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Local Video Leverage Review

Check out this hangout I did with Neil MacPherson, one of the creators of Local Video Leverage! This is a really complete product that you can use to hit the ground running with video marketing for local businesses. Now’s a golden opportunity for this, btw! ๐Ÿ™‚

ย Click here to buy Local Video Leverage!

Launches December 31st, noon, Eastern. I’ll put a link here just before launch time! ๐Ÿ™‚

To my mind, here are the salient features of this launch.

— It’s complete! Local Video Leverage gives you everything you need
to kill it selling video marketing services to local businesses.

Neil and his partner, Justin, know what they’re talking about too. They’re
offline marketers who have been selling video services to businesses
for some time.

— It’s cutting edge! Click the link and watch the hangout. However, let
me just say a couple of things…They’ve got some really slick stuff
about ranking videos that not a lot of people know about. Also, they
have a proven sales technique for getting clients. I know this stuff
works because I do it myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

— It’s newbie friendly, yet deep enough so that experienced marketers
can benefit greatly from it, too!

— It’s priced right! No, can’t tell you the price. That wouldn’t be fair
to Neil and Justin, but from what I’ve seen of this, it’s a steal!

Now, just so you know, there’s an oto. Let me tell you a little about

Personally, I think the oto is just amazing. One of the big problems/issues
with selling video services to businesses is getting the videos made. Sure,
you can sell stock videos, but then they’re not branded for the business.

Neil and Justin have some really slick software that you can use to
make your own videos. These videos look very professional, too! You
can brand them with your client’s logo. You can watermark them with
your or your client’s website. You can annotate them. You can even
put in clickable links!

Right! Told you it was slick!

And…just as with the front end product, the price on this is really right.

So, this launches noon Eastern, December 31st.