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Real Ways To Make Money From Home

I thought I’d share a video I just posted on YouTube. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know all about me. If not. I’ve included a little background. Watch the video, then read below. Also, let me know what you think in the comments.

I’ve been making a very nice living working from home since the summer of 2010. I do a few things. I’m an internet marketer and also a network marketer. I also consult with local businesses.

In addition to all that, I coach and mentor.

I know for a fact that there are millions of people out there who would really love to learn real ways to make money from home. Not hype. Not bs. But stuff that really works.

The fact is there are zillions of ways to make money working for yourself from home. Zillions! The good news is they all work. The bad news is this isn’t a lottery ticket. This is more akin to starting a real business.

Before I quit my day job (mathematics teacher) and went full time doing internet marketing and network marketing, I spent close to four years doing this stuff part time. I made extra money building and selling websites, also as an affiliate for Amazon.

Just like most folks, I bought tons of “how to” products. Spent hundreds of hours trying to make this stuff work. Unlike most folks, I stayed with it long enough to learn how to make a living. I’m glad I did! I used to commute about 45 minutes each way to work (when the traffic behaved). Now, my commute is literally about 4 yards! I’m sitting here right now typing this, wearing a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. My dog is lying on the floor beside me. I don’t know about you, but for me this is superior!

I’ve written a book all about how to create your dream lifestyle and work from home. It’s called Home Based Business Success Systems. That book is currently for sale on Amazon. Or, you can get it for free by clicking one of the links in this description, or by clicking the link in the video.

==>Click Here To Download The Book!<==

Cool beans!

Leave me a comment and let me know how I can help you with this stuff!

Half My Visitors Use Mobile

I was playing around with Google’s display planner this morning. That’s one of the tools in AdWords. Pretty cool stuff! I plugged in the URL to this website, Internet Maverick, and learned some really neat stuff.

  1. Half my visitors use mobile! I thought it would be a large number of visitors, but half? Wow! That might lead me to rethink some things in the future.
  2. Of the visitors who’s gender Google actually knows, half my visitors are male and half are female. I think that’s neat. Judging from Facebook groups I’m in, and ones that I’ve created (where you can actually see people’s pictures), I would have guessed that a large number of my visitors would have been female, but not half. Again, I think that’s very cool!
  3. I can’t tell much about the ages of my visitors. The information isn’t there. Oh well!

Here’s a screen shot of the graphic from display planner.

display planner internet maverick 600


I’d love to know what you think about this! Leave comments below!

Video Traffic Genie Review

Here’s a killer way of using other people’s videos from YouTube to drive traffic to any website.

  1. find a video that’s getting a lot of views, but has a link in it to an expired domain
  2. buy the domain
  3. redirect to wherever

Slick, right? Yep!

I shot you a quick video overview of this, you can watch it below. Also, tomorrow, Joshua Zamora is launching a really cool piece of software that will do all the searching for you. Just enter the keyword and it will give you a list of videos with expired domains associated with them. You just go out and register the domains and bam! Instant traffic!

Enjoy the video!

Tube Traffic Alchemy Review Walk Through

Tube Traffic Alchemy Review Walk Through Including OTOs

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Tube Traffic Alchemy is easily the best training on video affiliate marketing that I’ve seen in quite a while, if not ever! Adam Payne, the creator of this training, is a world class expert when it comes to making money with YouTube and videos. In addition, the methods and skills taught are completely applicable to any video marketing endeavor, whether you’re using this to drive traffic to your own products or even as a business consultant or offline marketer.

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I got access to Tube Traffic Alchemy and the two possible OTOs. So, you can see what this is all about, I shot a video walk through of all three members areas.

You can watch that here:


Effortless Google News Formula Review

effortless google news formula luther landro walk through review 600When I started my own offline business, over five years ago now, I was just interested in making money. That’s a good attitude, by the way! Keeps you focused on the target. I’ve done well for the past several years though with my business, and now my focus is changing to making money in ways that are more passive, more auto-pilot.

Yesterday, Luther Landro released some new training called Effortless Google News Formula. This is a really neat workaround you can use to rank web pages on page 1 of Google pretty easily. Not only that, but it’s a way you can create a niche website that gets a lot of traffic and ranks well without spending a massive amount of time and money backlinking and creating other assets like pbn’s (private blog networks).

Buy Now

Given my focus on passive, auto-pilot income, I’m sure you can see why I was so keen on checking out Luther’s new training!

Well, it didn’t disappoint at all! Luther’s got a brilliant method of creating websites and getting them listed as Google “News” sites. This makes Google give preferential treatment to the content on the site, often ranking it much higher than normal, “non news” content. I love this strategy, and I’m going to be using it both for my gold business and also for local businesses.

I got so excited about this that I even shot a video showing you my entire strategy along with a complete walk through of Luther’s product. It’s a pdf, and I show you the entire table of contents and talk about it so you’ll know if this is for you, or not.

Buy NowYou can take a look at the video here:

In the video I mention a WordPress business directory theme. You can find out more about that, here.

Also, to buy Effortless Google News Formula, just click here!

Selling 101: The Most Common Mistake I See


A few weeks ago, I had a really great support ticket from one of my customers. The ticket, and my answer to it, points out one of the biggest mistakes I see salespeople making, especially folks who want to be offliners, or Internet business consultants. I’m pasting the important parts of the ticket below. Read the question and my response, and see if you can pick out the problem I’m talking about. Below that I’ll tell you more about what I think.

One more thing. Comments are appreciated! 😉

The Question:

I am about to start calling prospecting for mobile apps, what would you point out then. If they have no mobile website, I could start there, but I want to hit the ones with a mobile website as well because that probably shows they are aware of mobile and are more of an early adopter of technologies. I was thinking of saying “I was calling because you do not have a mobile app” but not sure if that is really going to catch their attention like pointing out a problem like crappy reviews, no Google places listing, or not being able to find website on Google.

My Answer:

On the mobile app thing, think about what the app is going to do for them. If it’s not going to solve a problem, there’s no reason for them to buy it from you. Why would anyone spend money needlessly? So, instead of thinking about “apps”, think about what problem the app will solve. This is a classic case of features vs benefits. The app itself is just a feature. No one really cares about your app. They just care about the problem(s) it will solve, which for businesses normally means the money they’ll generate or at least quit loosing. The app is merely a means to an end. Think about the end result. Sell that! So, just for argument’s sake, let’s assume the app will increase their repeat business. DO NOT call and tell them you have an app to sell. Call, instead, and tell them you have a proven solution to creating more revenue per customer.

You also should have some material to send them about your app. Doesn’t have to be fancy. A pdf will suffice. An example app would be great too! So, here’s how this all should go down.

1. Initial call: Hi! I’m Chris! I own a company that helps businesses like yours generate XX% more revenue per customer. Not trying to sell you anything today, just wondering if I could send you some information about me and what I do.

2. Get the info and send the PDF or whatever you have.

3. Follow up

Chris, the PDF needs to read like a short report, but actually have a slight sales push for the app. So, it needs to fulfill the promise that you stated on the phone. You said you can help them create more revenue. You need to prove that with the PDF, or at least substantiate it. The PDF is actually your sales letter. And, what’s so beautiful about this is only the people who are interested will be actually reading it.

Here’s What I Think:

The issue here is confusing features vs. benefits. Features are “product-centric”. Benefits are “buyer-centric”.

Here’s the deal. People buy because they have a need or want. The difference between the two right now is immaterial. How the potential buyer expresses a possible solution to their problem is called a benefit.

So, let’s say you are a 22 year old guy and you want to pick up hot girls. (Lady’s work with me here. I’m a dinosaur!) You determine that a hot car will help you pick up hot girls. You go to the car dealership. What are you looking for? You’re looking for benefits that you think will help you be a babe magnet. Benefits are how the potential buyer sees a possible solution to their problem.

Features are different. Features are aspects of the product, which hopefully will deliver the benefit. So, the car salesman could say that such and such a car will definitely help you pick up hot girls. How it’s going to do that are the features of the car.

So, features support benefits. They prove benefits to the buyer. As a salesperson you need to be able to do the following.

  1. Identify the problem the prospect is trying to solve
  2. State that your product can solve this problem via one or more benefits.
  3. Back that up with features!

Let’s wrap this up by going back to the car example. Let’s say that you think that the type of girls you want to attract will be impressed by speed and a nice throaty sound to the engine. So, speed and that nice throaty sound are the benefits you’re looking for. Attracting girls is the problem to be solved.

How should the salesperson proceed with the sale? Well, if it were me I’d put you in the car go to a nice quite stretch of road and floor it! You’d feel the g’s. You’d be impressed with the speed. Next, I’d just drive around revving up the engine a lot so you could hear it. I would show you that the car had the requisite benefits.

If you needed more information, or proof, I’d start talking about the size of the engine, how the exhaust system was constructed, and all that  jazz. These are features, but they’re only important in sales because they back up and prove the claims that the product has the needed benefits.

As they say in the mob movies…Capiche?

If you want to know more about how to sell, check out one of my latest products, Phone Selling 2016. Most offliners are woefully under trained when it comes to selling. Phone Selling 2016 will solve that problem for you and turn you into a sales ninja!