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Outsourcers Bible

Outsourcers Bible Review

I ran across an excellent resource today. It’s called Outsourcer’s Bible and it’s a real time saver!

I’ve been an online and network marketer for six years now. Online I do a lot of stuff, and as you can imagine, I need a lot of technical things taken care of. Stuff like creating graphics for my products, installing websites, creating social media accounts and more!

I used to do this stuff myself, but I soon learned that it was easier and much more profitable to just pay someone to do it for me!

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When Craig Crawford and Art Flair hit me up the other day and asked me to look at his new product, Outsourcer’s Bible, I was intrigued. When I saw inside, I realized how much of a time saver this would be for me. You basically have everything you need at your disposal to find the right outsourcers for the right jobs. No hunting and pecking on various platforms like UpWork. (Which is very time consuming, btw!)

It gets better! Art makes money by reselling other people’s work, and in addition to finding the best outsourcers for you to work with, Outsourcer’s Bible also tells you how to do this!

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Here’s a video walk through I did of the members area, so you can see exactly what this is all about!