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YouTube Channel Mastery Review

YouTube Channel Mastery Adam Payne Review Walk Through 650

One of the key skills that all video marketers need is knowing how to set up a profitable YouTube channel. You can make money with this as an affiliate. Also, if you’re an offliner, you can get local businesses to pay you to do this.

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Adam Payne is a well known video marketer and public speaker. Adam’s got a great course all about how to properly set up a money making channel. (Launches June 1, 2016.) I got review access to this a few days ago and shot a review video of the entire members area for you. Watch the video and see if this isn’t something that you need! I know I needed this information!

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Local Client Shark Review

Local Client Shark Pic 650 a

Getting clients is THE single most important part of offline marketing. I mean, it’s almost so obvious that I don’t need to say it, right? If you don’t have clients, it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You’re still going to be broke!

Not only that, but IF you can get clients, you can pretty much make as much money as you want.

Yet, most folks stumble with this critical skill (THE critical skill!) of getting clients!

Want a solution?

Unless you just joined my list, you’ve heard me talk about my friend, Tom Gaddis. Tom’s an offliner. He lives with his family in Maui. Like most people who got into this business, Tom struggled for a while. But then he came up with some very simple ways of getting clients. Now, he’s a pro and makes a very nice living–from paradise, too!

Tom’s just launched a new, video based, training product called Local Client Shark. I just went through Tom’s training, and it rocks!


What I love about Local Client Shark is its simplicity. The skill level needed to do this is very low. Basically, anyone who wants to build a nice offline business can do what Tom’s telling you to do and have success!

If you need more clients, Local Client Shark is just what the doctor ordered! This is a very simple, straight forward method that Tom actually uses in his own business to keep the new clients coming in like clockwork.

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I really like Local Client Shark for a bunch of reasons. The biggest one is that it aligns with my own experience in my own business.

Tom covers everything you need. He takes you all the way from prospecting to the sales proposal.

Take a look at my walk through video below and see if you don’t get as excited about this as I am!

Power Scraper Review Walk Through

The next generation lead scraper is here! It’s called Power Scraper, and it’s awesome! I shot a full YouTube video of me actually using the scraper. Scroll down to watch it. But before you do, let me say a few words about Power Scraper and why I’m so in love with it, and why you’ll probably want to just whip out your credit card and buy it right now!

Note: Make sure you read this whole post before you purchase Power Scraper! I’ve got some really valuable coupons you can use below! 😉

power scraper

Every other lead scraper I’ve ever seen works one of two ways. It either “pretends” it’s a browser who’s done a search (like “dentists Atlanta” or “how to buy gold”), then it spiders through all the search results looking for email addresses and other pertinent information. It takes that info and pops it onto a csv file, which we humans can read and use.

That’s one way that most “last gen” scrapers work. There are a few, however, that plug right into Google’s API. Those generally come back with slightly better results, but they’re very limited. Google caps the number of results returned at 50. So, if you want to create a really humongous list, you’ll have to figure out how to run the same search again and again using slightly different search terms. That’s a pain, if you want to create a really big list of emails for your marketing campaigns.

Power Scraper is completely different. It doesn’t get its results from a Google search, nor does it get its results from Google’s API. It uses social media to find its results, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter and more!

That right there is a huge improvement! Here’s why. Let’s suppose you’re a local business, an auto repair shop, for instance. And, let’s suppose you have a Facebook page. The whole reason you’ve got that Facebook page is so people can find you on Facebook and interact with you, right? Of course! So, the email that you put on your Facebook page (or your LinkedIn profile, of your Google+ profile, etc) is going to be an email that you actually check frequently and are willing to interact through. As opposed to social media emails, many emails that people put on their own sites are “dead” or “deadish” emails. They know they get a ton of spam sent to these emails and because of that they either check them infrequently, or they ignore the emails completely. Heck I do that myself in one of my own businesses!


When you reach out to people and businesses through their social media emails, however, you’re going to get through to them in a way that they’ll react positively to. (As long as your message isn’t junk, of course!)

That right there should be enough for me to wholeheartedly recommend Power Scraper to you, but there’s actually more that you need to know.

If you’re heavy into email marketing (and if you aren’t why aren’t you?), you need to use proxies with your scrapers. Proxies are basically IP addresses that “pretend” to be somewhere else other than where your own machine is. Proxies are important with software like scrapers because they make so many calls out into the Internet. Proxies massively speed up the process and they keep Google from eventually banning your IP address for your software application. (This was a lay person’s explanation. If you’re an IT pro, just fill in the blanks yourself. 🙂 )

Normally you have to purchase proxies. Not so with Power Scraper. It will go out and find its own free proxies and even checks them to make sure they actually work. In the video below, within just a few minutes, you’ll see me use Power Scraper to get over 17k proxies! Didn’t cost me a dime! And, they work great too!

So, that’s yet another aspect of Power Scraper that I just love.

Finally, as you’ll see in the video below, Power Scraper is fast. I mean that thing just runs like a bat out of hell! Watch the video and see if you are not as impressed as I was. I actually stopped it after a couple of minutes, and even then I ended up with several hundred email addresses.

Power Scraper returns to you a business’s or person’s email address and social media page or profile. (According to where it found the email address.) For offline marketers, you can use it to create huge lists that are targeted both locally and by business type. For affiliate marketers the same applies.

Couple more things.

There’s a Pro and a Lite version. Considering the coupons I’ve got below, I’d get the Pro version. There are two differences in the two. One: the Pro version will scrape several more social media sites than the Lite does. Also, with the Pro version, you get a license to use the data for clients and not just for yourself.

Here’s a graphic to that shows you the social media sites each accesses. (Disregard the prices you see there until you read about my coupons.)

power scraper social media sites 650 strike

Okay, so how can you buy this amazing piece of software and save some money?

Fortunately for you the two developers of this software, Mike Jones and Gloria Gunn, are good friends of mine. This software is a new creation of theirs and they’ve only sold it to their own peeps. After that initial sales period, they raised the price.

I asked Mike if we could lower the price to the original sales prices for my folks, and he graciously agreed to.

So, if you purchase this through my link, you can buy the Lite version for its original $47 price, or you can buy the Pro version for its original $67 price. So, for you today, Lite will cost only $47 and Pro will cost only $67.

You’ll need to use a coupon code for this. Just put in the appropriate code when you check out.

Here are the codes:

Coupons for power scraper

lite:    “psl20”

pro:    “psp30”

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If you’ve never used a coupon code through JVZoo before, I’ve got a little explanation below my review video.

Cool beans!

Okay, here’s my review, walk through video I shot of me using and explaining Power Scraper.


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Not sure how to do cold emailing? Watch this video to learn about how I do it!

Here’s links to what I referred to in the video.


Lead Outcome


Q & A

I’ve had a few questions about all of this, so I thought I would answer the main ones here:

1. Are there any oto’s and do I need them? Yes, and no. The first OTO is called Power Funnels. This is excellent, cutting edge training on how to set up funnels so that you get the most out of your emailing campaigns. The second OTO is called Respondingo. That’s an emailer. It’s what you put the emails in. (It’s a lot more than that, but that’s the basics.) You don’t need either one, but you really might want to consider them!

2. Is Power Scraper Mac compatible? No.

3. Will it scrape specific Facebook groups? No. It’s not built to do that. It’s built to get you tens of thousands of targeted emails to cold email to.

4. Does it work in other languages? Yes. I scraped Facebook for “restaurants” in “Sweden” (in Swedish, too! Used Google translate.) and it gave me 5k emails within minutes. I hadn’t even let it completely run, either.

5. Once you get the leads, how do you send out the emails? This takes a little longer answer. Watch the video above to see how I do that myself.


How To Use Coupon Codes With JVZoo

Step 1: Click the buy button on the sales letter.

Step 2: On the next window, you’ll see a field to type in your coupon code. Do that, then hit Apply.

Here’s exactly what you’ll see:

power scraper code instructions

Where To Buy Gold Bullion

In general, there are three ways to buy gold. Not gold backed securities or stocks in gold related companies, like mining companies, but the gold itself! You can buy gold bullion, that is pure gold by the gram, the oz, the kilogram, etc. You can buy gold coins. And, you can even buy gold jewelry.

All three of these have their merits. Let’s talk about this then I’ll tell you how I personally buy gold.

Buying bullion, which is pure gold, is relatively easy. There are a number of reputable companies online that sell gold bullion. Do your homework, as you would if you were buying anything online, but don’t get so freaked out by this that you don’t buy any gold! Right now, in today’s economic climate, it makes sense to own gold as an income and wealth hedge. I wish I had started buying gold years ago. I probably wouldn’t be working now!

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When you buy gold coins, you need to consider the purity of the gold. Not all coins are the same, even though they might seem to be on the surface. Also, you’re going to pay a premium for the fact that it’s a coin. Why? Well, people buy coins both for the metal the coin is made of and for the fact that the coin might become collectible. I’d suggest you do some reading about buying coins before spending a lot of money on them. Amazon is a great resource here. Before I started buying some metals, I read a few books on Amazon.

Buying jewelry is a pretty good idea, in my opinion, but I don’t do it. Why? Well, normally, the gold is alloied with other metals to make it more durable, and to make it less costly. I personally don’t know how to tell the purity of the gold. I should probably learn and then advertise that I buy gold. Why do I say it’s a pretty good idea? Well, when people sell jewelry the normally need money quick. They’re willing to sell the jewelry at a discount. So, this is a way of getting gold at a discount. Like I said, it’s a good idea, but I don’t know enough about it to do it successfully. Perhaps I should learn! 🙂

I personally like to make things really easy for me. I run another business, so if other pursuits like buying gold are too difficult, I won’t do them. I buy gold through a company online called Karatbars. You can click the link on this page and read all about the purity of the gold. Also, I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about storing the gold. And, I can make money in other ways through Karatbars, which increases the amount of gold I can buy.

You can learn more about Karatbars here, or by clicking the banner in this post.

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Real Ways To Make Money From Home For FREE

I’ve been making a full time living from home for six years now. I used to be a high school mathematics teacher. I quit that job in 2010 and started my own  business as an online entrepreneur. Best decision I ever made! I won’t kid you. It was scary stuff! I didn’t just launch out without a plan though. I had been making money online, part-time for three years prior to my exit from teaching. So, I knew a lot about how to do this stuff. What I didn’t know, however, was how incredibly liberating the whole thing would be!

Take today for instance. I haven’t heard an alarm clock in years. So, I woke up with the sun streaming through the window, very naturally just like our aboriginal ancestors did. I have a morning routine, which includes prayer and meditation. So, I did that. My wife wanted me to take her somewhere, which I did, and along the way we shared a cup of coffee at Panera (a chain bakery in the US). After letting her off, I headed home and worked for a few hours. Lunch with my family, then a nice work out came next. Now, I’m here writing this blog post.

Compare that day with my days as a high school teacher. Up before 6am, rushing out the door, fighting traffic, trying to do a very frustrating job, meetings after school, grading to do, leaving school at 6 ish, then fighting traffic again and maybe if I was lucky, I’d get home before seven. I ask you, is that a good way to live? I think not. At least, not for me.

How about  you? Are you searching for a new relationship between your life, your time, and your money? If so, watch my video below! Also, below that, you click the next link and I’ll give you one of my Kindle books for absolute FREE! The book is Home Based Business Success Systems! It’s for sale right now on Amazon, but don’t buy it there. Get it here for gratis! 🙂 This book will show you 12 ways you can make money from home, most of them for absolute free!

Watch this video next!

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How To Buy Gold Bullion

I recently read a really excellent article in Forbes about how to buy gold. Just click that link there and you’ll see it. Basically, here’s the deal. As you might expect, buying gold is fairly simple. You find a reputable company and buy gold from them. You can either buy bullion (pure gold itself) or you can buy coins. There are other ways to invest in gold, like investing in gold mining stock, but these are indirect methods. Here, again, we’re talking about buying the real stuff.

So, you have to find a reputable company to buy from. The buying isn’t difficult. Actually, none of this is hard. Storing it is something you need to think about. I never store gold at home. I’ve got some offshore (perfectly legal), and I’ve got some stored domestically. The only real caveat here is you don’t want to store gold in a bank, or in anything that’s regulated like a bank. The reason is if there’s a bank closure (could happen), you won’t be able to get to your gold. Even if you have it in a safe deposit box, you won’t be able to get it. It’s also my understanding that in certain instances, the government can actually take your assets in safe deposit boxes in bank.

Now, I’m not trying to be alarming or conspiratorial. I’m not a kook. But, all things equal, there are non-bank options for storing stuff that are just as safe as banks, if not more so.

I use a company called Karatbars to buy my gold through. That’s a neat deal. I’m an affiliate of Karatbars. Having said that, Karatbars is free to join and buy gold through. Why Karatbars? Well, it’s LBMA certified gold, for one thing. Also, I get to store some gold in Germany. And, finally, some people are interested in not only buying gold, but in telling others about it and making money that way. This concept is basically a network marketing concept. So, that’s an added income stream.

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If you’re interested in learning more, just click here or click one of my banners in this post. You’ll be taken to a page where you can access a quick video that will explain everything.


I shot a quick video about how to buy gold. Watch it below!

Live Events Blaster Review Walk Through

If you do any video marketing at all, then you should be getting into live streaming! Whether it’s hangouts or live streaming straight into YouTube, live streamed videos rank better than videos you upload yourself.

Basically, you have three options for getting your video into YouTube. You can just upload it. You can have a hangout. Or, you can live stream the video using Wire Cast or a similar service. Right now, for ranking purposes, it seems that the last option is best. But this comes with a price. Setting up the live streaming event of a prerecorded video is a pain in the you know what.

I’ve been wishing lately that someone would just come out with an easy to use piece of software that will do all the live streaming for me. Guess what? They have!

Live Event Blaster


Live Event Blaster does everything for you! It’s super easy! I installed it on my computer and had my own video live streamed straight into my YouTube account within a few minutes.

I highly recommend this piece of software for anyone serious about video marketing, on or offline!

Buy Now

I shot a video walk through of me using the software. Also, towards the end, I give you a complete walk through of the OTOs. (I know most folks like to know about that! 🙂 )

Check out the video below.


Live Events Blaster launched tomorrow, May 6, at 11am eastern. I’ll have links here. Also, if you’re on my list, I’ll email you before that time with links.

The Two Main Things I Do Online

So many people, both on and offline, ask me what I do for a living. It’s really hard to explain to the non-initiated. I basically use the Internet to make money. So, I have one of those “lifestyle” businesses. You know the kind Tim Ferriss talked about in 4-Hour Work Week. I read that book several years ago, and it was a huge inspiration for me. It was a little frustrating though, because I didn’t know how to achieve what I wanted to achieve–a type of freedom.

I basically do three things to make money, but we’re going to talk about two of them. I do what’s called “online marketing”. There’s a ton of ways to do this, and I’m active in only a few of them. Specifically I create what are called information products and sell them to people. In addition to that I am an affiliate marketer. That means I sell other people’s products online and get paid a commission from each sale. So, that’s the main thing I do.

About two years ago now, I realized that I wanted to create more passive income in my life. Basically I wanted to work less and earn more, and that more that I earn I want to be on more of an autopilot basis. This goal got me interested in network marketing, which is totally different from Internet marketing, btw. I was with a couple of companies before I settled on one that really fit my needs and my own goals. Karatbars is that company. Just click the name and  you can learn more.

I shot a video the other day, which I think might give you more information about how I make money online. Check it out below. Also, below that video you’ll see a link where you can pick up my most recent book, Home Based Business Success Systems, for absolute free. (I sell this on Amazon. You’ll get the Kindle file, which you can put in your Kindle reader, for free, if you get it through that link.)

Cool Beans!

Here’s the video, then the link:

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Ways To Invest In Gold

It’s time I talk about gold again. Why? Well, are you keeping up with the global economic news? I’ll write more about that in another post, but for now let’s just say that things are bad and getting worse. I hold very little hope that the US will be able to straighten itself out. We seem to be determined to go the way of Europe in all things, both socially and economically. It’s like we have a crystal ball which will show up how things will end up twenty years from now, and we choose not to pay any attention to it. Well, 42% of the population chooses to. As you can tell, I’m a little negative when it comes to domestic and global economic policy.

So, what does one do? One takes care of oneself!

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Personally, I buy gold. Now, gold isn’t really an investment for me. It’s a hedge. A way to transform my paper money, which is day by day declining in value due to inflation, into real money. Have you seen what’s happening in Venezuela? The money’s worthless, the electricity is spotty, and the grocery store shelves are empty. Is something that extreme going to happen in the US? I don’t really think so. I hope not! Even if it’s just an economic decrepitude that we’re facing, I want to be prepared.


But it’s more. I like owning gold! I like the fact that it’s real. I like the fact that I have some legally parked outside the US. I think it’s smart, and I wish I had started buying gold earlier in my life. Oh well, you can’t make the river flow backwards, can you?

So, how does one buy gold, and what are your options? I shot this short, educational video to walk you through some options.


Here’s the article in Forbes that I referenced.