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Local Retargeting Review Mike Cooch

Local Retargeting Blueprint Review

Launches Wednesday, February 18th, 11am eastern

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This is an amazing, in depth course that shows you exactly what you need to know to sell and deliver high value, high dollar retargeting services to local businesses.

Watch this video walk through and see if you don’t agree with me that this is one killer, cutting edge course!

Breakthrough AdSense Profits Review

I’m not going to tell you what this is about…just yet. Because I know what you would do. Exactly what I did. Ignore this and move on.

Look it! I’m doing you a favor.

Because this is NOT to be ignored!

Couple of days ago, I bought a WSO. (Bought! Wasn’t given a review copy.)

I was intrigued because it was about an online method that I thouht was DEAD as of about 2 years ago.

I only got a chance to really look at the report last night.

Couple of things.

1. It’s not DEAD as I so stupidly thought

2. The traffic source is pure genius! And, it’s something Yours Truly (Moi!) is going to massively leverage not only for this particular method, but for two other huge niches that I’m in.

If you don’t buy this for the stated method (I’ll reveal that below), please…buy it to learn the genius traffic method!

Now, I’m sure you’re tired of not knowing what this “DEAD” method is.

Okay, I’ll reveal it…but remember…a mind, like a parachute, functions best when OPEN!

Here it is!


Yep, good old AdSense.

These guys are literally killing it with AdSense.

breakthrough adsense

If at this point, you (like me) are considering shutting down Ye Old Brain, and reaching for your mouse. Don’t!

When I read this report, I was literally thunderstruck at two things.

1. The viability of this

2. The traffic source!

I wish I could reveal the traffic source to you in this email so you could say, as I did, OMG! THIS IS GENIUS!

But I can’t. That wouldn’t be fair.

So, you’ll just have to trust me on this. The traffic source is not just for this method. It’s a perfect idea for anything!

— Any affiliate niche marketing program

— Any offline consultant

— CPA, video marketing, ANYTHING!

Okay, ’nuff said.

If you’re still with me and want to actually check this out yourself, here’s the link to click…

Did I mention that at this price they’re virtually GIVING THIS INFORMATION AWAY?

Click Here To Learn More About Breakthrough AdSense Profits!

Revolutionary Software Transforms eCommerce, Facebook, Amazon Images Into Lead Machines!

Yep, you read that right! I know it sounds crazy. I didn’t really understand the concept either when I first was told about it by the software creator.


Basically, this is software that does the following…

— Turns any image into a dynamic sales experience

— Gets you 100s of emails via it’s own “leadmachine”

— Turns static images into 1 click playable videos

— Uses some uber cool redirect technology to drive traffic into your funnel

— Has massive offline PayPerCall lead potential

Seriously, you have to watch this in action!

Click Here To Watch IconLead In Action Or To Buy IconLead!

How To Build Your Email List With Solo Ads

how to build your email list with solos

There are a lot of different kinds of subscriber on my list. Offliners, video marketers, affiliate marketers…you name it.

One commonality is this…all of you guys are interested in using the Internet as an income source.

Good for you! Done right this is THE single best way to make a living that I know of.

To that end, one of the single biggest skills you can master is list building.

I can hear it now…

“Lee! Seriously? I’m a (fill in the blank), not a list builder!”

I’m going to be completely honest here…if that’s your take on list building, you’re NOT seeing the woods for the trees!

There are two big reasons why.

1. Potential clients are one that list you need to build. Happens to me all the time! I’ll get on social media like LinkedIn, make a new business connection, and they’ll get back with me saying that they’ve been on my list for some time.

2. A list is an asset. All successful business owners build assets outside their main businesses. Heck one of the reasons we create income is to have some to plow right back in to asset building.

You might not realize what a list of 500 or even 1000 emails will do for your bottom line. Let me just say that it will make it much, much fatter!

Next question:

How to build a list?

There are tons of ways. One of my favorites is by buying solo ad mailings.

I do a lot of this. I’ve been doing this for the past three years. It’s made a huge difference to my bottom line.

Reed Floren has a really killer WSO all about how to get started buying solos and making money doing so.

Get How To Build Your Email List With Solo Ads!

Reed is the real deal!

On the sales page, you’ll see screen shots of Reed from various solo ads venues. I’ve seen evidence of him on those same sites myself for years!

In other words, Reed is like the solos ad God Father!

Get How To Build Your Email List With Solo Ads!

Solos are a simple, no brainer way to start building an asset that pays you daily. Check out Reed’s WSO today and get started now!