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A Day In The Life Of A Professional Internet Marketer

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “internet lifestyle”. What does that conjure up in your head? The standard, cliche image of this, I think, is a hammock on the beach, blue water, gentle waves, white sand. You, a mai-tai, and your laptop just sitting there. You bask in the sunlight, sip your drink and log into your ever growing PayPal account every now and then to watch…its ever growingness! LOL

Well…it’s not quite like that…and actually it’s also pretty much like that.

Now, there are lots of different ways of making money online. Some require more personal, day to day, attention than others.

Here, in a nutshell, is how my IM business works.

1. I sell products and get people on my list.

2. I sell my own products to them, and also affiliate products.

That’s it! It’s really that simple. Simple does not equal easy, btw! 🙂

So, how does this all work? Is it real? Can someone actually make a living like this, or all the “gurus” just blowing smoke.

Here’s a screen shot of one of my affiliate accounts from yesterday.

a day in the life

That’s a normal day for me. Actually, that day I also learned that I had made another $700 by winning an affiliate contest for a product I promoted about a week ago. (I came in first place.)

So, that’s my version of the laptop spewing out money in our imagined scenario above.

The whole beach, hammock thing, however, is not reality for me. I treat my internet marketing business like a job. I sit at my desk the same time each day. I have a lunch break. I will sometimes work after supper. (That’s Southern for dinner. 😉 )

Is this as good as it gets? Nope! I know tons of other folks who make me look like a pauper. I even know a few who do the whole beach, hammock thing. I’m not there yet. I might not ever get there. But I do have a lot of freedom that I didn’t have when I worked a JOB.

How to Create Content

Okay…when you’re talking about blogging, product creation, podcasting, video marketing…any of those and more…you’re basically talking about what we call Content Marketing. You use “content”, ie stuff about stuff, and you put that content in various places on the net. People run into that content and take some sort of action.

I was holding a webinar a few days ago. We were talking about this whole process, which I personally call attraction marketing. Some call it inbound marketing. Some just call it blogging, although today there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes than just what’s going on on the blog…that’s just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Anyway…as I was saying…I was holding a webinar, and we were talking about content, specifically where to get it, how to create it. Then in a private membership site I belong to for product creators, there was a thread about the same idea, only it was expressed as where to get the idea for an info product.

There’s a bunch of ways to do this. But, my favorite “method”, if you will goes something like this.

1. Get really passionate about whatever it is your attraction marketing campaign is about. (If you’re not passionate, you might want to take a look at that.)

2. Consume a lot of content yourself…buy products, read blogs, look at videos, etc.

3. Repurpose the content you consume for your own blog, podcast, video, etc.

Now, by repurpose, I don’t mean copy or rip off or steal. I mean digest, then create more content yourself about that given topic.

Read a bunch of blog posts about something, then put them together in your own words. Look at videos, then make your own. Ditto podcasts. Ditto etc.

The bottom line is for you to really, really, really “get into” your niche. Love it, read it, live it, breathe it. Then start communicating it to others in various ways.

The Importance of Being You!…Online

So, I was teaching about attraction marketing on a webinar last night. This was the first webinar in a four webinar series. Basically, we were talking about an overview of the process.

I used some really excellent attraction marketers as examples. Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and John Chow.

All four of these guys are excellent examples of the power of attraction marketing!

One of the big things I was stressing was this…the importance of you being you online.

Most folks think that the Internet is impersonal. It’s not! It’s deeply personal. It’s really important for you to be truthful, honest, and transparent, if you want to build a killer brand online.

Feel Like You’re Not Making Progress?

Ever feel like you’re not making progress in your IM efforts? I did a hangout today with Neil Johnson, one of my customers. He was having the “analysis paralysis” problem. We discussed this completely, and I think helped him figure out when to take action, and actually when to use his analytical skills.

Enjoy! Also, post a comment, if the spirit moves you! 🙂

Note…we’re having a slight sound issue. Just disregard.

The product Neil is talking about is here. Hot Video Traffic!

Great Place For IM’ers…

My buddy William Murray has created a really cool forum for people who want to learn IM. I’m in there. A bunch of high level marketers are in there. But it’s not just for pros. It’s for anyone at any level. Wish I had had this when I got started years ago.

Just to give you a taste of the type of content in there, here are a couple of recent articles.

An open thank you and the growth of JV Focus this last week


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