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Endless Client System Walk Through Review

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When it comes to making money online, especially with making money through offline marketing (selling services and products to local “sticks and bricks” businesses), simple is always better. Look it, offline marketing is basically a very simple business. Local businesses want and need more profit. Well, let’s back that up some. They need more revenue, i.e. more sales to get that profit. That means they either have to sell more to existing customers/clients (always a good idea), or they have to get more customers/clients. With the rising cost of traditional advertising, using the Internet to do this only makes sense.

Earlier today, Cameron Benson gave me access to his new course, Endless Client System.


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I’ve bought Cameron’s stuff for two years now, and I’ve integrated a lot of his simple systems into my own business.

I loved Endless Client System, just as I’ve loved his past trainings!


BECAUSE IT’S SO SIMPLE…and it actually works.



People who try to make offline marketing work often get tied up in knots because there are too many moving pieces. Not so with Cameron’s stuff!

I want to prove to you how incredibly simple this is, so I shot a quick walk through of the members area of Endless Clients System.

Right now, you’ll spend less for this than I spent for lunch today. Not sure how long that early bird price will last. So, get this while you can if you want to learn how real pros make money.

Video Ads Genius Review

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Launches June 26, 9AM Eastern!

I’ve been doing video ads on YouTube ever since they started. I’ll admit, at first I was really really confused about the whole thing. I’m a big YouTube user. My main channel has close to 800 videos on it and over 125,000 views. That’s pretty good for someone who’s not a professional YouTuber! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, you’d think that YouTube ads would have come naturally to me, but noooooo!


I futzed around for quite a while not understanding the platform, spending money, not making money, and generally getting frustrated.

This wasn’t without buying formal training, either! I’ve bought tons of stuff. Some good, most just fair, and some of it was just junk. (Not mentioning any names, btw. That’s unfair.)

So, I was interested, but not necessarily excited when James Knight hit me up on Facebook and gave me review access to his new course, Video Ads Genius. I know James personally. And, I know he’s a quality guy. So, I did at least approach this all with an open mind and open heart.

I’m very glad I did!

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Video Ads Genius is easily the best training I’ve seen to date about how you can use YouTube ads to make a full time living (easily) with internet marketing.

Couple of things…

  1. I loved the teaching style with Video Ads Genius! They assumed nothing, but yet there was plenty of cutting edge stuff that more experienced marketers (like me) can benefit from.
  2. This really is the kind of thing you can use to start making real money online, without spending yourself into the poor house. (Video ads are very inexpensive!)
  3. Finally, if you sell offline services like me, you’ll definitely want to know this stuff. Why just sell a client a video when you can upsell them to a monthly deal managing their videos ads.

Couple more things…

  1. One thing that most video ads courses I’ve seen missed is the details. What kinds of ads? How to you make in-display ads, for instance. I loved the fact that nothing was left out.

Okay, that was just one more thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

As usual, I did a complete video walk through of the members area. (Thanks for the access, James!) Watch this video below and see if this is something you need. I know I needed it!

Watch my video walk through below. Also, if you have questions, please let me know in the comments!

Launches June 26, 9AM Eastern!



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Bay Profits Academy Review

bay profits academy logo



Bay Profits Academy is a very exciting course all about how to do drop shipping using eBay. If you’re not into ecommerce, maybe you should be. Let me tell you why.


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I’ve been doing internet businesses for almost ten years now. I started in ’07. In 2010, I quit my job as a mathematics teacher and went full time. Best decision I ever made.

For those of you who don’t know me, you can read more about me here.

Any internet based business needs the following.

  1. A market, which means people to buy stuff
  2. A product, that is something to sell those people
  3. A way to get the product in front of the right market

Let’s look at all of this in the context of an ecommerce business. In other words, what would it take to get such a business up and running and why is eBay such a great platform!


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Item #1 above is taken care of for you. People naturally search eBay when they want to buy stuff. And, it’s not just used stuff either! There are millions of products that area sold on eBay which are brand new.

As I said in item #3, you need a way to get the right product in front of the right market. Given you have the right product, eBay’s internal search engine does this for you. Contrast this with your own free standing ecommerce site. You have no way of testing if you have the right products before you spend your money buying traffic to send to your site. With eBay, you don’t have to buy the traffic! This is all done for you! All you have to focus in on is finding the right products to sell.

One more thing. You might have heard of Amazon’s FBA program. This is where you buy products and physically take possession of them, then send them to Amazon to be sold. With this drop shipping model I’m talking about, you never have to physically take possession of the product. Heck, you never even buy it before you have it sold! Not only that, the buyer pays you then, you take those funds and go out and buy the product and have it shipped directly to them.

So, you’re making money out of thin air, which is what I personally love to do!

If this interests you (and why wouldn’t it), you can learn all about how to do this with a new training product that’s launching July 2nd, called Bay Profits Academy.

I got access to this a few days ago, and I’ve done a complete walk through of the members area.

Watch this next video and see if Bay Profits Academy is something that you’ll be able to make money out of. I know it is for me!







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