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Risking a Lawsuit Because of Ignorance About Internet Law?

Quick question.

Can you afford an $800,000 fine from the FTC, just because your website lacks proper legal disclaimers?

My guess is probably not! (I couldn’t.)

The risk for having a non-compliant website is huge. The fix, however, is inexpensive.

Think I’m joking?

Here are a few recent “issues” with this.

Case Study 1: A CPA marketer drove traffic to a debt reduction offer. He failed to warn people they’d have to give up personal information to complete the offer. He was fined (big time) and also has to give a copy of the judgement to anyone he does business with for the next 20 years!

Case Study 2: Path, a digital journal, was fined because their app stored information without consent.

What’s the solution?

Anton Nadillo and his partner have come out with Compliance Bar. It’s their “total website compliance and disclaimer solution”. (Quoted from their sales letter.)

compliance bar

My guess is you probably need this, if you have any sort of website.

Couple more things.

1. I personally had bought something similar a couple of years ago, which I use on all my websites. I looked at what that previous solution did and what Compliance Bar does, and decided to use Compliance Bar instead. I’m NOT an attorney. This is just the decision I personally made.

2. This is a great opportunity to find clients for your offline consulting business. Search for non-compliant sites and offer them a solution.

Get Compliance Bar Today!

IM Business In A Box PLR

My buddy Amit Pareek has just launched a really excellent PLR product. It’s called Internet Marketing Business In A Box.

im business in a box

I shot a complete walk through of what you get when you purchase this.


When you purchase this through my link, you’ll also get a video I shot detailing two ways you can make money with this today. One method is video based. (NOT your normal video stuff, btw.) The other method is based on the WarriorForum!


Also, you’ll get access to a coaching call I had with one of my peeps who’s rocking the WarriorForum using my methods. The link is in the bonus, which is available through your JVZoo receipt.

Perfect Affiliate Storm Review

So, what’s the easiest way to make real money online?

I get that question a lot from subscribers, and the answer is really easy.

Affiliate marketing!

You might think that affiliate marketing is difficult. Not so, when done right.

Yesterday, Chris Cole, gave me access to his new product, Perfect Affiliate Storm.


I thought it was really killer! Great for newbies and experienced marketers alike.

(Just so you know, I’ve added a killer bonus to this if you buy through my link. More about that below.)


Here’s some of the many things I really liked about Chris’ product.

1. It’s truly step by step. That’s very important if you’re a newbie. It’s also a huge time saver for more experienced marketers.

2. He really gets into the nitty gritty of review sites, YouTube reviews, and Google hangout reviews.

3. He’s included training on YouTube Live…if you don’t yet know what that is…you’re in for a real treat!

4. And…Chris has included training on a platform I’ve been using for years, but which has been totally overlooked by mainstream affiliate marketers. I’m almost sorry he’s spilling the beans on this one…that’s on page 22, btw!

So, all in all, if you want to get rolling with real “quit your job” type income, you need this!

So, click here to see if this puppy is for you!

Also…my bonus! I’m including for absolute free my best selling Simple Hangout Profits. Tons of folks have bought this and profited from it. You get it for free when you buy Chris’ Perfect Affiliate Storm. (The download for this is on your WarriorPlus receipt.)

“One Of The Secrets To My Business

I can’t believe this. Edmund Loh is revealing in glorious details exactly how a major part of one of my businesses work.

He’s not doing this to me personally. Edmund is a big time affiliate marketer in his own right. He’s just spilling the beans on one of our most cherished affiliate secrets.

Which is okay. I’m not a glass is half empty kind of guy.

So, what is this that Edmund’s giving everyone the inside skinny on?

It’s called Affiliate Payout Machine, and it’s how big time affiliate marketing works in the IM world.

affiliate payout machine

What’s cool is this…you don’t have to be a big affiliate to profit from this. You can be a rank newbie. You can be fresh out of the egg!

Click Here To Get Affiliate Payout Machine, Today!

This, however, is how to get to where you want to go, if IM affiliate marketing holds any interest for you.

Best of all, this is selling at a crazy low price…for right now!

Not Your Same Ol’ Same Ol’ List Builing Stuff!

I got access to Francesco Iantorno’s Rapid List Domination earlier today. Didn’t really have time to look at it until after lunch.

rapid list domination

Honestly, it didn’t start out too promising. (Keep reading. That changed!)

It’s a video course, which I like. But…in the first video he was talking about how you needed an autoresponder, a squeeze page, blah, blah, blah.

You know…Same ol’ same ol’!

Then, when Francesco got to the traffic source…BAM!

Check Out Rapid List Domination Today!

I was literally blown away. This is the most genius method I’ve seen in quite some time to rapidly (and I do mean rapidly) build a list and sell affiliate products to that list!

I was so taken with this that I called one of my business associates, explained the whole thing, and set in motion us getting this up and running fast!

This will work for any niche! IM, MLM, any type of affiliate product.

Best of all, it’s on an early bird price.

Check it out today!

YouTube Cash System That Works!

Earlier, I got access to Dan Dasilva’s YouTube Cash System. (Launching right now, btw.)

youtube cash system

Couple of important things.

1. Dan is the real deal. He’s a 19 year old “kid” who makes $2k per week with video marketing.

2. The course itself is really good…but Dan’s unannounced bonuses are even better! Normally, I don’t like to spoil things, like unannounced bonuses, but in this case it’s warranted.

There are 4 bonus videos.

Bonus Video 1 is an hour long overview of the entire system. I really liked the overview, because it gave me the big picture.

Bonus Video 2 is a case study. I thought this was killer material. I LOVE case studies because they help me make the info I’m learning real and applicable.

Bonus Video 3 is Dan’s video ranking formula. Remember, this guy actually does make money doing this. So, I paid especial attention to his ranking info. A lot of that’s changed recently.

Bonus Video 4 … I LOVED this one too! It’s all about how to outsource the whole process. Quick note here. Unlike many others, Dan’s system is so simple that it’s begging to be outsourced!

Click Here To Get YouTube Cash System!

So, grab this today, because right now it’s on a low, introductory price!


[Onliners & Offliners] THE Internet Marketing Strategy Of 2015

podcast prodigy

Here’s a newbie friendly strategy that will get you in front of thousands of targeted visitors for FREE. Will make tons of sales FAST. Will position you as a leader in whatever market you choose!


Hold on there. Before you say…PODCASTING!…Read this!

This is a new product that internet marketing super star Rachel Rofe has just come out with.

It’s called Podcast Prodigy. And it’s a new strategy you can use to get thousands of downloads of every single piece of content you create!

Click Here To Learn More!

Think about it like this…there are millions of websites out there. Millions of videos. Your chances of getting your sales message out grow smaller and smaller and smaller.

How ever with podcasting you have a golden opportunity to get your business (offline, affiliate, your own products!) in front of thousands of people every time you put out a new piece of content.

Best of all, podcasting is easy to do! Even for rank newbies.

There’s more…lots more…like how to repurpose your content in various ways. So check out Rachel’s Podcast Prodigy today!