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100 Client Blueprint Robert Stukes Anthony Devine Review Walkthrough

100 client100 Client Blueprint is one of the best, if not the best, offline training that I’ve seen in quite a while. The product was created by Robert Stukes and Anthony Devine. Both these guys have been selling to local businesses for years now. Robert for over nine years! In 100 Client Blueprint, Robert shows you his complete method for getting offline clients. It’s more than that, though. You learn how to get clients and also what to sell them and how to fulfill the sale. Like I said, it’s a complete system.


I got so excited about this that I did a video walk through of the entire thing. I cover everything that’s in 100 Client Blueprint along with showing you the two possible OTO’s that you might want. Now, just in case you’re wondering, you DO NOT have to have either of the OTO’s. They’re extra! 100 Client Blueprint is complete just as it is.

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Bottom line here, if you’re starting and offline business, or if you’re like me and you already have paying clients, you need to at least consider picking up 100 Client Blueprint! It’s a virtual “business in a box”! (Getting hold of Robert’s tested direct mail letter is worth 20x what you’ll pay for this. Just sayin’!)

2016 Local SEO Checklist By Luther Landro Review Walkthrough

continueSelling SEO has changed a lot over the past four years. Ranking techniques have changed too. I like Luther’s 2016 Local SEO Checklist because it’s up to date! In the video above, I walk you through the members area of both the front end offer and the upgrade. You DO NOT have to have the upgrade to profit from the front end offer! It’s complete in and of itself. Having said that, there’s some really good material there. Watch the video and see if this is something you can profit from in 2016!

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Couple of things I can add to this. If you do get the upgrade, I love the technique Luther’s teaching in that. Other good ways to make money with this are the following:

  1. Use this to rank websites then sell the website to local businesses for big bucks
  2. Use this to rank websites and put lead generation assets on the page. Either email capture of a call tracked phone number
  3. Use this to rank a website as an example, then start contacting businesses and letting them know you can do the same for them.

Home Based Business Success Systems

Build The Home Based Business Of Your Dreams! Quit Failing! Get Focused And Stay Focused!

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I’ve been successfully making money in my own home based businesses for over eight years now. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve coached and mentored hundreds of people to achieve the same success as me, or more!

I was a high school mathematics teacher for a decade. I was stressed out beyond belief, and I wasn’t making nearly enough money. My health was suffering. My marriage was suffering. My kids were suffering. I was literally breaking down in all ways that a person could break down.

I knew in my heart that there had to be a better way. I started learning how to make money online through Internet marketing in 2007. By 2010, I had enough income and experience to go full time, which I did!

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There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who would love to achieve the same level of success. Why don’t they? There are lots of reasons, but in my coaching and mentoring I’ve found that the following are often the culprits: going into the wrong type of business, lack of a clear understanding of how to succeed, not having the skills necessary to make a given type of online business work.

Over the past eight years, I’ve been a successful freelancer, business consultant, affiliate marketer, and network marketer. I know what it takes to achieve success in all four of those wildly different types of businesses. In my new book, Home Based Business Success Systems I break this all down for you. I show you twelve real businesses you can start from your kitchen table with nothing more than a laptop and a wifi connection, some with zero money up front too! I’ve made significant money in all of these areas, and I show you exactly what it will take to make real money in any of these fields.

The big thing that holds people back is lack of believe and lack of focus. Don’t you think you might stay focused if you knew what it was going to take to make a real business work? If you have a real game plan in mind, one that was proven, that you believed in, I’m pretty sure you could make a home based business work for you. Problem is people don’t that realistic expectations of how long these businesses take to get off the ground, the kinds of skills you need for each business, and the work required on your part. In Home Based Business Success Systems I strip away all the “B.S” and show you exactly what it will require to make real money. All you have to do then is start to work, keep your head down, not get distracted and finally build the business you’ve always wanted to.

My wish for you is that you finally start and grow the business you’ve always wanted to. That you build the lifestyle you’ve always desired! Get Home Based Business Success Systems and start today!

It’s The Economy Stupid


The following is an excerpt from my book Home Based Business Escape Plan. If you enjoy what you read here, you can take a look at the book HERE.

“It’s The Economy Stupid

I’m not going to give you a complete rundown on what has happened with the global economy since the 1950’s. If you want a user friendly version of that, I would suggest picking up James Altucher’s book “The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth”. It has a very good synopsis of why things have gotten progressively more difficult economically, no matter what country you live in.

Here’s what I am seeing, though.
It is harder for families to make ends meet now than it was a generation ago. It is much harder to buy a house for instance. Why? A series of housing booms in particular and inflation in general have made the rise in housing prices outstrip rises in wages. Real estate ownership was traditionally the best way for middle class families to create and build wealth. Alas, no longer!

Let me give you some quick statistics on this. From 1950 to 2000, the average cost of a house in the United States divided by the average family income was about 2.2. (With the exception of the late 70s when the ratio was even lower due to extremely high interest rates.) As of 2010, however, that ratio has risen to 3.4! This basically means that on average a house costs 50% more than it has historically for the past half century. The result of this? Well, it’s more difficult for people to get into home ownership, for one. Two, all those people who lost their homes in the recession will have a much harder time getting back into home ownership. And, since people have to live somewhere, rents have risen. It’s the iron law of supply and demand, and it’s not working in the favor of the average American family. The bad news isn’t just in the housing market. It’s systemic!

In my parents’ generation, there was a sort of social contract between employer and employee. No longer. The average stay at a particular job is something like three years now. How is that supposed to build loyalty and trust? Of course, this is not just a problem from the employees’ side. Decades of downsizing and globalization have shattered any good will between corporations and their employees. It is not unusual to get sacked after ten or even twenty years of service to a corporation.

It gets worse!

We are living longer. Yet, most people do not even have savings for retirement. Statistically we are all outliving our retirements. Used to be that you worked somewhere, paid into your retirement account monthly, and when you actually retired, the company took care of you forever. Retirement works differently now. With bank deregulation, Wall Street got their hands on our retirement funds. Today when you outlive your money, you are moving in with your kids. What a depressing end to life.

Couple all of this with the new “Gig” economy (think Uber), rampant unemployment (in the US), families having to piece together part time jobs just to make ends meet, and you are not looking at a rosy future for virtually anyone except the purse holders, government nomenklatura and corporate goons. (Yeah, I am biased!)

If you are trying to play by the old rules, watch out. They do not work any more. What rules work?

You absolutely must learn to do what Dave Ramsey the radio money guru calls learning to “kill it and bring it home yourself”! For me this is what I loosely call the “laptop lifestyle.” I have lived the real version of the laptop lifestyle for over five years now. I am here to report that the water is fine. Better! I have more time. More money. My health is better. My relationships are better! I depend on me and my growing set of skills for my family’s financial future. (Just for complete transparency, I’m a born again Christian. I ultimately depend on the God Almighty of Israel.) And, I am an evangelist about all of this! I’m here to help you escape to a more secure and better life!

Keep reading. I sense a revolution brewing!”

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Don’t Sweat It! The Game Is Rigged!





The following is an excerpt from my new book Home Based Business Escape Plan.

“There’s an overall, systemic problem that’s global in nature, that’s significantly affecting your family’s financial future. I have lived in the United States all my life. And, unless I can convince my wife otherwise, I’ll be here until I die. (I’m trying!) The economic game in the US and elsewhere is rigged! I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything crazy like that, but there is an element of this stuff that I believe is true. The US economy and the economies of many countries are run by central banks. These banks are not governmental entities. At least the Fed isn’t a governmental entity.

Here’s the deal. Economies are run for the benefit of the elite. Think Wall Street. Think political elite, of both parties in the US. Think upper echelons of government. Economies are not run for you and me. We’re more like chickens in a factory farm. We’re just there to provide meat. That is if you play the game they all want you to. You know that game, right? Keep your nose to the grind stone. Go to school. Make good grades. Get a job. Get a credit card. Oh, almost forgot the horrendous student loans! That game! We’ve become well trained wage slaves. Our political/corporate masters control us. Throw us a smidgen of what we used to call the American Dream. We work Monday through Friday. Mow the yard on Saturday. Have the semblance of freedom. The semblance. Actually it’s not freedom at all. They just keep our cages large enough so that we don’t bitch too much.

Yeah, that game!”

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Rep Video JumpStart Q & A

repv_copy 700Rep Video JumpStart is our new training that shows you exactly how to use cold email prospecting techniques to sell reputation videos to local businesses.

Today, I got Nancy on a hangout and we discussed a few questions that people had sent in via support and email.

A few of the questions were:

  1. What’s the difference between Rep Video JumpStart and our previous products about selling videos to businesses?
  2. What are the types of videos you can sell with this method?
  3. More about the particulars about the sales technique, especially the after the sale part.
  4. What niches to target?
  5. And more!…

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You should probably watch the whole thing. It’s good, lively information. If you haven’t bought Rep Video JumpStart yet, you still can.  Just click one of the links on this post to go to the sales page.

Here’s the video:

The Status Quo Ain’t So “Quo”

rampant dissatisfaction


The following is an excerpt from my book Home Based Business Escape Plan. If you enjoy what you read here, you can take a look at the book HERE.

Rampant Dissatisfaction

There’s rampant economic dissatisfaction everywhere you look. People are working more and more hours, but they are still finding it difficult to pay the bills, buy their health insurance, pay their taxes, and live a life that even slightly resembles the “American Dream”. Here’s one reason why. You might think that wages have improved in the United States in the past 40 years. According to an article I read in the Washington Post only a few months ago, if you adjust out the extra hours that people have to work to make ends meet, wages have remained stagnant. Adjusted for inflation, families are making exactly as much in 2014 as they were in 1973.

I read another shocking statistic the other day. 85% of workers hate their jobs. They’re just so afraid of the economy that they don’t do anything about it. They stay at that one job year after year after year grinding it out because they have to make money for either themselves or their families. You might be thinking that that’s just life. That’s what grown ups do. They hunker down, go to their crappy job and bring home the bacon. That in and of itself would be bad enough. The sad truth is this. We live in a part time economy. Even families who have full time employment are working extra jobs just to make ends meet.

Working in this case means trading their time for money. Get that idea down in your gut and think about it! They are trading their time. Their lives. For money! Sounds a little like being trapped. And, they are trapped in the modern economic version of The Matrix. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? Do you want to just swallow the Kool Aid and continue to look at your life through your rose (shit)covered glasses? Or, would you like to take the blue pill and actually see things for what they are?

Warning! You’re not going to like what you see!

Rep Video JumpStart Launch Announcement

repv_copy 700We’re putting the finishing touches on our new training called Rep Video JumpStart. Launching tomorrow, hopefully at 9am eastern. If not then right after lunch. Watch the video below to see exactly what this is and what it can do for you and your business.


What Happened To You?



The following is an excerpt from my book Home Based Business Escape Plan. If you enjoy what you read here, you can take a look at the book HERE.

Your New Life

What does your life look like today? What’s your relationship between time, life, and money? If you’re like most, you have no time, your life is on hold, and you’re a slave to the almighty dollar, pound, yen, euro, or whatever. How’s your health? How’s your relations with your significant other? Your kids? Do you even feel like you have enough money to have kids? (I didn’t for a long time.)

Let’s talk passion. Do you have any? You used to have passion, right? Sure, we all did. What happened to yours? You might say that you grew up. But that’s just a euphemism for saying that your passion got buried underneath paying the bills and trying to “get ahead”. Speaking of getting ahead, how’s that working for you? Before we get into how you can create your own lifestyle business, let’s talk a little more about the world we live in. I want you to have the right mindset before we jump in to how to create a business like mine.

Local Marketing Revolt Review

Local Marketing Revolt Logo

Got access to Guillermo Mata’s Local Marketing Revolt this morning. It rocks! Comes with some really killer new software that finds newly registered businesses. That’s an approach that’s not taught by a lot of offline product creators, but it’s an approach that flat out works. The software isn’t the whole enchilada though! Local Marketing Revolt is very in depth training on everything you need to know to get up and running with offline marketing. It takes you all the way from how to find business clients, how to sell them, what to sell them, how to price, how to deliver the goods, how to get paid. In short, EVERYTHING!

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I did a walk through video of the members area. Check that out and then click on one of these links to buy Local Marketing Revolt.

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