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Inspiration and Education!

Found a couple of great things that will both inspire you and educate you on your online journey.

The first is a video interview of Dan Kennedy. There’s some real gold in this interview!

The next item is a really cool article about a guy who build a significant business through email.


One Cool Email Trick Nets You 30% More Revenue!

Look it! I’m slow! I’m sure I’m not the only marketer who knows about this, and I’m sure I didn’t “discover” it, and I’m sure that it’s been around for a while.

But for the longest time, this never occurred to me!

So, I’m going to tell it to you.

I live in Atlanta, Ga. That’s Eastern time. Same as New York. London is 5 hours ahead of us. LA is 3 hours behind. So, from London to LA, that’s 8 hours. Specifically, 1/3rd rotation of the globe. (The globe is 24 hours around.)

Now, that 8 hours encompasses a lot of population who might be interested in reading one of my emails and buying a product. But…in the other 16 hours, there’s millions of other people. Many people on my email lists are from the Pacific rim, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. Many are from India.

They’re from countries outside that 8 hour pizza slice I outlined above.

Now, here’s the deal.

If I send out an email about a launch at 11am Eastern, that’s midnight, thereabouts, in Australia, Singapore, etc. Sure, they’ll get the email, but email marketing being what it is, my email will get buried by other emails, and quite possibly will get missed.

I’ve learned to compensate for this by doing the following. Around 6pm or so at night, I’ll queue up an email for 11pm or midnight that evening to the unopens of my 11am email. This way my promotional email is right there at the top of their inbox for my Pacific rim peeps just before lunchtime, their time.

Here’s the kicker.

I normally make another 20 – 30% in revenue from that extra email! Are these all because of people on the other side of the globe opening up my new email? Surely not! It’s good to hit your list at least twice, not matter where they are for a promotional email.

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog

So, I’m actually teaching a class on Attraction Marketing. That’s a big word that encompasses not only blogging, but also the support structure behind blogging. That is, the marketing of the blog. No marketing, no eyeballs. No eyeballs, no revenue. Capiche?

In my Attraction Marketing class, one of the techniques I’m teaching is comment marketing. Comment marketing is the process of commenting on high traffic blogs that are in a very similar niche in order to get traffic back to your site. This works with forums, too!

There are a couple of fine points to this.

1. In order to make this work, you need to be able to create a link in your post or your comment that links back to the site you’re promoting. Some blogs let you do that in the comments, others don’t. On this blog, for instance, I do.

2. You really should make your comment “real”. What I mean is this. It would be easy to just spam gratuitous comments all around the Internet to try to get traffic. That will work, but not nearly as effectively as what I’m about to tell you to do.

What you really need to do is to make a thoughtful comment. Something that extends the conversation on that particular post or forum thread. Be a real member of the community. That way you position yourself correctly, and also encourage others to consider clicking through your link back to your site.

Here’s an example.

I was on a post on John Chow. The post is about using a service called LeadPages. (Which I’m just about to subscribe to when I get done with this particular post!)

I read John’s post, then commented. Here’s a screen shot of the comment.

jc comment

See how I wrote a “real” comment? BTW, if you were actually on that site, and hovered over my name there at the top, Lee Cole, you would see that that’s actually a link back to here.

So, that’s an example of a very good way to do comment marketing.

I also do this on forums. I’ve been guest posting on my buddy William Murray’s JVFocus forum and also commenting on the WarriorForum.

Does this work?

I’ve only been marketing this blog, Internet Maverick, for about two weeks. I’ve been comment marketing less  time than that. And, that hasn’t been all that consistent. Let’s look at a screen shot from today of my Google Analytics account. I’ll show you what a few days of comment marketing can do.

traffic from commenting

So, yeah, this works! It would actually work even better if I were more consistent. (Which I promise to be! 🙂 )

I got so excited about sharing this with you, that I shot a video talking more about it. It’s below!


How To Conduct An Interview For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the whole process of selling another business’s product (or another product creator’s product) and getting a commission for that. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for years, for instance, selling everything from books to gps devices. I’m also an affiliate in the internet marketing, info product  and software space.

A lot of times, especially when dealing with info product creators or software creators, it’s very beneficial to do a recorded interview with the product creator and use that as a pre-sales tool. You can see a couple of interviews I did recently, here and here.

There are a few nuances to doing interviews.

1. You need a platform of some kind. I use both Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar.

Google hangouts are still a little rough around the edges. One thing that makes them easier if my buddy Walt Bayliss’s Hangouts Plugin.

You can get a free trial of GoToWebinar by clicking the banner ad below.

GoToMeeting Free Trial

2. You also need to know how to structure the interview.

Here’s a copy of some comments I made on a post in JVFocus (a paid forum I belong to) about this topic.

Interviewing Cheryl was a treat! She’s a nice, intelligent young lady and a load of fun to talk to. (I said “young lady” not to be condescending, but because I’m probably as old or older than Cheryl’s dad! LOL)

Here’s a tips from the interviewer side that might be of interest.

1. Know why you’re doing the interview. This interview was done to presell Cheryl’s upcoming product to my list and to anyone else looking at the video.

1.5. Although it’s not written in stone, most of my interviews go like this…a) I establish trust in the viewer’s mind. I did this in this interview by talking about Cheryl’s background as a video game design professional. b) Establish the value of the product being sold. I did this by asking Cheryl to outline in enough detail what the product is and what it will do for the buyer. c) Continue to create and solidify trust in the viewer’s mind by being totally up front about things like OTO’s. Having said all of that, I am very aware that I don’t want to give away the proverbial farm. If it’s an info product, I always just gloss over how it works. I make that part general enough so that the viewer gets interested, and not specific enough so that they could just listen to the interview a few times and then not buy the product.

2. There’s a secondary reason I do interviews. Interviews in general position me as a market leader. The way the interview is done helps viewers get to know and trust me. That leads to sales for me down the road.

3. Technical issues. Have a backup. Hangouts are still a little hard to deal with. They’re cool, and I try a hangout first, but if that bombs, I can always fire up GoToWebinar!

4. Sense the mental/emotional state of the interviewee. Most people I interview are slightly nervous, although it never shows to a viewer. Only old dawgs like me, who don’t really give a rip about what anyone thinks any more, can go through this process without feeling a twinge of nerves. It’s important to make the interviewee forget that they’re being interviewed, or at least not focus on that. It’s important that they get to where the interview is really just a conversation between two people who are really excited about something cool. To that end, you need to do some talking before the interview starts. Get the interviewee in a talking grove. Then you just hit “Broadcast” or whatever and continue talking.

I’m finding that for me, interviews work very well in my sales process of affiliate products. They also work very well for me as a content marketer, because they establish and deepen the rapport between me and all the people who run into me online.

I’m also very sure that interviews help the interviewee quite a lot! They presell the product and establish that same rapport between the viewer and the product creator.

Interviews are a really excellent tool for any type of affiliate or content marketer. Start using them! 🙂

Living The IM Life!

Years ago, I remember (so well) reading blogs, looking at websites, reading stuff in forums by and about people who were making real money online. Not hype. Not make ten million in four hours doing no work type nonsense. But real stuff about real people making a living through the Internet.

There was one guy, this was probably ’06 or so, who was making a steady $2k just from affiliate marketing and websites. To a high school math teacher (me), an extra $2k was very, very meaningful at the time! There was John Chow, who’s blog I had discovered around that time, who was just starting to make real money just from a doggone blog! Just from writing! (He’s since to go on to make a fortune!)

I wanted that for myself…real bad! I didn’t envy these people, I just wanted a) the income, and b) the lifestyle, the freedom, the sense of personal self-accomplishment.

Let me draw a picture for you. This would be, hmmm, summer ’07.

We’re at the neighborhood pool. My kids are playing in the water. There are tons of other kids playing in the water. The sky is blue. The trees are beautiful! Birds flying all around. Happy people. Happy kids. Wieners on the BBQ. That sort of thing.

I’m miserable!

I’m broke. In three weeks I have to go back to teach school. (Loved teaching! Hated everything else!) I’m feeling like I’ve fallen far short of my potential. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Specifically, I’m floating in the pool in the deep end looking up at the sky through the oak trees and thinking…Wouldn’t it be great if I worked for myself. Wouldn’t it be great if I lived the laptop lifestyle I’ve been reading so much about. Wouldn’t it be great if I made about 4x the money I make now. Wouldn’t it be great…fill in the blank! 🙂

Now, let’s fast forward to today.

Work for myself? Check!

Live the “laptop lifestyle”? Check!

Make a multiple of my former income? Check! (It’s more than four. 😉 )

I’ve successfully crossed what I call The Abyss. That’s the divide between the many who want to and those of us who do.

One of the big reasons I started this blog was to help others, perhaps you, cross this same Abyss.


How to Delete Unsubscribers in Aweber

Managing your email lists is a key skill for any internet marketer. Some email providers like Aweber, actually charge you for emails, even if that person unsubscribed from your list at some point. Why pay for stuff you’re not using?

I shot this video recently to show you how to delete your unsubscribers from your Aweber account. This way you’ll be paying the minimum for your account!

Get Started Email Marketing With Aweber Right Now!

Art Outsourcing Made Easy Review with Cheryl Johnson

Art Outsourcing Made Easy is one of the most brilliant, quality products I’ve seen in some time. This is a must have for anyone who is involved with any form of internet marketing.

I did a hangout interview with Cheryl Johnson, the creator of Art Outsourcing Made Easy. Cheryl’s credentials are insane! (She’s a video game graphic designer and project manager!)

Watch the interview and let me know what you think in the comments. This is actually launching January 30th, 11am Eastern. I’ll post a link when it does.


Click here to find out more about or to buy Art Outsourcing Made Easy!