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Set & Forget…Real Passive Income

Passive income is the holy grail of internet marketing. No matter if you’re an onliner, offliner, or like me a hybrid…having income that comes in month after month is really the key to this business.

As I built my offline and online businesses, I made a lot of mistakes. Probably my biggest mistake was focusing too much on current income and not setting up income producing machines that would pay me monthly, essentially forever.

Oh well! I’m not too upset. I run two very nice businesses. I am, however, methodically changing this so that more and more of my income is on autopilot.

One of the big things I’m doing is creating affiliate marketing funnels that I can send traffic to. Once the funnel’s done, all I have to do is to keep the traffic up. (I’m doing this in two ways right now…creating a huge video channel on YouTube and buying media.)

There’s some to know, though, about sales funnels. There’s a lot of tweaking involved. Having said that, look at the beauty of this…as I get a funnel to have a positive return on investment, all I have to do is to feed it traffic!

Money on demand…that’s also largely passive in nature!

Yeah baby!

I would suggest you not make the same mistakes that I’ve made.

I would suggest you get rolling on this passive income thing sooner, rather than later.

Let me tell you about a resource that will help you hit the ground running with passive affiliate income.

My buddy Adam Nolan is launching a really excellent course called “The Affiliate Funnel”.

I’ve known Adam for some time. He’s the real deal when it comes to internet marketing. Not a “guru”. Just a guy who knows his stuff (and has the income to prove it), and is willing to share with the rest of us.

Waking up in the morning, checking your email, and seeing that you made $500 last night while you were asleep is always a good feeling!

With Adam’s affiliate funnel training, you can be doing this 365 morning’s a year!

Check this out today, because I don’t know how long Adam’s going to keep
the introductory price on this!

Breath Of Fresh Air For List Builders (Newbie and Experienced Alike!)

I look at tons of info products! Most of the ones I see, you never hear about, because frankly they’re junk.

I only tell you about ones that have useable information that I know personally will actually work to make money.

(BTW, how could I know this “personally”? I’ve been in this whole game, making money online, since ’07 thereabouts! 🙂 )

It is rare…and I do mean very, very rare…when I see a product which is so good, so current, so timely that I feel the need to actually email the vendor and tell them how much I liked it.

Today’s one of those rare days.

light speed

Listbuilders…listen up!

Anyone who wants to be a list builder in the affiliate marketing world…you need to listen too!

Brian Boyd gave me access to his new report today. It’s called Light Speed List Building.

Imagine my delight when I read it and saw that Brian had perfected an exact system that I’ve been working on myself!

It’s like he had hacked into my brain!

I mean it really was slightly creepy!

You see, the old tried and true way of doing list building just isn’t working that great any more.

What is that old haggard method?

Get traffic ==> Send to email submit for a freebie ==> Upsell to a paid offer.

I mean…this “works” a little!

But it doesn’t work like it used to!

Specifically, if you want to pay for traffic (quality solos, for instance), you’re not going to make your money back as the subscribers hit your upsell page.

You’re just usually not.

We used to, but the quality of emails you get access to with solos has dropped quite a bit over the past three years or so.

I personally have been working on a few solutions to this problem.

One I actually taught a class on…that was my Four And One Half Hour Work Week class.

However…I’ve also been working on another solution…and when I read Brian’s report, I saw that he had figured out all the details that I’ve been dealing with…elegantly!

Look it, I got so stoked about this, I actually emailed him!

Here’s what I said…

“Just read your report, however. This is something I’ve been putting together myself. It’s really excellent! Well done! ”

Like I said, this is a rare, rare occurrence for me!

(If you buy this, pay close attention to page 10! That one thing on that page is worth about 100x the price of the report! Just sayin’!)

So…if you’re into list building, or want to be, you really do owe it to yourself to check out Brian’s report…Light Speed List Building.

BTW, you get a lot more with this than just a report. You get everything you need to hit the ground running!

[Offliners!] “Almost” Excellent System For Client Getting!

It really doesn’t matter what you can do and how much you know, if you can’t get clients…you don’t really have a business!

The ability to get clients is what separates the winners from the losers in the offline world. You can easily find someone to do whatever service you want to sell…but you can’t find people to do the selling for you!

Yesterday, I got access to a new product that’s launching today at 2pm Eastern. It’s called Offline Infiltration. And, it’s a really excellent system for getting clients for your offline business.

off infl

I like it a lot! It’s only got one flaw (which I’m going to fix for you 🙂 ).

Let me tell you about it, then I’ll tell you about the flaw.

Offline Infiltration is an email based method of getting clients. It’s not just randomly shooting out emails, though. It’s a very structured way of easily setting up a few things online that will impress your potential clients, then contacting them via email (and direct mail too, if you want) so that they are suitably impressed and have a high probability of contacting you back.

The “few things” you have to set up online are easy. Even for a complete internet newbie, this should only take about an hour of work, if that.

I wish I could be more specific, but I can’t. This method is so easy that if I tell you any more details, I would be giving the whole thing away. 😉

Bottom line, I really like Offline Infiltration. If you’ll actually do it, this one method will completely solve your problem of not having any (or enough) clients.

Now…there’s one flaw.

Offline Infiltration is basically about how to get potential clients pre-sold and calling you. It shows you how to do this very well!

Of course, just having your phone ring, or an email sitting in your inbox isn’t going to do you an good unless you can close the client on your services. The report really doesn’t go into that part…which in all fairness isn’t a flaw. It’s just that without that, you don’t have
the complete system.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

I’ve created a bonus webinar for this. In the webinar, I’m going to teach you a very simple set of steps that will take you the rest of the way…from interested potential client to check in the bank!

This process isn’t hard. Anyone can do it, if they know how.

I’m going to teach you how!

So, here’s what happens next.

Offline Infiltration launches at 2pm Eastern.

I’ll send you a link slightly before launch so you can buy it.

Once you buy, look on your jvzoo receipt and you’ll see a link to get your bonus. That will be a txt file with a link to a gotowebinar sign up page. Copy and paste that link into your browser and sign up. The webinar will be on the 19th. And, it will be recorded for those who
can’t attend.

Cool beans!

How To Easily Find Rep Management Clients And Make Excellent Money Doing So!

I’ve got clients who’ve paid me over $1k per month on a monthly basis for over a year…some more than that.

Who are these geese that lay golden eggs?

Rep management clients!

You don’t need that many to have a really successful business.

So, how do you find these types of clients?

One way is to look at Yelp and other directories and see who needs help.

There are other resources, though. Easier to use resources where you can find a whole ton of clients who need help…badly!

(Keep reading! It gets better! 😉  )

Now…how cool would it be if there were software that could comb these other resources and find more rep management leads than you could get to?

That would be pretty cool, if it existed.

Well, this morning, it does!

Right now, there’s a really slick software suite launching that gets you rep management leads. It does more, too! You can actually email your leads through the software.

Click here to watch it in action!

Here’s a tip!

Once you land a rep management client and you get their problem fixed (as in get more favorable reviews, etc), suggest to your client that you continue by building out their brand online. This would include videos, more reviews on more directories, smaller websites with pages that are ranking for various searches.

This extension of rep management is called brand management, and quite frankly, this is big, big money! 🙂

To get started with this, though, you need clients. So, check out this software today before the low introductory price is raised!

Offliners/Freelancers…How To Look Like A Pro!

I remember getting started in my offline business.

When you’re just getting started, there’s an odd conundrum you have to face…It goes something like this…

“How do I present myself like a professional, even though I’m a beginner with no clients?” (Or with few clients.)

It’s kind of a chicken or egg paradox…which comes first?

Part of the solution is just plain old everyday honesty. Yes, it’s okay to tell folks you’re new! (Give them a break on price and use that as a case study! ) Business owners are so used to being lied to and “B.S’d” that they’ll reward you for being up front with them.

Another way to combat this is to present yourself professionally.

Dress right for meetings. Have a business card with a dedicated number. (I still use a Google number for my offline business!)

And…have a sharp looking website.

If you don’t have a sharp looking website, here’s one that’s launching right now in just a few minutes.

It’s professional looking, flexible, based on WordPress. It will present you like a real pro!

BTW, if you’re a newbie and you don’t know how to buy a domain, get hosting, install WordPress, etc, use my support ticket system and let me know.

I have a free series of videos that will walk you through that whole process.

How To Get Started…Or ReStarted…With Offline Marketing!

It’s Spring! (At least in the northern hemisphere!) For my peeps in OZ and thereabouts, it’s fall, which is good, too! 🙂

Here in Atlanta, Ga, though, it’s spring. And that means renewal, restart! A perfect time to revamp and get things rolling again.

To that end, I want to tell you about a killer product my friend Amanda Craven is launching in just a few minutes…and…I want to tell you about a webinar I’m hosting.

First Amanda’s launch.

It’s called Business Blast Off.

Basically this is everything you need to get an offline business off the ground and up and running fast!

Let me explain…

People get stopped in offline in two main ways. 1. They just don’t have the basic infrastructure in place to start a consulting business (stuff like legal forms, stationary, logos, marketing materials for themselves, etc.

And…2. They don’t know how to get clients!

Today, I’m solving both those problems for you!

Problem 1: What I Call The Infrastructure…Amanda’s product, Business Blast Off, solves this problem nicely!

For a modest price, you’ll get all the templates, letters, forms, documents, planners, graphics, brochures, postcards, flyers, proposals, legal documents, and training guides that you need to get rolling fast…and look like a real pro right off the bat!

Just so you know, Amanda’s a professional freelancer. Has been for years! She’s also worked professionally in some really top flight marketing agencies in the UK. What she’s providing to you in this WSO is professional grade stuff!

So, that solves problem number 1…looking like a pro.

Now, let’s solve problem number 2…getting clients!

Here’s the deal…

If you buy Amanda’s Business Blast Off through my link, as a bonus, you get an invite to a webinar I’m hosting on Saturday, April 19th at 3pm eastern. (Recorded, if you can’t be there.) On this webinar, I’m going to show you exactly how to get clients fast!

Four years ago, the very first day I was a full-time offliner, I walked out of my first client’s place of business with an $800 check in my hand.

I’ve been doing this with great regularity ever since!

More importantly, I can teach you how to do this too!

Don’t believe me on that?

Check out this unsolicited testimonial I got a few weeks ago…

The real reason for this email Lee is to let you know how excited I am. I have my first client! I took your advice from one of your trainings of how to sell mobile websites. I walked in and asked “is this your website?” Next thing I knew is I had a client! That sounds so basic but it works. I raised a lot of eyebrows using those four words. I’m not afraid anymore. I know I can do this. Taking action really does work. Thanks Lee for the value you bring to your students.

Yep, my stuff flat out works…when you work it!

So, if you want to start an offline business, or even re-energize your current business, buy Amanda’s Business Blast Off through my link so you can get on this webinar with me.

I’m holding nothing back! Bring a pencil and paper, and be prepared to learn how the pros actually do this stuff!

Off and Onliners…All-In-One Business Management Software Solution…And More!

First off, I want to be up front about this post…it’s not for everyone. Sure, everyone’s welcome to read it. 🙂 But, not everyone’s going to be interested…or even ready!

But, for those of you who are…this could be a complete paradigm shift!

Here’s the deal…

If you have any of the following facets to your business…you’ll be very interested in what I’m about to tell you.


1. If you’re managing contacts with multiple prospective clients (If you’re building an offline business, and you are prospecting the way you should prospect, you should have this problem!)

2. If you have multiple clients to invoice and to receive payment from

3. If you need to manage content that you use in your marekting strategies

4. If you sell software or any other type of product that needs to be downloaded and protected online

If any of this resonates with you, you should be very interested in what I’m about to tell you.

Most of us who fit the description above, have to cobble together different solutions to this problem.

You have an invoicing system, membership software that protect and downloads your products, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that manages your customers and your potential customers.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a complete, unified solution to all of these issues, which those of us who run online and offline businesses face?

Even better, wouldn’t it be awesome if this solution were affordable!

Well, there hasn’t been such an all-in-one solution, until now.

Today at 11am Eastern, Towhid Zaman and Santosh Rathore are launching a really incredible piece of software that does all of what I talked about above, and even more.

It’s called iCreateiSell, and it’s an all-in-one, complete solution for online/offline entrepreneurs.

icreateisell logo
In a nutshell, here’s what iCreateiSell does…

  • Product Management
  • Payment Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Demo Management
  • Use Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Download Managment
  • Support Ticket Management

In other words, iCreateiSell can easily be the entire backend of a full-blown internet based business!

Click here to watch a demo of this exciting software in action!

icreateisell logo

[Mobile Marketers] Check This out! Early Bird Pricing!

I’ve had quite a few folks on my list ask me lately what type of mobile website templates they should use.
There are tons of solutions out there, but a very good, very inexpensive one is launching right now.

For the price, this is perfect for newbie offliners. Frankly, I’m picking up a copy myself to use in my own business, because you just can’t have too many low cost solutions!

Click this link now to get the lowest price!

Oh…one more thing! 🙂

Just so you know, there’s an OTO. It’s a mobile portfolio and full blown, done for you site you can use to sell yourself with. Basically, what you would use yourself as a selling tool or landing page for your own potential clients.

You don’t have to buy this. The FE works great without it. But…you might want to take a look at it to see if you need this in your mobile selling arsenal.