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Check Out This Much Needed Plugin for Offline or Online

Normally I just tell folks on my list about WSO’s and other products
that have to do specifically with offline marketing.

But, yesterday, a plugin developer showed me a really cool plugin
that you can use for offline or online. It’s basically an opt-in
box that stays fixed on the page even if you scroll up and down.

Personally, I’ve got a few offline clients who could use this.
But…I also am an affiliate marketer, and I have several sites
I can use this on that aren’t offline related.

I think it’s a cool plugin, and I wanted to pass this along to

Simple is the New Easy!

So, I was on vacation for most of last week.

I live in Atlanta, Ga. And we went to Savannah, Ga, which is
a small city on the Georgia coast.

I’m pretty much a nerd…guess you figured that out! I could
basically spend the rest of my life fishing, bird watching,
boating, and basically just hanging around anything that has to
do with water.

Hence the love of the Atlantic coast.

Another thing that I love is history…And loud noises!

(Keep reading, I’m going somewhere with this!)

There are a number of 19th century forts in the Savannah area.
We were at one of the smaller ones, and as luck would have it,
they were having a cannon firing at the time.

We bought our tickets and rushed into the fort, hoping we weren’t
too late.

We were fine, they had just has a musket firing, and the ranger
was just starting to talk about cannons.

About 10 minutes into his cannon lecture, he asked for 8 volunteers.

Apparently it took 8 men to fire a cannon properly during the Civil
War. I volunteered and was assinged the duty of picking up the
projectile and handing it to the other volunteer who handed it
to the person that rammed it into the cannon’s mouth.

We rehearsed our various duties for a while, then we got to shoot
the cannon for real!

I’ll spare you the details, because they’re remarkably complex,
but in about 45 seconds we had prepped the cannon, loaded it,
and fired it.

45 seconds was apparently some sort of record…for 21st century
civilians, that is.

Here’s why I’m writing you this email…it’s not just to tell you
how cool it is to fire a cannon.

About 2 nanoseconds before the cannon actually fired, I had an

So…the ranger was just about to pull the trigger to the cannon,
when it just hit me!

Simple is the New Easy!

Yeah, I know that sounds a little anti-climactic, but go with me

Lately, I’ve been thinking that we all make offline way too hard.

There are reasons for that, not the least of which is the fact
that if you’re interested in Internet Marketing at all, you probably
love stuff like systems, buttons to push, and technological ways
to beat the system.

Am I right?

But, as cool as that is, that all has a price!


We can easily amp up the complexity of what we’re attempting to
do to the point that only Albert Einstein could do it.

And…that’s not good business.

Good business is simple, repeatable, and measurable.

Simple is the New Easy!

Then…BAM! The cannon fired and the earth shook! (Way cool!)

A few days later while making the 4 hour drive from Savannah to
Atlanta, I was mulling over Simple is the New Easy, wondering how
to boil this all down into a repeatable, understandable process
for you that you could do and make money out of.

There’s a reason we have thoughts and epiphanies!

Today a friend of mine who’s handling a launch of a new WSO contacted
me. (This happens probably 3 or 4 times per day for me. Normally,
I don’t pass this stuff on, because normally, I don’t think the
information is worthy of your time.)

But, today, when I looked at what my friend sent me, I was struck
with one thought!

Simple is the New Easy…and I might add the New Profitable.

We make offline way to hard. As a result, I think, a lot of you
guys get lost.

Tomorrow AM, my friend, is launching a WSO that’s so brain-dead
simple my dog could do it.

It’s aimed at a very broad section of businesses…restaurants
and bars. Something you have in abundance no matter where you live.

It’s a service that’s easy to do.

You’ll be selling this at a price point that’s almost impossible
to refuse for a business owner.

This launches tomorrow EST at 11am. As usual, I’ll send you 2
emails. One an early bird email with my link so you can get in
early. The other when it launches.

More about this later!

Simple is the new easy!

Brain Dead Simple Prospecting…Video Inside!

I knew it was time to get back to work! I just had a feeling!

And, I’m glad I did…

So, I was sitting here earlier today and out of the blue a
fellow offline marketer emails me and wants me to take a look
at a new offline WSO that he’s launching today.

I clicked on the email and looked at a short video he had made
explaining it all.

What I saw was probably the simplest client acquisition method
I’ve ever seen!

I asked Steve if he would give me review access. He did.

I shot a video of the inside of the product, which you can see

Just so you know, this actually launches today at 5pm EST.

Here’s my link!

Offliners! Rare Glimpse into a 7-Fig Business! Webinar!

AJ and I are super excited, because we’ve been able to get one
of the top Lead Gen experts in the world, Joe Troyer, to pull
back the covers, so to speak, and show us how his 7-figure
Lead Gen business works!

Joe and his partner, Ben, manage over $750k of AdWords spending
of their clients each and every month!

In other words, they’re pros!

Joe’s graciously offered to walk us through how the PPC side
of his business works!

There’s limited seating, so you want to get registered now!

This will be held this Wednesday at 8Pm Eastern time.

Again, the seating is limited!

If you have any interest at all in the lead generation model,
this is a not to be missed opportunity!

Direct Mail + Video? See Inside!

I was reading yet another book on sales and marketing the
other day. In the book they discussed why most people fail at

It’s not skill!

People fail at sales merely because they approach too few
prospective clients/customers.

This is proven by several large studies, btw!

You know you’re in sales, right?

If you want businesses to buy your offline services, then
at some point, some how, you’ve got to SELL those services to

Bottom line, you need a way to approach a ton of prospective
clients/customers easily!

Direct mail is one of my favorites!

So is video!

But what if you married the two?

I told you about a killer WSO that is launching at 9am EST
today called Offline Video Sniper.

It does just that…marries direct mail and video!

Offline Video Sniper gives you everything you need to start
making the phone ring! And, to close the sale once it does

I suggest you check this out!

Here’s my Early Bird link.

Offliners! You Must Learn Cold Calling To Succeed!…Ummmm…Maybe Not! See Inside!

Time for a confession!

I like cold calling!


I know virtually no one else does!

Not only that, I also know there are tons of very successful
offliners who make big bucks…without cold calling.

But…if you’re not going to cold call, you have to have a
way to create business…A way to get the phone to ring.

Direct mail works, some email methods work…

Video works, too!

As a matter of fact, video works great!

Tomorrow an offline marketer who’s a buddy of mine, Luke
Gregory, is launching a really killer WSO about how to use
video to get businesses to call you.

They will be sold by the time they call, too!

All you have to do is answer the phone and take the order.

Luke’s been working for a while perfecting this system.

It’s really simple. Completely newbie friendly, too!

This launches tomorrow at 9AM EST…That’s New York time.

It’s a dime sale.

I’ll send you my early bird link around 8AM so you can get in
on the ground floor!

Slick SEO Trick You Should Know About!

One of the cornerstones of what we do, both off and online, is SEO.

Let me make sure you understand what I mean by that.

Purposefully manipulating on-page signals and off-page backlinks
so that Google ranks a webpage higher.

This is obviously a “key” skill to have!

But, Google doesn’t want us to be able to do this! That’s part of
what Panda and Penguin were all about. Taking away our power to
get pages ranked.

Recently, I’ve written a few emails about creating and using
extremely high quality backlinks, like with press releases.

Today, I want to talk about another “tip off” that you want to

The crux of this issue is link frequency.

Google wants everything to be “organic”, ie, not purposefully

If you wrote a cool article about a guitar you found in a yard
sale, and a lot of folks picked that up and started linking to
it, what would that look like?

The links would be pretty steady over a period of time, right?

What if something went viral?

Well, you would have a HUGE spike, then it would go to a more
steady state.

But, what we do when we buy links is neither of these patterns.
A human could spot a false link frequencey pattern pretty easily.
I suspect Google already has some pretty slick algorithms that
will spot this with a high degree of accuracy, too!

But, we need to backlink our stuff!

And…now more than ever…we need to make that look “natural”!

A few days ago, a plugin was released on the WF that does just
what I’m talking about. It drip feeds high quality links to your
website on a schedule. Not enough so that Google figures out that
you’re “gaming the system”, but just enough so that over a shortish
amount of time, you build up some pretty massive link juice coming
into your site.

I bought this plugin today. (I’ve had my eye on it for some time,
just hadn’t had time to really look at it.)

My goal is to use this on my growing army of Lead Gen sites that
I’m developing.

Doesn’t have to be Lead Gen, though. That’s just what I’m doing
with it!

Click this to find out more!

Offliners, 60% Close Rate Script…Big Bucks!…Yours FREE!

I want you to read this whole email! Because in it, I’m going
to show you one of the best methods out there to hook business
owners, get them interested in what you’re potentially offering
them, and close up to 60% of them. This method works not only
for Internet stuff, but actually for anything you want to
sell…house filtration systems, cars, boats, insurance, more!

This is one of the premier methods used by major US corporations!

This also works for fledgeling businesses!

Here’s the method…(then I’ll actually give you a sample script
you can use for offline.)


The word FREE has been proven to be one of the most powerful
words in advertising. (You can prove this to yourself…just
walk through your neighborhood grocery store and count the number
of times you see it!)

If you can tie up the word and concept FREE with whatever it
is your selling, then you’ll get lots of yesses on your first
contact with a business. This works for all possible methods
of contact…email, direct mail, phone call,…anything!

Now, hold on to that thought for a second…

Because next, I’m going to talk about the other “Magic Power
Concept” of advertising…


Do you pay attention when someone says this (whatever “this” is)
will save you money?

You’d be lying if you said NO!

We all do.

Okay, here’s where it gets really ninja!

When you combine the concepts of FREE with SAVING YOU MONEY,
you can create an offer that’s so psychologically compelling
that it’s virtually irresistible.

But Wait…There’s More! 😉

Okay, cool! But check this next thing out!

You’re in offline, right? (Or you want to get into offline!)

How successful could you be, if you could actually approach
businesses and make them a offer that’s…

…Free and Saves Them Money!…

Do you think a very large percentage of the businesses you
contacted would be interested?

Do you think the Pope is Catholic?

Of course, they would be interested! Only an absolute cynic,
or a complete loser wouldn’t be!

Who doesn’t want something that’s FREE and Saves Them Money?…
Especially when it saves them BIG MONEY!

Look it…I promised you a script you could use!

Here’s the script…

“Hi Jim?”

— “Yes”

“Hey Jim, Lee Cole. How are you, today?”

— “Uh…fine…are you trying to sell me something?”

“Not today, Jim! I’m with XYZ Company, and I’m calling you
today to offer you a free audit of your company’s online presence.
This is totally free. It can save you up to 80% of what you’re
spending on online marketing. We offer this service as a way
of introducing ourselves to you. Not trying to sell you

Do you see the power of that?

FREE!…Save You Money!…

It’s all there!

Who could resist? (Very few can!)


This tried and true method is at the core of the PPC Profit
Blueprint system I told you about yesterday.

But, PPC Profit Blueprint doesn’t just leave you with just a
way to approach prospects.

It’s a complete system…start to finish!

Everything you need to finally make this business work for

If you haven’t already done so, check it out now!

Success Rocks!…Get Yours!


— PS: I’ve had bunches of emails back from buyers who are
thrilled with this!

“Can’t wait to dig in”

“Lee! Thanks for the heads up! Finally, I’ll be able to get
my business going!”

“I’ve been wanting to get in to this, but didn’t know how!”

“Lee! Thank you so much for the bonuses! I know you, Ryan, and
AJ will be able to help me build the business I’ve been wanting
to build!”

This is just a few!

— PPS: Here’s another question I’ve gotten.

Why wasn’t this offered through the WarriorForum?

Honestly, I haven’t asked Joe this. It’s his product, not mine,
but my best guess is this…

1. The WarriorForum is not stable. It goes down a lot.

2. There are a growing number of trolls on the WSO section of
the WarrioForum. Personally I find this both sad and sick!
These are people who are not successful by any definition,
and their goal is to keep you as down, broke, and unhappy as
they are. I’ve known Joe for a while now. He only hangs with
winners! I suspect he had no desire to deal with the negativity
of certain folks on the WF. (I’m not talking about unhappy
buyers. That’s different! I’m talking about haters!)

How PPC Local Lead Gen Works–Hint…It’s a Perfect Storm!…Of Money!

Give me about 3 minutes, and it’s quite possible I’ll change
your life…or at least the direction of your business!

Doesn’t matter if you’re brand spanking new!

Or…if you already have an offline business!

Consider this…

Google is making it harder and harder for anything to rank

Because of that…

Many businesses, large and small, are trying to use AdWords!

And failing!

What if you knew how to make AdWords work for them?

Think you could make some money doing that?

How about a lot of money?

In less than 1 hour from now, at 10 AM EST, one of the most
significant offline products ever sold is launching!

PPC Profits Blueprint!

(Early bird link below!)

In PPC Profits Blueprint, you’re going to learn exactly how
Joe Troyer and his partner, Ben, target businesses…


How they approach the business. (Hint, they have what they call
a PPC audit…You can easily do this by hand!)

How they easily close the business!

How they have built this expertise into managing a quarter
million dollars of AdWords spend…every single month!

This is so easy a child could do it!

Their training is so complete a rank newbie can get up to speed

This is so powerful, you could build an entire 7 figure business
out of this…

…Joe and Ben have!

PPC Profits Blueprint launches at 10am EST today!

Here’s my early bird link.