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[Offliners] 1 client, $1k per month, over 3 years! How?

When I first started my offline business, I was just happy to sell anything to anybody! I soon got tired of chasing around for $800 checks, though. I got smart and decided to focus on high-end clients who could pay me monthly for ongoing services.

Over the past four years, I’ve had numerous clients in various niches who have paid me a nice monthly income! Not a few of these clients have paid me over $30k over a period of time.

That’s not only a sweet way to run a business, it’s also very doable, even for newbies…if you know how.

One of the secrets to creating a business like this is to target the right types of clients.

Another secret is to have a proven sales funnel in place that will attract prospects, get their information, and pre-sell your services to them.

(Another secret is having at least one monthly recurring service to sell! Just sayin’! 😉 )

I don’t know what services you’re able to sell. So, I’ll leave that last point to you.

The first two items, the right type of business and a sales funnel, I can solve for you right now!

One of my best sources of clients has always been Chiropractors. Think about their business…it’s non-essential. There are a lot of them. Not all of their services are covered by insurance. Hence, there’s massive competition!

That’s not that great for Chiropractors…but it’s pure gold for you and me!

When businesses are in fierce competition with each other, and they know they need help, it’s much easier to sell them our types of products.

All you need now is a proven sales funnel.

Got you covered on that, too!

In just a few minutes, my buddy Matt Boland, is launching a done for you sales funnel aimed at getting you chiropractor clients. It’s called Offline Promo-Pak Chiropractors!

offline promo pak header

This isn’t some junk that Matt created just to have something to sell.

This is his exact sales funnel that he uses in his own offline business!

Basically, what Matt uses is a 3 part prospecting system. His funnel attracts prospects, captures their info, and pre-sells them on the advantages & benefits of online marketing for businesses.

Matt’s funnel that he’s selling today contains everything you need to get this up and running in your own business fast!

No matter what array of services you sell to offline businesses, you can use Matt’s funnel to get a ton of new clients…fast!

To learn more about what’s included in Offline Promo-Pak Chiropractors, just click here!

Become A YouTube Affiliate Marketing Expert!

Personally, in my own businesses, I use YouTube for a bunch of different

1. I have clients who pay me for onling video marketing campaigns

2. I use video in my own product creation business…And…

3. I use video for affiliate marketing

Do I know everything? No!

Do I know how to make money with video? Yes!

This weekend, I had a killer idea!

I know a lot of my peeps would really love to learn how to create passive income streams using video.

We’re talking YouTube videos that link out to affiliate products.

Passive, recurring, repeatable income!

I’ve decided to teach a class all about how to do this.

I shot a quick video for you explaining this whole concept. What the class will be like, when it starts, how much it is.

Just click that link to see the video.

PS: There’s going to be a lot of “secret sauce” in this class. I’m revealing stuff that I personally use, but have never taught! I’m really excited about sharing this with you!

PPS: Classes are Tuesday evenings, 8pm Eastern. Everything will be recorded.

Huge Traffic Source That You’re Probably Not Using!

Being able to create traffic at will is hugely important, right?

If you’re an offliner, you can use the traffic you create as leads for your own business. You can also get paid handsomely to create traffic for your clients.

If you’re a pure onliner (product creator, affiliate marketer), having an easy to implement method for creating massive amounts of quality, highly targeted traffic is actually about 90% of the whole ball game!

So, it would be good if you could do this, right?

By that I mean, it would be really great if you could spend oh 15 minutes setting up some stuff and then get a massive amount of high quality traffic. Not just a burst, either. A steady, huge stream!

I’m sure you’re wondering how you could do this? Or am I just teasing you out of some sort of devilish maliciousness!

Don’t worry! I’m not teasing you. I’m dead serious.

Denis Balitskiy contacted me a couple of days ago and let me look at his new course called LinkedIn Lead Lobotomy.

lil(Yeah…crazy name…oh well! Works like a scalded dog! LOL)

LinkedIn Lead Lobotomy is a dead easy way to use LinkedIn to create steady,
powerful streams of traffic for any type of niche.

What’s even better is setting this whole thing up really only takes about
15 minutes.

Here’s what you’re going to learn from LinkedIn Lead Lobotomy.

— The correct way to set up your profile. (You might think you know this. I thought I did. I was wrong!

— How to make new contacts reach out to you

— How to easily reach thousands of the right people through joining and leveraging LinkedIn groups

— A really crazy trick that will allow you to find and join the best groups

— How to create posts that go viral! (Easy, btw!)

— A really sneaky way to easily scale your campaigns

Okay, that’s pretty cool right there, but it gets cooler!

You’ll also learn…

— How to export thousands of your LinkedIn connections so you can target them OUTSIDE of LinkedIn

And, there’s even more cool stuff…You get the idea though!

The absolute best part is this only takes about 15 min to set up!

Explode Your Video Marketing Efforts…Even If You’re A Newbie!

Video is huge, right? However, just because it’s huge doesn’t mean that it’s a complete “no-brainer”.

It’s not!

There’s cool new stuff being developed every day that will help you take your video marketing efforts to the next level…and beyond! (Even if you’re a newbie…Heck, especially if!)

One idea that’s really catching fire is called a Video Splash Site.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a web page that has video on it, and calls to action done in a way that gets maximum

Video splash sites are pretty new arrivals on the video scene. And, if you do any kind of marketing, offline, affiliate, your own products, you need to start implementing them now!

Couple of things.

1. I’ve got a short PDF, which you can download. This PDF will help you understand video splash sites and how to use them. See below!

2. My buddies Alex Zamboni and Alex Albert are launching a really cool software app that creates video splash pages for you. It’s called Power Easy Video Splash Site. You can click the link below after 10am Eastern, today, to see the sales letter.

In the meantime, you can download the PDF so you can familiarize yourself with this cool concept. Just click this next link, and the PDF will be delivered to your computer. (You’ll need winzip to open it.)

Click Here To Get The PDF!

eVideo Rocket Review

Launching Monday, March 24th, 11am Eastern!

eVideo Rocket is a really outstanding video based course, that will teach you how to make state of the art marketing videos.

You should probably be interested in this if you’re a 1) affiliate marketer, 2) offliner, or 3) product creator…in other words, just about everyone!

Click Here To Buy eVideo Rocket!

I shot a quick walk through of the member’s area for you. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be impressed with the course! This isn’t your “normal” how to create a video info product! 😉

Click Here To Buy eVideo Rocket!

Automate Aweber! Yep!

Aweber is my autoresponder of choice! I use both GetResponse, which I like a lot and Aweber. Both seem to have about the same deliverability. Both work well for me. I actually find Aweber’s interface a little less cumbersome.

There’s one problem with both these autoresponders…and virtually all others.

It’s really hard to manage your lists.

Simple stuff, like deleting unsubscribers, take more clicks that you might imagine. What’s the result? A list bloated with emails (the unsubs), which you are paying for, but which aren’t being used.

There are more issues than that, but that’s a biggie in my book.

What’s the answer?

aw automate graphic

Today, Dave Taylor, launched a really killer piece of software called AW Auto-Mate. It basically provides a much more user friendly interface for Aweber. With AW Auto-Mate you can easily do marketing tasks, which you just can’t easily do with Aweber itself.

This basically puts Aweber on steriods.

Dave’s got a really excellent video walk through, which you can see here. Just click this link!

Bottom line…if you use Aweber you need this! AW Auto-Mate!


Profit Tube Ranker Review

Launches Thursday, March 20th, 10am Eastern

Buy Profit Tube Ranker!

Profit Tube Ranker is a really easy to use plugin that finds videos related to keywords and drips them into your WordPress blog.

I shot a quick video of the plugin in action. You can see that below.

I personally am going to be using this plugin in a very specific way to create more traffic to my blog. (This blog.) My strategy is based on a tested, curated content strategy that I’ve been using for a while. Profit Tube Ranker just makes the process quite a bit more automated. I’m writing this all down for you in a PDF, which will be available as a bonus when you buy Profit Tube Ranker through my link.

Buy Profit Tube Ranker!

If you want to explore the site that I show you in the video, click here!

Here’s the video walk through.


Local Reputation Hero Review

Launching Wednesday, March 19th, 11am Eastern!

Local Reputation Hero is a really slick piece of software designed by Matthew Iannotti. In case you don’t know Matthew, he’s the genius behind Power Leads Pro, which is lead gen software that did over 7 figures in sales in late 2010 and 2011.

Click Here To Buy Local Reputation Hero!

With Local Reputation Hero, Matthew’s back with the actually software he uses in his own business for local reputation management.

The front end product is called…Local Reputation Hero. This is a complete, all in one Reputation Management Software Matthew’s using RIGHT NOW for his own business. Featuring powerful reputation tracking for all the top review sites including search engines. Monthly reports can effortlessly be compiled in PDF format and automatically mailed to your clients.

There are two OTOs. You don’t have to have them, but honestly they are really cool!

OTO1 is called Local Lead Hero. This is the first lead generation software that features a full blown CRM. Your customers can target and gather leads in all verticals which can than be added to the CRM for marketing automation. Tag and create unlimited sequences, track open rates, link clicks is just the tip of the ice berg. When we say complete automation we meant it. Effortlessly add or remove leads from sequences based on goals ie; click a link. This software is designed to sync data directly to Local Reputation Hero!

OTO2 is called LinkedIn Marketing Plugin. This allows your customers to find & contact business owners on LinkedIN with ease. Matthew’s business seals 3-4 deals a month on LinkedIN, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when each deal is between $1500 and $3000 and it’s done on autopilot, that ain’t bad at all.

Click Here To Buy Local Reputation Hero!

You can see video demos of all three pieces of software below.

Local Reputation Hero:


Local Lead Hero:


Click Here To Buy Local Reputation Hero!

[Offliners or Onliners!] Turn ANY Facebook Page Into A Mobile App…HUGE!

mobile smart link

Mobile Smart Link turns any Facebook page into a mobile app!

This is HUGE!

Imagine taking your Facebook page and making it viewable and capable
of user interaction on any phone or tablet!

How about this…

How about approaching offline businesses with Facebook pages with the
offer of turning their page into a mobile app!


That’s EZ money.

Click here to watch a video of this bad boy in action.

Create Videos In Seconds! Turbo Video Genie!

This weekend, I’ve been playing around with a really cool piece of software called Turbo Video Genie.

This is a really easy to use piece of software that creates videos for you!

It’s perfect for affiliate marketers and offliners alike! You can use this to create tons of videos fast, which you can use to dominate markets!

Imagine creating 50 or so videos and uploading them to your YouTube account…all in a few of hours!

You’d be able to take whole niches and have videos ranking for all the keywords for that niche!


What’s even better is the price!

You’d think something like this would sell for $47 or so. Nowhere near it!

Right now, there’s an introductory price on Turbo Video Genie. Just click the here to find out more!