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Where To Buy Gold Bullion

In general, there are three ways to buy gold. Not gold backed securities or stocks in gold related companies, like mining companies, but the gold itself! You can buy gold bullion, that is pure gold by the gram, the oz, the kilogram, etc. You can buy gold coins. And, you can even buy gold jewelry.

All three of these have their merits. Let’s talk about this then I’ll tell you how I personally buy gold.

Buying bullion, which is pure gold, is relatively easy. There are a number of reputable companies online that sell gold bullion. Do your homework, as you would if you were buying anything online, but don’t get so freaked out by this that you don’t buy any gold! Right now, in today’s economic climate, it makes sense to own gold as an income and wealth hedge. I wish I had started buying gold years ago. I probably wouldn’t be working now!

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When you buy gold coins, you need to consider the purity of the gold. Not all coins are the same, even though they might seem to be on the surface. Also, you’re going to pay a premium for the fact that it’s a coin. Why? Well, people buy coins both for the metal the coin is made of and for the fact that the coin might become collectible. I’d suggest you do some reading about buying coins before spending a lot of money on them. Amazon is a great resource here. Before I started buying some metals, I read a few books on Amazon.

Buying jewelry is a pretty good idea, in my opinion, but I don’t do it. Why? Well, normally, the gold is alloied with other metals to make it more durable, and to make it less costly. I personally don’t know how to tell the purity of the gold. I should probably learn and then advertise that I buy gold. Why do I say it’s a pretty good idea? Well, when people sell jewelry the normally need money quick. They’re willing to sell the jewelry at a discount. So, this is a way of getting gold at a discount. Like I said, it’s a good idea, but I don’t know enough about it to do it successfully. Perhaps I should learn! 🙂

I personally like to make things really easy for me. I run another business, so if other pursuits like buying gold are too difficult, I won’t do them. I buy gold through a company online called Karatbars. You can click the link on this page and read all about the purity of the gold. Also, I like the fact that I don’t have to worry about storing the gold. And, I can make money in other ways through Karatbars, which increases the amount of gold I can buy.

You can learn more about Karatbars here, or by clicking the banner in this post.

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How To Buy Gold Bullion

I recently read a really excellent article in Forbes about how to buy gold. Just click that link there and you’ll see it. Basically, here’s the deal. As you might expect, buying gold is fairly simple. You find a reputable company and buy gold from them. You can either buy bullion (pure gold itself) or you can buy coins. There are other ways to invest in gold, like investing in gold mining stock, but these are indirect methods. Here, again, we’re talking about buying the real stuff.

So, you have to find a reputable company to buy from. The buying isn’t difficult. Actually, none of this is hard. Storing it is something you need to think about. I never store gold at home. I’ve got some offshore (perfectly legal), and I’ve got some stored domestically. The only real caveat here is you don’t want to store gold in a bank, or in anything that’s regulated like a bank. The reason is if there’s a bank closure (could happen), you won’t be able to get to your gold. Even if you have it in a safe deposit box, you won’t be able to get it. It’s also my understanding that in certain instances, the government can actually take your assets in safe deposit boxes in bank.

Now, I’m not trying to be alarming or conspiratorial. I’m not a kook. But, all things equal, there are non-bank options for storing stuff that are just as safe as banks, if not more so.

I use a company called Karatbars to buy my gold through. That’s a neat deal. I’m an affiliate of Karatbars. Having said that, Karatbars is free to join and buy gold through. Why Karatbars? Well, it’s LBMA certified gold, for one thing. Also, I get to store some gold in Germany. And, finally, some people are interested in not only buying gold, but in telling others about it and making money that way. This concept is basically a network marketing concept. So, that’s an added income stream.

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If you’re interested in learning more, just click here or click one of my banners in this post. You’ll be taken to a page where you can access a quick video that will explain everything.


I shot a quick video about how to buy gold. Watch it below!

Ways To Invest In Gold

It’s time I talk about gold again. Why? Well, are you keeping up with the global economic news? I’ll write more about that in another post, but for now let’s just say that things are bad and getting worse. I hold very little hope that the US will be able to straighten itself out. We seem to be determined to go the way of Europe in all things, both socially and economically. It’s like we have a crystal ball which will show up how things will end up twenty years from now, and we choose not to pay any attention to it. Well, 42% of the population chooses to. As you can tell, I’m a little negative when it comes to domestic and global economic policy.

So, what does one do? One takes care of oneself!

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Personally, I buy gold. Now, gold isn’t really an investment for me. It’s a hedge. A way to transform my paper money, which is day by day declining in value due to inflation, into real money. Have you seen what’s happening in Venezuela? The money’s worthless, the electricity is spotty, and the grocery store shelves are empty. Is something that extreme going to happen in the US? I don’t really think so. I hope not! Even if it’s just an economic decrepitude that we’re facing, I want to be prepared.


But it’s more. I like owning gold! I like the fact that it’s real. I like the fact that I have some legally parked outside the US. I think it’s smart, and I wish I had started buying gold earlier in my life. Oh well, you can’t make the river flow backwards, can you?

So, how does one buy gold, and what are your options? I shot this short, educational video to walk you through some options.


Here’s the article in Forbes that I referenced.

What Jim Cramer From CNBC Says About Investing In Gold

I really liked this article about investing in gold. I thought Jim Cramer got it right, except for one thing. “Normal” individuals can indeed invest in gold. I do! In addition, you can make money by telling others about how to do this. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not! Contact me and I’ll let you know how you can get in on this. Also, I’ve got some resources below for you.


The CNBC article mentioned above.

My video about all of this.

Why You Must Invest In Gold!

bullionThis has nothing to do with internet marketing, and everything to do with your financial future.

Unless you’ve just not been paying attention, you know that the world economy is on shaky ground. Countries like the US and many others are printing money like it’s toilet paper.

Not only that but money itself is a fiction. (Called “fiat” money.) The only value that money has is in relation to the size of the economy and how much “money” is available. So, if the overall economy stays the same size (or grows slowly), and the money supply grows faster, we have inflation. Inflation is basically a devaluation of currency.

This is happening in the US. It’s happening in Europe. It’s really happening in Greece, for instance.

Let me give you an example.

The US dollar today is worth less than a 20th of what it was worth in 1913. 1/20th!

Now, you might be tempted to think that it’s all just relative. If the dollar is worth 1/20th of a 1913 dollar, but average incomes are 20x higher, what’s the big deal?

In a word, it’s called DEBT!

J.P Morgan, the financier, once said something to the effect that only gold is money…all the rest is just credit (debt).

Let me bring this home to you.

Overall, do you think you live better or less well off than your parents and grandparents. Now, to be fair, if you’re the first college educated person in your family, and you got a law degree, and your father was a custodian, then sure, you live better. But with everything staying the same…would you be living better?

When I ask most folks that question, they agree that life is economically harder than it was a generation or two ago.


Well, it’s a lot more complex than I’m making it, but I see a few things that interplay in this. One…average incomes didn’t rise as fast as the value of the dollar fell. Two…most people are in debt, and even if they were making more money, it sure doesn’t feel like it because they have to pay interest.

There’s more.

The havoc that living in a manipulated, unstable economy wrecks!

I know more folks than I can count who still owe more on their houses than it’s worth. And, many, many of them bit the bullet and suffered foreclosure, even bankruptcy.

Do you know how common this is nowadays?

Well, let’s talk about real estate for a second. So, what really happened that lead to the last recession?

Basically, it was this. Easy credit lead to a run up in housing prices. (Easy credit creates more buyers. More buyers create more demand. The market responds by prices going up. Suppy and demand.)

Okay, forget all the politcal who’s at fault stuff. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in what to do about this, for me, my family, and potentially for you.

The way I see it there are a few things that we can do to not only protect ourselves, but thrive.

One is to develop alternative ways of making money. (Internet marketing. Network marketing. Etc.)

Second would be to get out of debt completely.

Third would be to start acquiring real money. REAL money. Not fiat money.

So, you might be thinking, what is real money?

Well, just like J.P. Morgan said, there isn’t but one form of real money…gold!

I started buying gold at the first of the year. I also started turning people onto a system I use to fund my gold buying. I can basically now get gold for free…through the system.

I know that sounds crazy. Like some late night infomercial, but it’s not. Let me explain.

I’m an affiliate for a European company that sells gold to the masses. (Note: you don’t have to already be rich to buy gold! Anyone can do it!) By introducing this concept to others, and by getting a few other folks buying gold in the same way I do, I’ve created yet another income stream for myself. That income stream funds my gold buying.

Basically, I’m building a gold portfolio in an intelligent, purposeful way by teaching others how to do the same thing.

What I’m describing is an exponential concept, which can grow into a large income, with lots of gold, in only a short while!

What would having a nice nest egg of gold do for your financial stability?

Unlike your 401k, inflation isn’t going to eat away at the value of your gold. While everyone else suffers our collective, continuing financial nightmare, you’ll be weathering the storms fine. You’re gold will hold its value. In inflationary times, it will rise in value! All while everyone else’s finances get worse and worse and worse.

Ever walk up a down escalator? That’s how I always felt financially. As I was making more and more, inflation and taxation were eating away at it.

No longer! I’m building a golden safety net between myself and the crazy economic world we live in. Even better, I’m creating an income stream telling others about this idea!

If you’ve read this far, I think I’ve probably hit a nerve! 🙂

Here’s what you need to do.

If you want to know more about what I’m doing, and how it can potentially benefit you, just hit reply to this email and let me know you’re interested.

You and I will talk. If you’re in the US or Canada, then by phone. If not then skype.

This may or may not be for you, but at least you’ll have the information you need to make an intelligent decision for you and your family.

What I’m doing is easy to do. Anyone can do it. You can do it in virtually any country in the world!

If you’re tired of where you are financially, it’s time to do something about it. What I’m doing for myself and my family might easily be the ticket for you!

Just let me know.