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Facebook Has Been Deceiving You!

If you do any kind of Facebook advertising, or if you plan to listen up!

Facebook has been deceiving you.

Here’s why.

Paid advertising works best when you can focus on a small market place. Say, people who live in Atlanta, Ga, who like Cheese and Wine.

If you ran an ad campaign for a business, a high end catering company or something, you’d want this level of control. There’s no sense in people in Denver seeing your ads, right?

But here’s the deal. When you’re targeting these various interests and locations when you set up your Facebook ad, you’re not going to get Atlanta, Ga AND Likes Cheese AND Likes Wine.

You’ll get Atlanta, Ga OR Likes Cheese OR Likes Wine.

Do you see the difference?

How will that difference express itself in your ad campaign?

Well, for one thing, your click through rate will be a lot lower (as in massively lower) and that will result in your cost per click being higher.

There’s a solution, though. And, it’s this!

This is an amazing piece of software called Social Interest Freak. It’s by a friend of mine, Ali Gadit. It runs on Adobe Air and is compatible for both Windows and Mac.

social interest freak

You might remember the previous incarnation of this software called Social Lead Freak. Thousands of people bought Social Lead Freak, and it worked great, until Facebook decided to change their API so that you could no longer pull user ID’s from Facebook groups, etc. (How Lead Freak worked.)

A lot of people made a lot of money both for themselves and clients using Social Lead Freak.

Social Interest Freak is a new and improved version. It’s totally kosher with Facebook, works through their API. And, although it works differently, it will give you the same level of control that Lead Freak gave you.

Okay, I know I said a ton about this, how about a very clear show and tell video?

Just click this link to watch Ali explain how Social Interest Freak works!

So, This Is What Happened To Facebook!

Just a quick email to tell you how Facebook is handling the
https/ssl thing for custom fanpages.

You know at the beginning of the year, FB said they were
going to require that all fanpges that bring in content
from outside Facebook be on a secure https URL. (Like
your online banking.)

Well, Oct 1 arrived, and I checked a few pages that weren’t
secure, and nothing had happened. I got so busy that I
didn’t check every day, but I did look again today.

Now, I know two things

1)Facebook is going to enforce this, and

2) How FB is going to enforce this.

I’ve got a “dummy” page I built to show some stuff to a
client back in the summer. I just looked at it. It’s not
on a https URL, and now, instead of seeing the page, I
see a box that says, “Please Update Your Secure Tab URL.”
When you click on the button in the window, you’re taken
to the page for the app for that particular fanpage.

Nice to know Facebook wasn’t kidding, after all!

It’s also nice to know that there are tons of businesses
out there who’ll need something done to their pages so
that they’re visible again.

I’ve got three reports that will help you out with this.

(Note: this is so important to the FB consulting community,
that I’m sending this to everyone on my list. If you
already have these reports, then mea culpa!)

1) The first report, is my Facebook Fanpage Cheatsheets.
This tells you exactly how to do the “behind the scenes”,
technical work so that a client’s fanpage can be seen
after Oct 1.

You can find out more that that, here:

2) If you want a solution that doesn’t require individual
hosting, ssl certificates, etc, you can find out about
that in this report, Offline Viral Money Machine. Not only
do we give you a phenomenal way to create FB pages that
don’t need all the hoopla, but we also show you an incredible,
viral method of selling these pages to businesses for
big bucks!

You can find out more about that, here:

3) Finally, if you want to know how to go “full tilt boogie”
and create a real offline business doing this stuff, then
let me suggest my report, Prospecting for Facebook Fanpage
Business, here:

Again, if you’ve got all three of these than thank you
very much for being such a great customer!

I’ve got something super big coming out soon, so keep an
eye pealed!

FB Slider Has Launched

My friend, Martin Crumlish, just launched his new
product FBSlider. Martin gave me a sneak preview of this
yesterday. What FBSlider will do for you is let you easily
make Facebook pages. It’s got the code for the Like/Reveal
script already in it. Oh, one more thing that I think
is really cool (because it’s such a pain in the neck to do
yourself) is it removes those blasted scroll bars you sometimes
see on custom Facebook pages.

Click here!

I’ve already bought my copy. And, Martin’s really inexpensive
oto, which you’ll see.

This stuff is going into my personal arsenal, and I’m going
to use it to make thousands more $$! 🙂

Click here!

If you buy through my link, I’ve got a great bonus for you!
So, make sure that after you buy, you send me your PayPal
receipt. A little later today, I think I’ll just put up a
quick web page with a few bonuses you can choose from.
That way, if you already have something, you can get something

Great News About Vanity URL’s for Facebook!

Just a quick update about Facebook. Used to be you had two have 25 likes to get a vanity URL.

Guess what? Now, you can get your URL with any number of likes! Wow! How fast does
This all change!

Also, be on the lookout for my new report coming out in a few days. In this report, you’ll
Learn about a completely killer method for easily creating a significant income–virally!

This is going to a huge game changer for you!

Can’t tell you much more right now, because my jv partner and I are not quite ready to
Let the cat out of the bag. You’ll be the first to know when we launch, however!

Important Changes with Facebook Apps

As I’m sure you’re aware, Facebook is changing a lot of
stuff rapidly.

One thing they’ve changed is in the apps section where you
actually put the URL’s to pages that you’re importing
into Facebook fanpages via iframes.

A lot of you bought my report on this, and also have other
material from other marketers, but this material shows
versions of older interfaces, and unless you spend a lot
of time on Facebook actually doing this stuff the new
interface might be a little hard to navigate.

So, in the interest of keeping you completely informed
about Facebook stuff, I shot a quick Jing video about
how to change the URLs to reflect the https thing.

I used one of my own dummy Facebook pages to show you this,
so you’re looking at the real deal.

Here’s the video:

As always, if you have any questions, comments, etc, that
I can help you with, just reply to this email and let
me know.