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How To Find Your Status Updates On LinkedIn

We used to be able to find our past updates. Then LinkedIn removed that capability. As you can imagine, a lot of people were unhappy with that. Now the capability seems to be back. I shot a quick video for you to show you where your status updates are. Enjoy! Also, leave me a comment.

LinkedIn Legion Of Leads Review

Lee Nazal has just released LinkedIn Legion Of Leads. To begin with, I love anything that has to do with LinkedIn. For business, it’s my favorite social media platform.

Here’s my take on Lee’s product.

1. It’s video based. I like that.

2. It’s complete. And, it’s newbie friendly.

3. It’s a method that actually will work.

Click Here To Watch Lee’s Video About LinkedIn Legion Of Leads!

There’s nothing I didn’t like about this. Having said that, if you already understand how LinkedIn works, and you’re actually using it for your business, then I suppose you might not need this particular training. Just being honest here.

Click Here To Purchase LinkedIn Legion Of Leads!

Check out my video walk through of the members area to see if this is something you need.

My Test Video Was Rejected!

Well, I heard back about my first test video that I sent in to Udemy. Rejected! That’s actually good!

One of the big things I love about Udemy is their insistence on quality. Quality content. Quality presentation. I thought I would get rejected on sound, but nope, that wasn’t it. I got rejected on picture quality.

I had been using Snagit to do my screen captures with. Apparently, Snagit won’t capture the image in high enough definition. Udemy suggested I use either Camtasia or Debut. I opted for Debut because it was about 10x less than Camtasia. I don’t need anything fancy. Just the basics. Unlike Snagit, Debut let’s me change the capture frame rate. It defaults to 30. I’ll up that to the max, 60. It will make the files longer, but that’s Udemy’s problem not mine.

So, once I get a few things done on my outline, I’ll start shooting videos again. I’ll get one shot, a power point style, and send that in either today or tomorrow.

LInkedIn Sales Factory Review


Mike and Gloria gave me access to LinkedIn Sales Factory a couple of days ago. My God does it ever rock!

Couple of things.

I have a $30 off coupon that’s good through Sunday August 2, 2015. The coupon will give you $30 off the Enterprise edition. If you want that, contact me here. That’s my support desk. Make sure you tell them you want the coupon for LinkedIn Sales Factory.

Click Here To Purchase LinkedIn Sales Factory!

Also, I did a video walk through of the software for you.

Udemy Course Update–My New Lesson Structure

This post is one in a series that’s documenting my creation of my first Udemy course. If you want to read all my posts on the subject, just click here.

Today’s post is going to be about lesson structure. You see, lesson structure for Udemy is a lot different than the structure of an info product, a report, or even a video course. Most of the info product videos that I’ve created over the years, for instance, are at least fifteen minutes long. In that arena, fifteen minutes would be considered short. Udemy lesson on the other hand, are short–as in very short! Three minutes. Five is considered long.

This makes total sense. I’m not sure of the percentages, but a lot of Udemy students watch their courses on their phones. (I do!) I suspect a lot of them are watching their courses while doing other things. (Working at their jobs, for instance.) Not sure, but it’s important to bite size Udemy lessons.

So, one of the big shifts I had to make was to learn how to get in and get out fast. I was used to talking and just being my normal informative, long winded, but yet entertaining self. With Udemy, I need to keep that flavor, but also get to the point.

When I started, I outlined my course. Here’s my first outline:

— Let’s tour my LinkedIn account

— How LinkedIn Really Works

— 1st, 2nd, 3rd tier connections and everyone else
— In my LinkedIn account I have 4140 first tiers, and over 4 million second tiers
— why that’s important

— Let’s See This On My Account

— “car sales” in 50 mile radius of Atlanta zip code
— I got over 200 hits…why? The size of my first tier connections

— Your big goal as a sales/marketing person on LinkedIn

— Let’s Break This Down Into Steps
— Get Your Profile Written Correctly
— Get A Large Number Of 1st Tier Connections
— Use The Advanced Search Feature And Start Building Targeted Connections
— Have A Strategy For Marketing/Selling To Your Connections

Types Of Accounts


— Premium (Look at the various types)


— Elements Of A Great Profile

— My Profile…online

— The Importance Of Profile Strength…online

— How To Write A Killer LI Summary…powerpoint

Getting Connections

— The Goal Is 500+

— How To Get A Lot Of Connections Fast (Top Linked)

— Misconceptions About Your First Tier Connections (Going Too Narrow)

— More About How LinkedIn Works, How People Decide To Connect And Accept Your Connections

— Using Software Do’s And Don’ts

— Why At First The Type Of Connection Doesn’t Matter

Targeting Markets & Connections

— How To Use The Advanced Search Feature

— How To Build Targeted Connections Geographically And In Industries

— How To Connect And How Many To Connect With Per Day

Messaging and Building Relationships

— Initial messaging

— Do You Need Software & How To Use It

— Getting the lead off of Linkedin

The New Groups Information

Getting The Prospect Off Of LinkedIn

As you can see, my first outline was a little scattered.

In usual “Lee Cole” fashion, I dove in and started creating videos. I figured it would all figure itself out.

Yesterday, I redid my outline. Here’s the new one:

Lecture 1: Introduction

Section 1: How LinkedIn Really Works

Lecture 2: The “Secret” Behind LinkedIn : What you’re going to learn in this section (head shot)

Lecture 3: Let’s Tour My Account (Screenflow)

Lecture 4: How LinkedIn Really Works (powerpoint)

Lecture 4.1: Watch The LinkedIn “Secret” In Action (Screen flow)

Lecture 4.2: How Sales & Marketing Professionals “Kill It” On LinkedIn (powerpoint)

Lecture 5: Conclusion : What You Learned (head shot)

Section Quiz


Section 2: Your Secret Weapon, Your Silent Salesperson, Your Profile

Lecture 6: Your “Silent Salesperson” On LinkedIn (head shot) what you’re going to learn

Lecture 7: Tour Of My Profile & Others (Screen flow)

Lecture 8: Elements Of A Great Profile (Power point)

Lecture 9: How To Write A Killer Profile (Power Point) might put 8 and 9 together

Lecture 10: Conclusion: What You Learned



Section 3: How To Prime The Lead/Sales Machine

Lecture 10.5: Time To Start The Engine (head shot) what you’ll learn and why

Lecture 11: The Magic First 500 (Screen flow)

Lecture 12: How To Connect Manually (Screen flow)

Lecture 13: Connecting With “Big Dogs” Top Linked(Screen Flow)

Lecture 14: Important Misconceptions: Going Too Narrow (screen flow or talking head)

Lecture 15: Your Silent Salesperson Again: How People Decide To Accept Your Connection or Connect With You (head shot)

Lecture 16: Using Software Safely (talking head)

Lecture 17: Section 3 Wrap Up (talking head)



Section 4: Time To Focus On Your Market

Lecture 18: The Foundation Is In: Let’s Rock This Baby! (talking head intro)

Lecture 19: The Advanced Search Feature (screen flow)

Lecture 20: How To Connect, What To Say, How Often To Connect (Power point)

Lecture 21: Section 4 Wrap Up (talking head)



Section 5: Bringing It All Together: Messaging, Finding Leads, Taking Them Off LinkedIn

Lecture 22: It’s All About Eyeballs On Your Silent Salesperson (talking head) intro

Lecture 23: Engagement: Endoring, Congratulating, Profile Viewing, Liking Posts

Lecture 24: Should You Use Software?

Lecture 25: Building Relationships Quickly

Lecture 26: The Bait

Lecture 27: Your Next Move

Lecture 28: Section 5 Wrap Up (head shot)



Course Conclusion

Lecture 29: Now Go Off And Build A Massive Book Of Business! (head shot)

Lecture 30: Groups: Why I Didn’t Include Information About Using Them

Lecture 31: Thank You!

As you can see, it’s a lot more organized!

Today, I’m proceeding on shooting videos. I’ll post one or two so you can see what I’m up to.


My Video Advantage Review

My Video Advantage

Ivana Bosnjak and Hooda Kismet gave me access to their report, My Video Advantage, a few days ago. As usual, I’ve been so busy I wasn’t able to really look at this until early this morning. So you can decide if this is for you or not, let me give you a brief description of what’s inside.

The report is 48 pages. Other than a title page and the legal disclaimer, virtually all of it is step by step content. (In other words, very little fluff.)

Basically, My Video Advantage shows you how to create and rank videos for easy to medium competition keywords. The report was written by Hooda. She’s a young internet marketer who lives in Istanbul.

I thought she did a very good job from an instructional point of view. You know I used to be a math teacher, so I’m hip to how to “splain” stuff. Hooda did a very good job!

Click Here To Read The Sales Letter!

In terms of content and what you’ll learn, most of the report is on a newbie level. By most, I mean about 70%. Hooda correctly starts at the beginning and gives you very clear instructions on how to set up a YouTube channel, how to do keyword research, etc.

If you’re already making good money with video marketing, honestly, you can probably skip this product. If, however, you’re not yet doing well or you’re just getting into video marketing, this would be a good choice for you.

Here’s why.

Even though Hooda begins at the very beginning of how to do things, she gets into quite a bit of more advanced stuff. How to use Hangouts. Thumbnails. And even YouTube cards.

I really liked the off page SEO section. She’s got the normal stuff about how to use social media, etc, but also Hooda has some really great and easy to implement backlinking strategies which actually work. One of these strategies even I hadn’t seen before. So I thought that was cool!

Click Here To Purchase My Video Advantage!

All in all, I thought it was well worth the asking price. (Even though I got a review copy.) Just make sure you read the last half of the report. If you just read the first half, you’ll miss all the good stuff.

Steve Rosenbaum’s First Course Launch Announcement

Steves command big bucks

Steve Rosenbaum and I are working simultaneously on our first Udemy courses. We’re not partnering. We’re both creating our own courses. Just sort of “being there” for each other. Steve’s a little ahead of me. He’s actually turned his first course in to Udemy to get it approved. Once approved, it will be ready to sell.

If you’d like, you can get on the list for a coupon for this course. Just click here and register for the coupon!

My First Test Video

Udemy has a great feature where you take a video and share it in their Facebook group. You join the group when you become an instructor. I took my first lesson and did that. Here’s a video I shot about that process and the feedback I got.

My Challenges With Sound

I am low tech almost to a fault. It’s sort of a point of pride with me. If I can’t do it with tech from Office Depot, I’m not going to do it! (Imagine Shirley Temple stomping at this very moment.)

There are a host of reasons for this.

1. I’m fascinated with off the shelf technology. I’m in love with how technology is both enslaving and freeing humans. Freeing the ones (like me) who are using it to create a new relationship with time, money, and life.

2. I’m a child of the hippie era. Actually slightly younger than that. I have a massive rebellious streak. Good thing too. (See #1 above!)

3. I love communicating. I hate reading instructions. I’m basically a communicator. I make money communicating. Udemy for me is just another way of communicating. I LOVE the fact that normal folks using normal off the shelf stuff can create life changing courses for real people! It’s only been in the past ten years of my life that this entire thing has been possible.

4. I’m cheap as hell! Just ask my wife. I don’t spend money when I don’t have to.

Having said all of that, my son has a rabbit. His name is Pluto. If you’ve never had a rabbit, you just can’t imagine at how much stuff a small rodent like that can chew up. He chews and chews and chews!

He’s gone through seven sets of head phones. I lent my son my most recent set. This morning…gone!

“Gone like a freight train…Gone like yesterday!”

Before I plunged into Udemy, I was just using the embedded mic in my computer. That’s actually not good enough for Udemy quality. So, reluctantly, I want to Office Depot, and bought yet another head set.

I recorded one of my videos. Sent it to Steve Rosenbaum to listen to. He said there was background noise. (I’m pretty sure he’s just got wax in his ears, but I’ll check it out!) Anywho, Steve told me how to fix it. So, I guess I will.

But first I’m going to create a submit a test video to Udemy. The test video can only be about a minute long. It’s supposed to mimic the look, sound, and feel for your real videos. Basically, they want to keep the quality high.

I think I’ll create and submit this next and see if perchance my set up is minimally adequate. If so, I’m forging ahead with my course. (Already got about half of it done!)


Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 Review

I got access to Justin Sardi’s Video Ads Crash Course 2.0. I think, for the money, this is the most complete course on YouTube ads that I’ve seen so far. It starts at the basics and then moves into high level stuff like retargeting. This is perfect for affiliate marketers, cpa marketers, and offliners alike!

Click Here To Read The Sales Letter!

Here’s a graphic I shot from inside the course, which will show you exactly what you’ll learn.

video ads crash course

Here’s my video walk through of the members area: