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Tomorrow…Get My New WSO For FREE!

I’ve been putting together a WSO on how to make money with Google hangouts.

so, imagine my surprise when I saw that someone else was releasing a similar WSO tomorrow.

That’s cool! I don’t worry about competition. I believe in inclusion, not exclusion.

I did ask that person for a peek at their report.

It’s very good! It will walk you through how to start and run a hangout. That’s very valuable knowledge that any kind of video marketer needs to have!

Here’s what I’m going to do, though.

I’ll wait a couple of weeks before releasing my own WSO.

Since, you’re on my list, though, I want to make this available to you completely FREE!

Here’s how you can get it.

I’ll send you a link for the hangout WSO tomorrow. If you buy it, I’ll give you access to my own WSO for free.

Access will be in the form of a text document that you’ll download from your jvzoo receipt. It will have instructions for you to follow.

Cool beans!

It’s a win-win-win!

It’s called Super Simple Hangouts, and it’s launching at 11am

Changes In Ranking Videos?

Got something I want you to think about.

Right now, ranking videos is fairly easy. In comparison to ranking a web page, it’s really easy!


Well, for one thing, you can throw a ton of backlinks to your videos, which are essentially spam.


There was a time, not too long ago, when you could do this with a web page.

And…Google decided that that ease of manipulation of search results wasn’t really in their best interest. So, they put a lid on that. Even to the point of penalizing pages’ rankings according to the “spamminess” of the links pointing to them.


How long do you think Google’s going to put up with us easily manipulating video rankings?

It already seems to me that the whole process is getting more difficult. That video rankings aren’t as responsive to spam links as they used to be.

Also, I hear that from other video marketers.

What to do?

Should we just take our ball and go home?

No! We should learn from the recent past.

What works for web pages will be what will work for videos. Things like intelligent and more natural use of anchor text. Also, link variety.

Something to surely think about.

Another thing you need to do is to prepare yourself with lots of different kinds of backlink access.

To that end, you might want to look at the following product.

These are .gov links. They’re inexpensive, for now. They work. They’ll help you avoid the Google slap, which is surely coming by mixing up your linking strategy.

IM is a great way to make a living! But…you have to stay ahead of the
coming changes to stay on top!

Steal My Business Review

Tomorrow’s going to be C-R-A-Z-Y!

There are three really neat products launching tomorrow. Two are video oriented. One is offline/online oriented. I’ll include links to all three here as they launch. Also, if you’re on my email list, you’ll get notification.

I shot a review of the third product, though. It’s really “out of the box” thinking!

It’s called Steal My Business, because it’s essentially a business in a box type thing.

Purchase and/or learn more about Steal My Business, here!

Watch the review here:

Building A Platform!

If you’re online and you’re not building a platform…well…let’s just say, you’re missing the boat!

What is a platform?

It’s essentially you, your brand, what you stand for, what you sell, what good and benefit you bring to the world…splattered all over the Internet!

On your blog! On YouTube! On Facebook, Twitter, and G+…Everywhere!

No matter if you’re just getting traffic back to your blog, or selling a tightly focused series of products (software as a service, for instance), building a platform is tantamount to creating a traffic generating machine that will send you traffic (and pay you money) year after year after year!

Last month, I created a course all about the process of doing this. It’s called Attraction Marketing. I’ve got it on special for 50% off through Monday, February 24th, midnight Eastern time.

Offliners! Your Biggest Problem Solved!

One of the big things that makes my own offline business work is the type of client I work with.

I don’t spend time anymore going after one shot $200 or even $500 sales.

The clients I choose are big, they pay me well, and they pay monthly!

Believe me, having a few of these clients beats trying to juggle loads of the low paying clients any day.

There’s a method to getting and keeping these types of client, though.

I had actually thought about creating some training based on this, but Amanda Craven has beat me to it.

Amanda is a seasoned freelancer and offliner. She learned how to land big clients working in ad agencies. In other words, she’s a pro!

She’s got a great WSO, called Income Blast Off, where she tells you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Specifically, you’ll learn…

— How to position yourself as a premium provider

— How to attract high paying clients

— What to say to them to get them to hire you

— How to price your services so you get paid what your worth (probably, at least twice what you’re charging now!)

— And tons more!

Amanda was nice enough to give me access to this. It rocks! I wish
I had had it when I built my business.

Check it out today!

The Easy Answer To SEO And Better Rankings?

backend seoI had an interesting skype conversation a couple of days ago. It was with Luke Corden.

Luke hit me up about a week ago. He said he was an “seo expert”, and that he would love to share some stuff with me.

Well…I’m always a little skeptical about “seo experts”. But, he at least knew a friend of mine, so I hoped on skype with him

After a few minutes, it was obvious he knew his stuff.

One of the key things that Luke shared with me was the extreme importance
of site speed.

I knew load time was important, but I didn’t know it was THAT important!

Luke convinced me otherwise.

As a matter of fact, Luke’s built a whole SEO strategy using site speed as essentially the base metric, or foundation of the whole thing.

This is an SEO strategy that’s really easy to implement and gives fast results!

Luke’s come out with course, today, that you can get, which will tell you all about this.

It’s called Speed Demon Backend SEO.

You can use this for your own sites…or…if you’re an offliner, you can sell this knowledge to businesses to speed up their sites and improve their rankings! 😉

How to Better Leverage YouTube

No matter what you’re using YouTube for, I suspect you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. Most folks don’t leverage the social media aspects of YouTube at all! Yet, you can get a massive increase in traffic over time just by doing a few things. Watch this video to find out what you need to be doing!

Also, watch the next video if you want to know how to get your videos ranked in Google…automatically!


Getting your stuff ranked…on autopilot!

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NicheReaper 2.0 Review

Shot a quick video about NicheReaper 2.0. Just so you know, this is a video that I did for a case study for a class I’m teaching about email marketing. You’ll learn about NicheReaper 2.0, but I’m also explaining how to write an affiliate email.


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