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Domains to Cash Review Walk Through

Tomorrow, Gene Pimentel is launching a really killer “fire sale” product. Domains To Cash! If you don’t know Gene, he’s the real deal when it comes to domaining, and Domains To Cash will teach you what you need to start making real money with buying and selling domains.

I did a complete review walk through video for you so you can see what’s got me so excited!

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Elite Mobile Builder Review And Training

I’m on a mission to help you guys make real money with offline marketing, to really break loose and get that income and life you’ve been dreaming about!

Today I’ve got another very simple method that I’m outlining for you. In the video below, you’ll see exactly how you can quickly find potential clients to sell mobile websites to. Watch the whole video. It takes you all the way from finding leads, to qualifying them, to contacting them (direct mail), to building a state of the art mobile website for them. (I’d charge around $500 to $1000 for this, btw.)

There are some tools I’m using in the training.

Lead Finders/Scrapers:

Lead Finder Local

Local Lead Miner


New State-Of-The-Art Mobile Website Builder:

Elite Mobile Builder

(Even if you already have a mobile builder, you should consider getting this one. I explain why in the video below.)


Here’s The Site To Use To Test The URL’s


Finally, you’re going to need a direct mail letter. I’d screen shot the results of the test (see the video!) and use that to send to the potential client. Here’s a direct mail letter you can use. Use as is or tweak. Just add in your own details!

Click Here to download a sample letter! Also, I’d take a screen shot of the results from Google’s tool and mail that too. Put the sample on top, then the direct mail letter next. Put both in a manila envelope. Hand write the address. Put a real stamp on it. (Not just postmarked at the post office, of whatever your country’s equivalent of this is.)

Finally, look at this training video!


Animated Video Scenes Example

Need a cool foot in the door product to sell to local businesses? Or, you could even set this up and give it away. (I prefer the first option myself.) Anyway, click this next link and you’ll see a very cool squeeze page for a local business with an animated video background!

It took me all of 10 minutes to set this up. I shot a quick video to show you the whole process. All the tools I used, their cost, everything!

Watch this video now!

Here’s what you need to get this going!

  1. LeadPages <== Click here!

  2. Animated Video Scenes <== Click here!

Just re-watch my video to see exactly how to create a cool page like this.

As to how to sell? I’d create one page for each of the videos. That’s 20 pages. Then I’d send prospects links to appropriate pages. If you just did the page for real estate and sent the link to every Realtor in your area, you’d be covered in work! Just sayin’!

I’d charge at least $100 to set this up for someone. Also, if you use LeadPages as I do, you’d want to be an affiliate and make your client sign up using your link. Ditto for the autoresponder. I’d probably use either GetResponse or Aweber for this. You can be an affiliate of either.

Like this whole idea? Please leave a comment below!




Local Niche Domination Sales System Walk Through

Got review access to Local Niche Domination Sales System yesterday. Didn’t really get to look at it until this morning, I’ve been so busy! Now that I’ve looked at the training, all I can say is “Wow”!

Buy NowMike Cooch has partnered with local marketer, Bill Gene, from Billy Gene Is Marketing, and they’ve created some really killer training that shows you Billy’s entire system that he uses to sell a Facebook ad service to local businesses.

This is cool for a bunch of reasons, not the least of which is the fact you can make a lot of money doing this. Also, this is recurring income! There’s a world of prospects out there for this type of service, and very low competition.


I shot a quick walk through of the member’s area for you. You can see that here:

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Also, I downloaded Billy’s introductory video so you can learn more about the man himself!


This guy’s the real deal, as you can see in the video!