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Urgent – Crazy Cool Webinar In 1 Hour!!!

I have been getting a ton of questions about Mark Helton and
his latest WSO that he just launched. Instead of me asking
him all the questions I got him to hop on a webinar to share
some really cool stuff and answer any questions.

That means you will have Mark Helton and me live on a webinar
where we will be sharing some really cool stuff as well as
answer any questions that you have.

We both charge crazy amounts of money for our time so I
highly urge you to hop on the webinar.

It is TONIGHT at 6 EST. I know this is last second but that
is how we roll. When we have something cool we just make it
happen. Whoever takes advantage of it will start to see
some drastic improvements in their business.

So if you bought the course and have questions then hop on
the call. If you haven’t bought it and want to ask Mark some
questions then hop on the call.

If you just want to take advantage of us and pick our brains
for free then hop on the webinar.

Think Like the Masses!–(Time Sensitive!)

“Think like the masses!”

One of the biggest names in domaining told me that exact thing
a few years ago.

No big deal! I had just emailed the guy to ask him a few questions.
Had no idea he would email me back! He did!

Understanding what he’s saying is one of the keys to offline marketing.

Here’s an example.

When you think of reputation management, what do you think of?

Google Places?

I got news for you.

You’re over-sophisticated!

What do you think the masses use…their stupid hard to use Google
account? Or something with a lot fewer steps like Yelp?

10 to 1, they use Yelp!

Heck I do too, when I’m in a hurry!

We talk all about how to deal with bad Google reviews, but what
about bad Yelp reviews?

For a lot of businesses, folks are seeing those bad Yelp reviews
much more often than they see those bad Google reviews.

Ahhh Hahhhh!

Light Bulb!

Yes baby…you can make lots of dough just off of businesses and
their bad Yelp reviews!

Where can you learn how to do this?

A buddy of mine is launching a WSO today at noon all about how
to make serious bank just with businesses and their bad Yelp
reviews. (That’s noon New York time!)

This is a must have for anyone in Rep Management, or considering
Rep Management.

It’s a dimesale…so to make sure you get in early, I’m giving
you my links early!

Free Coaching!–How to Sell Mobile/Social Media!–Instructions Inside!

Hope you’re having a great weekend! I know I am!

Just wanted to tell you how you can register for some really
kick a$$ coaching about how to sell mobile websites!

Also, how you can score some killer PLR material for use in
your mobile website business.

A friend of ours (mine and AJ’s!) is launching a really killer
PLR graphics package that covers everything you need in order to
sell mobile and social media to offline businesses.

Here’s the deal!

Business owners have very limited time!

One of the best ways to grab and hold their attention is with
professional, information loaded graphics!

Unless you’re a Photoshop and PowerPoint pro, creating this
stuff on your own is out of the question! (At least, it is
for me!) Not only that, but the time to do so would be much
better spent getting new business.

Why do it yourself, when you can buy it inexpensively, right?

Now, here’s the deal.

In a second, I’m going to give you a link to click. But let me
tell you exactly why you need to click this now!

The seller of this PLR pack is giving away access to a really
power packed webinar all about how to sell mobile and also
social media services to businesses.


This webinar/coaching will only be made available for FREE
to folks who get on their early bird list!

So, here’s what you need to do:

1. Click on the link below!

2. Click on the early bird button!

3. Put in your name and email address into the boxes!

Do that BEFORE LAUNCH! And you’ll get not only the webinar/coaching
bonus, but also some more cool freebies!

Selling mobile and social media services has just gotten much,
much easier!

This launches tomorrow, Sunday, at 3pm New York Time!

Cool! Click the link below!

Free SEO Lesson

Thought I would just show you how to do something cool today
that you can use to beat up on Google.

SEO’s changing, right?

Panda, Penguin, Pink Fairy Armadillo (Okay, I made that last
one up, although it really is a real animal.)

Forget what’s behind the changes for the moment. (Which BTW is
to force website owners back into AdWords.) Let’s look at what
we can do to still use SEO to keep our websites and our clients’
websites at the top of the heap.

In a word, that happens to be…high-quality backlinks.

But high-quality and automated don’t really go together.

This means high-quality takes time and perhaps money to create.

(You see, Google doesn’t want you creating backlinks to your
own websites or to clients’ websites. They really want all backlinks
to be voluntarily created by the owner of wherever the backlink
resides, without compensation, reciprocation, or any influence by
you whatsoever.)

A week or so ago, I told you about a killer WSO all about press
releases. Press releases are an excellent example of a high-quality
backlink that you can create yourself, although they are somewhat

Another really great way to create very high quality backlinks is
guest posting.

Let’s get clear about what guest posting is.

(I have a running argument with my 13-year old blogging daughter
about what guest posting is. Go figure, right? So, let’s get clear
on this.)

Guest posting is the process of a. finding a blog that’s in a
niche related to your site, b. contacting the owner of the blog
to see if you can put an article on their site with c. a link
back to your site that’s Do Follow and has the right anchor text.

If you guest post on a blog with lots of traffic, you’re not
only likely to create a high PR link back to your web page, but
you’re also likely to get lots of human click throughs to your
site. If that blog has good social media coverage (FB buttons,
G+ buttons), you can get an extra boost from people Likeing, etc,
your guest post.

Some stuff has to happen to guest post right.

Notice this is a two-page “thing”, for lack of a better word.

You don’t want your link to just go to your domain. That’s a
mistake a lot of newbies and folks who just don’t understand
SEO make.

You want your link to go to a page or post on your site that
you would like to rank for a certain keyword phrase.

But, to get the added benefit of real human traffic from the
page you guest posted on, back to your page, you need some reason
for a human to click through. Since most blogs are based on information
about a certain topic, you’ll have to offer more in depth information
on your page than on the guest post. But you can’t let the guest
post be just fluff, otherwise the blog owner won’t publish it.

You can see how this is all a bit cumbersome.

It would be nice if at least part of the process could be automated.

Finding the blogs to post on, for me, has always been a pain
in the neck.

Fortunately, Paul Clifford has just launched a really cool piece
of software called Guest Post Hunter.

This software combs the Internet and finds blogs where you can
guest post. It also tells you if there’s an email, contact form,
Twitter, or Facebook integration on the blog. (This is so you can
contact the owner.)

It’s dirt cheap for what it does!

The next part of the process is to get the content written.

According to how well known the blog you’re posting is, you’ll
need some pretty good content. So, unless you want to write this
yourself, this isn’t a fiverr gig type thing. I personally would
go to Elance and get this done!

The final part of the process is to carefully backlink the guest
post, once it’s published. I would do this with an open link wheel
or two. Also, if you want to get the best bang for your buck,
I would vary the anchor text ever so slightly in the spokes of
the open link wheel.

So, if the keyword phrase on your own site is “Dentists Newark,”
I would have the keyword phrase in the spokes be “Newark Denitsts,”
“Newark Dentist,” “Dentists in Newark.” That sort of thing.

This may be overkill, but this looks much more organic to Google
than just the one phrase all the way through.

Okay, that’s today’s lesson!

Hope you benefited from it!

To learn more about Paul’s software, click here.

Explode Your Business in August!

I’ve got a very rare opportunity to tell you about today, and
I’m super excited.

Suraj Sodha is a UK based, offline consultant who has built a
really killer business…not selling his services to small mom
and pop businesses or to the “normal” doctor and dentist market,
but to medium-sized and large-sized global corporations.

Suraj is not a “guru”. He’s not an info marketer at all!

He consults for big-business clients all over the world – London,
Dubai, Australia, Miami.

In August, Suraj is going to be giving a series of webinars all
about how he runs his business.

This is an incredible opportunity to get an “under the hood” look
at how a major player makes big bucks in offline consulting.

But…it gets even better!

James Tudsbury, who is a WSO seller, is a friend of Suraj’s.
(They both live in London.) James has convinced Suraj to sell
access to these webinars for a mere fraction of what this type
of high-level information should cost.

Tomorrow, James and Suraj are launching a WSO where you can get
access to these webinars. This WSO will be open for only a week.

The WSO, called Offline Whales, is launching tomorrow EDT
(New York time) at 11am.

As usual, I’ll send you early bird links and also an email when
this lauches.

One more thing.

I’m creating a new webinar based product myself.

I’ve noticed for some time that a lot of you guys are not getting
the traction you need because you lack sales skill.

I’m working on a webinar series that will actually teach you the
sales skills you need, all the way from how to (gulp!) cold call
to how to answer the phone and close the deal!

There’s actually a lot of skill that goes into this, but if you’re
taught right, it’s fairly easy to learn.

I would love to have a bunch of you guys on an introductory webinar
with me where I’ll go over some of the high points of the type
of sales skills you need for offline consulting.

You’ll learn a ton just from this one webinar.

I’ll also learn a lot about how to structure my webinar course,
from your feedback.

If you buy Offline Whales tomorrow, I’ll give you access to this
introductory webinar for free!

The webinar will be recorded and made available for those of you
who can’t attend for a period of time.

I’ll let you know tomorrow AM how you can get this bonus after
your purchase Offline Whales!

Competition Crusher Launching in About 40 Minutes!

Told you yesterday about my buddy Mark Helton’s Competition
Crusher WSO.

Couple of things. (If you missed the email yesterday, I’ll
summarize what I said in a sec.)


1. It’s a dimesale.

So, here is my link.

That link will not work until the WSO actually goes live. But
if you want to get in at the lowest price, you can start
clicking on it to see when the thread actually is live.

Supposed to be live at 11 am EDT, New York Time. But…sellers
have a way of jumping the gun.

2. I’ve got a killer bonus with this. It’s a recording of a
never before released, 1 hour, offline sales training session
between me and one of our peeps, Nathan. It’s all about how
to go from the first phone call from a potential client
to closing the sale. Good stuff, if I do say so myself. 😉

In case you missed yesterday’s email, Mark Helton, the
WSO creator is selling a really great system for using videos
to prospect for offline business.

I love the way he structures the videos.

I especially love the way he structures the information in
the video. (Sorry, that’s so vague, but I don’t want to give
away the method inadvertently.)

It’s a really killer method, which will make your phone

You’ll Get Calls With This!

I’ve been spending part of the day looking at Mark Helton’s new
WSO, Competition Crusher.

I’ll tell you more in a sec, but really Competition Crusher
is one of the slickest video prospecting methods I’ve ever
seen for offline sales.

What Mark has done is outline a whole, easy to implement,
system that you can start using right away to get businesses
to call you for SEO type work.

He’s left nothing out!

I especially like how he structures the videos. I would tell
you more about that, but that would be giving away the farm
some. Just trust me on the fact that he’s got a twist to how
he does videos that’s going to really make business owners
1. Look at the video, and 2. Call you back!

So, the only issue is once they call you back, closing the deal
and getting paid.

You know AJ and I have been helping a lot of you guys build
sales businesses.

The one thing that we’ve noticed that’s holding virtually everyone
back is sales skill.

Mark’s Competition Crusher, as good as it is, doesn’t really
handle what to do once a business calls you. (And, they will!)

To that end, I have 2 bonuses for anyone who buys this
through my link.

1. A PDF about how to close the deal once the business owner
calls back. I tell you every single thing you need to be
saying to close the deal!

And…just to make sure that you completely “get” this,

2. I got one of our recent success stories, Nathan, on the phone
with me today. We did a 1 hours sales training session, just
me and Nathan, covering this same material.

These 2 bonuses are worth the price of Mark’s WSO.

But you get them for FREE, merely because we love you!

I’ll be sending you early bird links tomorrow and also
links when the WSO actually launches!

Keyword Research Update!

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!

I don’t care if you’re doing affiliate marketing or local
SEO for businesses. All of this rests on a bedrock of good
keyword research.

Keyword research, however, is just the start.

You need to use those keywords and highly related keywords in
your content.

As a matter of fact, many cutting-edge experts are warning
us about over-optimizing our content. You see, Google’s on
to that now!

So, how would you not over-optimize?

By using not only the keyword phrase you’re going after, but
also very close variants of that keyword phrase.

Here’s an example.

Suppose you wanted to optimize a page for “best GPS devices.”

Instead of just using that keyword phrase all the time, mix
it up more than you did in the past.

Use “best GPS units”, “best GPS’s”, “good GPS devices”. That
way Google can understand what the page is about, but it looks
more “real”.

Once you get your content in place, you’ll want to check
your rankings.

Rank checkers come and go. I used to use Market Samurai, but
then they ran into problems. There are other rank trackers
available, too.

But…it would be nice of all of this stuff were just one
tool, instead of a bunch of tools that you had to keep
open while you’re working!

Dan Lew has just re-released an updated version of his Keyword
Winner plugin.

This plugin does everything I described above, from within
your WordPress blog!

This is a really neat all in one solution for yourself, and
especially for your clients.

Click here to learn more!

Just so you know, Dan’s offering this plugin only for the next
few days at a 70% discount!

So, don’t dally!

“Lee…My Back’s Against the Wall!…”

Did you read that subject line of this email?

“Lee…My Back’s Against the Wall!…”

I can’t tell you how many times per week I get that from folks!

Believe me, it pains me to read this.

Because I empathize with the person sending it!

Because I remember oh so clearly my own period of deep
financial problems. (Now, solved! BTW! I live a completely
debt free life!)

I had a subscriber write me today about this same thing.

Remember the email I sent you yesterday about Nathan, how
he’s got his first 2 deals?

In the email, I showed you a copy of our skype conversation
where it says that what I told him to do actually works.

It works every single time someone does it!

Right now, you can start making real money in a couple of
ways with offline.

1. You can sell Google Places, or…what’s even hotter right
now is…

2. Selling mobile!

At the bottom of this email, I’m linking to a copy of the
email I sent today to the subscriber who emailed me. I
outline exactly how to sell Google Places to businesses.

It’s yours free, just for being on my list.

But…as I said just now, selling mobile might even be

At 11 EDT, in about an hour, (New York Time) a marketer
names Andrew Mitchell is launching a really killer product
called Mobile Instaleads.

I’m going to go ahead and give you my link so you can buy
that when it launches. (I’m pretty sure it’s on a dimesale.)

Here’s the link.

I reviewed this whole thing last night and got very excited.

Because if I were going to create a product that told you
in a very easy to do, newbie friendly way, how to sell
mobile this would be it!

Again, this launches at 11 EDT today.

I’ll send you another email when it launches. I highly
suggest you check it out!

Here’s the link to the free how to sell Google Places
email I sent to my subscriber.

Google + PayDay is Live…But Check Out My Bonus Before You Buy!

Our buddy, RyMac’s Google + PayDay is live!

Here’s the link.

As I told you last night, I’m offering a hugely important bonus
with this.

Ryan’s report is excellent!

It basically tells you how to use G+ to create a list of
leads for your offline business.

What it doesn’t really go into is what to do with that list!

How to turn that list into Cold Hard Cash!

This is why you really need my report!

Because I tell you, step-by-step how to take that email list
you’ll be building and turn it into closed deals for your
offline business.

Like I said yesterday, you can drive a Ford Pinto or you
can drive a Bentley.

Your choice!

Oh, one more thing!

I got so excited about this I shot a couple of videos about
email marketing that will be in my bonus package, too!

To claim your bonuses, just hit reply and send me your
PayPal receipt.

Why aren’t the bonuses delivered automatically?

Turns out you can only do that with certain types of W+
listings. Ryan’s isn’t one of those types.

So, we’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way.

It’s worth a couple hours of my time, though, to make sure you
can use this to really make money.

So, make sure you send me your PayPal receipt!