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Our New Mobile Client Finder Software

MCF software box JPGI’m positive you’ve heard about the changes in Google concerning mobile websites. Basically, it boils down to the fact that search results will be influenced by the mobile friendliness of websites, or lack thereof.

There was a ton of kerfluffle about this leading up to April 21, the date Google is set to strongly consider the mobile aspects of sites in their search results.

Well, as you can see…the world did not end!

As a matter of fact, most business owners have yet to really figure out what’s happening and how (or even if) it affects them.

This is good news!

You see if the whole April 21st, the sky is falling, thing-a-ma-bob had really been the cataclysmic event that you read about in all the emails you got, then really the opportunity to make a lot of money would have flashed by like a meteor in a summer’s night.

So…there wasn’t a cataclysm.

What’s REALLY going to happen is this…

Business owners are going to lose traffic because their websites are not mobile friendly.

Google’s going to force this issue until virtually everyone complies by mobilizing their websites.

This is all going to take a year or more.






Because it’s not a flash in the pan, this my friend is something you can build a real, lasting income with!

To that end, we’ve developed software you can use to do the following…

1. Find business websites that don’t pass Google’s “mobile” test.

2. Create a customized sales report to send to the businesses scraped by our software.

3. Email the freakin’ thing out for you!

It’s all push button!

It’s literally “set and forget”!

This might be one of the most done-for-you, no-brainer money making pieces of software we’ve ever come up with.


Tomorrow at 2pm eastern, we’re having a webinar where we’re going to showcase the software for you.

Just click here to register.

There’s more…much more! You’ll see it all on the webinar.

See you then!


PS: Want a preview? Watch this bad boy in action by clicking the link below!


How To Create Perpetual Traffic With Twitter

Cover croppedWe recently launched our artificially intelligent software, Twitter Envy. Twitter Envy basically clones Twitter accounts. So, you can target someone else’s account and use Twitter Envy to, over time, get a lot of the followers of the target account to follow you. Once they’re following you, you can market to them with a variety of means. I’ll put links to everything below, so you can learn more are you read.

So, with Twitter Envy, you can create accounts with followers who are very targeted in a given niche. As an example, let’s say you do business consulting. How would you like to have a very large percentage of the followers of a given city’s Chamber of Commerce Twitter account follow you? I’m assuming you would!

Or…if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can do the same thing. Let’s say you’re in the muscle building niche. How about over time building an account out of the followers of Yeah…that would be pretty sweet!

Here’s an example of an account that’s probably not even 2 weeks old!

Lee Cole Internet Marketing Screen Shot

I’ve already got close to 600 followers from this account. Now, from my tweets to that account I’ve made $32 and gotten 30 some odd people signed up to my email list.

It gets even better! My entire system is run completely on autopilot! The following. The unfollowing. The tweeting of content. The tweeting of “money tweets” (those that result in sign ups to my email list or of sales of products).



Okay, let’s break this down.


Daily Following, Unfollowing

The first thing I do is run Twitter Envy daily.


Twitter Envy has a continuous mode. You click that and it runs daily at random times. This way it builds your account on autopilot.

So, that takes care of following and unfollowing. And…it’s set and forget!



The next thing I do is tweet content several times per day to that account. Of course, I do this with software. There are a few platforms that do this. HootSuite, TweetAdr, and a few others. I like my own software, Social Post Magic, because it doesn’t leave a footprint like Hootsuite does, and unlike TweetAdr, it can autopost content to Facebook, G+, and LInkedIn too!

Here’s a pic of my set up for Social Post Magic.

tweets from spm

As you can see from the screen shot, Social Post Magic is tweeting 10x per day. Those tweets are all content though. In addition to the content tweets, I have to have “money” tweets. Tweets with links that go to sales letters or squeeze pages.


Money Tweets

So, to do that, I run another instance of Social Post Magic. All this one does is tweet two money tweets per day. This is all randomized and looks very natural, btw!

Here’s a picture of that set up:

tweets from spm for money shots

The bottom line result is this…I’ve got software building my account. Software tweeting content to the account. And, software tweeting tweets that result in me making money.

In other words, what I’ve described to you is a perpetual traffic/money machine. It’s set and forget. I build one. Tweak it. Build another. Tweak that one. Etc.

You can do this too! You can set up as many of these things as you want. (Within the confines of what your licensing says. Our licenses for our software are for two machines.)

So, what do you need to get this rolling?

1. You need a Twitter account.

2. You need something to sell. (Think ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon. Or heck do this for your local business owner and charge them big bucks.)

3. If you’re smart, you’ll build a list. I use LeadPages for that.

3. You need Twitter Envy if you don’t already have it.

4. I personally use Social Post Magic for my automated content posting.

5. Run Twitter Envy on continuous mode 24/7. Run one instance of Social Post Magic for your content tweets, and a second instance for your money tweets.

Build one, tweak it, get subscribers and sales. Build another, tweak it. Build another…Retire! πŸ˜‰

One more thing…you might not think that making $30 and getting a few emails over a week or so is that big of a deal. (I know this doesn’t sound like those sales letters you get hit up with that say some 17 year old or 70 year old made $8,923 gazillion dollars in less than 48 hours...and you can, too!)

But seriously! Think about this.

This one twitter account will probably make an average of $50 per month just sending traffic straight to sales letters, and I’ll get emails! So, let’s say just rough figuring that I double the $50 per month. And, this one account generates $100 per month.

Okay, cut that in half just to be conservative.


So, set up 100 of these and I’m making $60k per year…ON TOTAL FREAKING PASSIVE AUTOPILOT! 200 of these and I’m making $120k per year.

That’s the vision I have for this. Hope you catch that vibe!


What I’ve Been Listening To While Working


Okay, this has nothing to do with making money online, internet marketing, or network marketing. Having said that…Some friends of mine turned me on to the remake of Hawaii Five-0. I started watching it and loved it. In Episode 5 of Season 1, there’s a burial scene that’s just beautiful. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so if you have Netflix or something, just go watch it.

Anywho…one of the things that makes the scene so enchanting is the music. I saw the episode again recently with my wife and daughter. Afterwards I looked up online who sang the song at the end. It’s a Hawaiian singer named IZ.

You can see the cover of the album above. I thought the song was so wonderful that I bought it on iTunes.


Rank And Bank Video Marketing With Alex Copeland Walk Through Review

rank and bank

Wow, it’s been a really cool past few days with lots of cool products that have come out.

I’ve been super busy with my own relaunch of our Twitter Envy software, but took a little time out to take a look at Alex Copeland’s new video marketing course, Rank And Bank System.

Shot a video walk through for you, so you can see what all’s in it. (Don’t think it’s just another how to rank video course…it’s not!)

Take a look at that, and I think you’ll agree that Alex has gone way “above and beyond”

Or…if you want to skip my review and head straight to the sales letter, Click Here!

Bottom line, this might be the only video marketing course you’ll need for the foreseeable future.



Fan Page Video Cash Review

fan page video cash

It’s really been a long time since I’ve been this excited about an Internet marketing product. I love video AND I love social media. So, of course the marriage of video and Facebook should excite me.

The possibilities here are huge!

Click Here To Purchase Fan Page Video Cash!

I got so worked up about this that I hit up one of the product creator, Delilah Taylor, and asked if I could interview her. She very politely said yes! πŸ™‚


Below are the interview and also my own walk through of the members area.

This launches tomorrow at 1am. That’s AM! As inΒ  early in the morning tomorrow. I’ll be emailing my list, but there will also be a link here to the sales page.

Click Here To Purchase Fan Page Video Cash!

Here’s my walk through:

Here’s my hangout interview:


The Truth! (Hint: Everything You Know About Internet Marketing Is Wrong!

the truth


Just go with me here on this one. What I’m going to tell you about isn’t another piece of software or how-to training. That all certainly has its place, but if you have real business acumen, then you’ll be able to use those tools and training to build real businesses instead of just being frustrated most of the time with lack of results.

If you’ll click here, you’ll see what I’m taking about.

John Mulry is a Dan Kennedy trained marketer. (For real! That’s not hype or BS.) And, his book “The Truth: What if everything you ever learned about marketing your business was wrong?” is a must read for anyone in our type of businesses, or considering being in our type of businesses.

As soon as I saw this was available, I skype Gloria and asked her to pick it up. (I was going out the door to an appointment at the time.)

We’re studying this material and implementing it as we speak!

Could be a game changer!

[Offliners!] Get More Clients…Done For You!

web pack
If you’re in offline marketing, or thinking of being, you’ll want to check this out.
Kim Udell has just launched a new PLR package that’s exactly what folks like us need to convert traffic into phone calls, and phone calls into sales.

Click Here To Purchase Instant Local Consultant Web Pack!

I personally buy everything that Kim sells. Her products are top notch, and she’s saved me a ton of money over the years by not having to just create everything myself.
Launches at 10am eastern.