bought, looked at, and that I know will help your
business, keep you informed.

I let a really good product get by me today. My bad!

Fortunately, it’s not a dime sale (the price isn’t going up)
so if you missed this, too, you haven’t lost any money.

Here’s the deal.

I buy lots of PLR in the niches that I work in. Offline,
anything about affiliate marketing, niches, etc.

I especially love PLR, because a lot of my offline business
comes from how I market myself to “sticks and bricks”
businesses over a period of time. And, I’m in constant need
of good stuff to send to my prospects.

Also, I’m continually investing in more and more marketing
channels to get the word out in different ways.

Today, a marketer I know emailed me and told me about her
product. I was out for a while today, but once I got back
I took a quick look at the sales letter and then bought

I know the marketer and her stuff is always top quality! So,
this was a no-brainer decision for me.

Also, it’s more PLR that I can funnel right back into my

If you want to know more, take a look here:

Again, sorry I missed this! But if you haven’t already run
across it, you haven’t lost out on anything.

Here are a few comments, if you’re interested.

Here’s mine:

Hey Kim!

Thanks so much about emailing me about this. Just bought
it. I love to buy PLR stuff because it makes a big part of
my job so much easier. I especially like these three
points…(took that from your copy)

SOFT-SELL Your Online Marketing Services
Use Proven Copywriting Psychological Triggers That
Will Make Your Readers TAKE ACTION
SAVE TIME because You Didn’t Have to Write This
Content Yourself!

And, some others:

Hello Kim,

I want to thank you for a really good product. I would say
great, (because it is..) but I do not want to sound like
hype. This is a well put together product and the OTP
while not needed is an extra tool. Save yourself LOTS of
time and spend the few dollars on the OTO. Honest.

CJ Lang

I wasn’t even going to leave a message for you here. But
after I went through your report and the OTO, I just
couldn’t help myself… I had to leave a comment here.
Guys, this is very well done! It will give you instant
expert status. Print it out, hand it to a prospect or try
to get people to opt-in. This is good stuff.


Here’s the link, again:

Need Input

AJ and I are planning our next few weeks of wso’s.

We need your input!

We want to be addressing problems that you have, tools
you need, information you want.

So, if you don’t mind taking a few seconds of your time,
let me just throw out a few questions.

What tools do you need? WP plugins? Themes?

What skills do you feel you need to beef up? Sales? Technical?

What software do you need?

What resources could we provide?

I know these are very open ended questions, and they’re
meant to be.

AJ and I will basically create any quality product that we
think will help you as long as we can sell enough to make
it worth our while.

So, if you get a moment, just hit Reply and let me know
what you’re thoughts are!