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If You Have Multiple WordPress Sites, Read This!

I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this before. (Actually, they did, but it was horribly expensive!)

I have tons of WordPress sites.

Managing them is a pain!

Logging in and out to post new content, manage and install plugins…well, like I said it’s a pain!

Now that problem is solved with WP Fast Dash!

WP Fast Dash is a dashboard you can manage all your WordPress sites from.

One login!

One dashboard!

All your sites!

Needless to say, I got this the moment I saw it!

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Don’t even think about using video without this…

Don’t know if you know the name Joey Xoto. I’ve known Joey for some time. He’s a professional videographer. He basically creates high-end marketing videos for high-paying clients.

I’m in an exclusive skype group with Joey, and this guy knows his stuff. (He’s the “go to” guy for a lot of us in the internet marketing industry. If there’s something I want to know how to do…or how to do better…Joey is my man!)

Joey rarely shares his secrets with the public at large. I think he’s only ever launched one product, and that was over a year ago.

Fortunately for you, today’s an exception to that rule.

Today, Joey is launching a really cool product called Video Induction System.

Even better…for a short period of time, he’s selling this at a massive discount.

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Let me tell you a little about what you’re getting with Joey’s Video Induction System.

Inside, you’ll learn…

– How to create incredible sales videos with NOTHING more than the computer you’re sitting at right now.

– Without ever having to show your face on camera.

– With 100% free tools.

– And with insane hypnotizing and conversion power!

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As I said, Joey’s offering this for a short while at a massive discount. A 95% discount, to be exact!

If you do anything with video, or plan to, Joey’s Video Induction System is a must have! And at this price, it’s also a no-brainer.

Just click here to claim your 95% discount on Video Induction System!

EZ To Use Software Creates Mobile Sites In Minutes!

I keep getting emails from people wanting to know what’s a good product to use to create mobile sites.

My buddy, Dave Cisneros, just launched a killer mobile site creator. It’s easy to use. Very newbie friendly. No skills required.

You can build a site in minutes!

These puppies sell for $300 and up! (Easy!)

If you’ve been looking for an excellent mobile site creator, check this one out!

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Dave’s only leaving this up for sale for a very short time. So, check it out today!

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Unlimited Video Blogs + Viral Traffic…On Autopilot!

There’s just one little bitty thing I don’t like about video marketing…that’s making all those videos.

Fortunately, now I don’t have to!

My buddies Cyril Gupta and Todd Gross are launching an amazing piece of software called Video Jeet.

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Video Jeet is a windows desktop app that “curates” video content for any niche/keyword you choose.

It’s amazingly easy to use, yet very powerful!

Now…there have been similar plugins and software apps launched over the past year or so.

What makes Video Jeet different?

For one thing, you don’t have to use use it with WordPress. It works with WordPress, but it also works with Blogger. (BTW, this is an incredible way of creating your own blog network…use Blogger…Google loves it! 😉 )

>>Watch This Demo On How To Create Automated Video Blogs for $0!<<

Another thing Video Jeet does that previous products don’t is this. It has a social media component!

It automatically sends notification to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to let your followers know you have new content, and also to get those valuable social media links back to your website.

So, bottom line…with Video Jeet, you get free traffic, free video content, plus viral traffic from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Best of all, right now it’s priced to sell!

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Incredibly Low Price On Animated Video Templates!

My buddy, Peter Beattie, has just launched an incredible selection of animated video templates.

instant video templates

Peter’s a very experienced video marketer and product creator, so these are truly top notch.

You don’t need any software to edit these, either. You can use Open Office (free) or PowerPoint or Keynote.

Click Here To See A Demo!

Not only do you get the templates, but you also get 140 video graphic elements, which you can use in yours or your clients’ videos. We’re talking backgrounds and various characters and objects.

If you don’t know how to edit these, don’t worry. Peter’s got you covered. Each template comes with a matching step-by-step tutorial!

It gets even better.

Right now, Peter has a super low price on this. After his initial launch period, the price goes up to a whopping $297! (And, it’s worth every penny!)

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Have a great day!

VideoMakerFX Review

Launching Monday, May 5th, 11am Eastern!

VideoMakerFX is a really cool piece of software that you can use to make stunning, special effect videos easily.

I actually got access to this today, and shot a video review of the member’s area:

Also, here are a few examples of finished videos you can make: