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How To Create Perpetual Traffic With Twitter

Cover croppedWe recently launched our artificially intelligent software, Twitter Envy. Twitter Envy basically clones Twitter accounts. So, you can target someone else’s account and use Twitter Envy to, over time, get a lot of the followers of the target account to follow you. Once they’re following you, you can market to them with a variety of means. I’ll put links to everything below, so you can learn more are you read.

So, with Twitter Envy, you can create accounts with followers who are very targeted in a given niche. As an example, let’s say you do business consulting. How would you like to have a very large percentage of the followers of a given city’s Chamber of Commerce Twitter account follow you? I’m assuming you would!

Or…if you’re doing affiliate marketing, you can do the same thing. Let’s say you’re in the muscle building niche. How about over time building an account out of the followers of Yeah…that would be pretty sweet!

Here’s an example of an account that’s probably not even 2 weeks old!

Lee Cole Internet Marketing Screen Shot

I’ve already got close to 600 followers from this account. Now, from my tweets to that account I’ve made $32 and gotten 30 some odd people signed up to my email list.

It gets even better! My entire system is run completely on autopilot! The following. The unfollowing. The tweeting of content. The tweeting of “money tweets” (those that result in sign ups to my email list or of sales of products).



Okay, let’s break this down.


Daily Following, Unfollowing

The first thing I do is run Twitter Envy daily.


Twitter Envy has a continuous mode. You click that and it runs daily at random times. This way it builds your account on autopilot.

So, that takes care of following and unfollowing. And…it’s set and forget!



The next thing I do is tweet content several times per day to that account. Of course, I do this with software. There are a few platforms that do this. HootSuite, TweetAdr, and a few others. I like my own software, Social Post Magic, because it doesn’t leave a footprint like Hootsuite does, and unlike TweetAdr, it can autopost content to Facebook, G+, and LInkedIn too!

Here’s a pic of my set up for Social Post Magic.

tweets from spm

As you can see from the screen shot, Social Post Magic is tweeting 10x per day. Those tweets are all content though. In addition to the content tweets, I have to have “money” tweets. Tweets with links that go to sales letters or squeeze pages.


Money Tweets

So, to do that, I run another instance of Social Post Magic. All this one does is tweet two money tweets per day. This is all randomized and looks very natural, btw!

Here’s a picture of that set up:

tweets from spm for money shots

The bottom line result is this…I’ve got software building my account. Software tweeting content to the account. And, software tweeting tweets that result in me making money.

In other words, what I’ve described to you is a perpetual traffic/money machine. It’s set and forget. I build one. Tweak it. Build another. Tweak that one. Etc.

You can do this too! You can set up as many of these things as you want. (Within the confines of what your licensing says. Our licenses for our software are for two machines.)

So, what do you need to get this rolling?

1. You need a Twitter account.

2. You need something to sell. (Think ClickBank, JVZoo, Amazon. Or heck do this for your local business owner and charge them big bucks.)

3. If you’re smart, you’ll build a list. I use LeadPages for that.

3. You need Twitter Envy if you don’t already have it.

4. I personally use Social Post Magic for my automated content posting.

5. Run Twitter Envy on continuous mode 24/7. Run one instance of Social Post Magic for your content tweets, and a second instance for your money tweets.

Build one, tweak it, get subscribers and sales. Build another, tweak it. Build another…Retire! 😉

One more thing…you might not think that making $30 and getting a few emails over a week or so is that big of a deal. (I know this doesn’t sound like those sales letters you get hit up with that say some 17 year old or 70 year old made $8,923 gazillion dollars in less than 48 hours...and you can, too!)

But seriously! Think about this.

This one twitter account will probably make an average of $50 per month just sending traffic straight to sales letters, and I’ll get emails! So, let’s say just rough figuring that I double the $50 per month. And, this one account generates $100 per month.

Okay, cut that in half just to be conservative.


So, set up 100 of these and I’m making $60k per year…ON TOTAL FREAKING PASSIVE AUTOPILOT! 200 of these and I’m making $120k per year.

That’s the vision I have for this. Hope you catch that vibe!


Become A YouTube Affiliate Marketing Expert!

Personally, in my own businesses, I use YouTube for a bunch of different

1. I have clients who pay me for onling video marketing campaigns

2. I use video in my own product creation business…And…

3. I use video for affiliate marketing

Do I know everything? No!

Do I know how to make money with video? Yes!

This weekend, I had a killer idea!

I know a lot of my peeps would really love to learn how to create passive income streams using video.

We’re talking YouTube videos that link out to affiliate products.

Passive, recurring, repeatable income!

I’ve decided to teach a class all about how to do this.

I shot a quick video for you explaining this whole concept. What the class will be like, when it starts, how much it is.

Just click that link to see the video.

PS: There’s going to be a lot of “secret sauce” in this class. I’m revealing stuff that I personally use, but have never taught! I’m really excited about sharing this with you!

PPS: Classes are Tuesday evenings, 8pm Eastern. Everything will be recorded.

How To Protect Your YouTube Account!

It’s incredibly important that you protect your YouTube account!

Look at this screenshot from within my own account.

screen shot of inside yt acct

You want your Community Guidelines, Copyright Strikes, and Content ID Claims to all be green dots. Why? If they’re not, you’ll lose some very important features of your account, such as your ability to link out from within the video, access to YouTube’s Partner Program and more!

How do you protect your account?

Well, one thing is to read the Community Guidelines and also YouTube’s TOS’s. But, there’s more to it than just that. (You can download a report below that I sold a while back that goes into more detail.)

One really, really important thing is not to use copyrighted material in your videos. That includes images, music, text, other video clips, etc.

A lot of folks get copyright strikes, for instance from the music they use. Just because you downloaded  music from a site that “says” it’s copyright free, or in public domain, doesn’t mean that it actually is!

In many cases, YouTube will flag music automatically! You’ll risk losing access to the features I mentioned, and/or just lose the whole account! (Look it! This can get a whole lot worse! You can actually get sued for using music and other media you had every reason to believe was not copyrighted, but actually was!)

It ain’t worth it!

So, how do you avoid this?

As I said, you want to avoid copyrighted media. As far as music is concerned, I use music that I know for certain is not copyrighted. There are several places to buy music where you get the rights to use it online as you see fit.

This particular product, Prime Audio Tracks, which you see below, is one of my favorites!

prime audio tracksAs I said, you want media you can trust! As far as music, this product, Prime Audio Tracks, is put out by a very trustworthy friend of mine, James Carter.

James is a pro, and is one of the few people I would actually trust for something as important as royalty free music.

My YouTube account is just too important to me to trust just anybody. Not to mention the fact that I studiously avoid lawsuits of any kind. They’re way to stressful and expensive!

To get Prime Audio Tracks, just click the link or the picture, above!


So you can learn more about how to protect your YouTube account, I’m offering you my report, Protect Your YouTube Account, for free! Just click that link and you’ll download a zip file with the report in PDF form inside.

Read that report! And take to heart what it says! I lost a very nice YouTube account a year or so ago. It took some time to figure out why, because I didn’t actually infringe any of the community guidelines or TOS’s of YouTube. I’ve detailed the whole thing in that report, so you can avoid the problem that caused me to lose my whole account!


One Cool Email Trick Nets You 30% More Revenue!

Look it! I’m slow! I’m sure I’m not the only marketer who knows about this, and I’m sure I didn’t “discover” it, and I’m sure that it’s been around for a while.

But for the longest time, this never occurred to me!

So, I’m going to tell it to you.

I live in Atlanta, Ga. That’s Eastern time. Same as New York. London is 5 hours ahead of us. LA is 3 hours behind. So, from London to LA, that’s 8 hours. Specifically, 1/3rd rotation of the globe. (The globe is 24 hours around.)

Now, that 8 hours encompasses a lot of population who might be interested in reading one of my emails and buying a product. But…in the other 16 hours, there’s millions of other people. Many people on my email lists are from the Pacific rim, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand. Many are from India.

They’re from countries outside that 8 hour pizza slice I outlined above.

Now, here’s the deal.

If I send out an email about a launch at 11am Eastern, that’s midnight, thereabouts, in Australia, Singapore, etc. Sure, they’ll get the email, but email marketing being what it is, my email will get buried by other emails, and quite possibly will get missed.

I’ve learned to compensate for this by doing the following. Around 6pm or so at night, I’ll queue up an email for 11pm or midnight that evening to the unopens of my 11am email. This way my promotional email is right there at the top of their inbox for my Pacific rim peeps just before lunchtime, their time.

Here’s the kicker.

I normally make another 20 – 30% in revenue from that extra email! Are these all because of people on the other side of the globe opening up my new email? Surely not! It’s good to hit your list at least twice, not matter where they are for a promotional email.

How To Conduct An Interview For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the whole process of selling another business’s product (or another product creator’s product) and getting a commission for that. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for years, for instance, selling everything from books to gps devices. I’m also an affiliate in the internet marketing, info product  and software space.

A lot of times, especially when dealing with info product creators or software creators, it’s very beneficial to do a recorded interview with the product creator and use that as a pre-sales tool. You can see a couple of interviews I did recently, here and here.

There are a few nuances to doing interviews.

1. You need a platform of some kind. I use both Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar.

Google hangouts are still a little rough around the edges. One thing that makes them easier if my buddy Walt Bayliss’s Hangouts Plugin.

You can get a free trial of GoToWebinar by clicking the banner ad below.

GoToMeeting Free Trial

2. You also need to know how to structure the interview.

Here’s a copy of some comments I made on a post in JVFocus (a paid forum I belong to) about this topic.

Interviewing Cheryl was a treat! She’s a nice, intelligent young lady and a load of fun to talk to. (I said “young lady” not to be condescending, but because I’m probably as old or older than Cheryl’s dad! LOL)

Here’s a tips from the interviewer side that might be of interest.

1. Know why you’re doing the interview. This interview was done to presell Cheryl’s upcoming product to my list and to anyone else looking at the video.

1.5. Although it’s not written in stone, most of my interviews go like this…a) I establish trust in the viewer’s mind. I did this in this interview by talking about Cheryl’s background as a video game design professional. b) Establish the value of the product being sold. I did this by asking Cheryl to outline in enough detail what the product is and what it will do for the buyer. c) Continue to create and solidify trust in the viewer’s mind by being totally up front about things like OTO’s. Having said all of that, I am very aware that I don’t want to give away the proverbial farm. If it’s an info product, I always just gloss over how it works. I make that part general enough so that the viewer gets interested, and not specific enough so that they could just listen to the interview a few times and then not buy the product.

2. There’s a secondary reason I do interviews. Interviews in general position me as a market leader. The way the interview is done helps viewers get to know and trust me. That leads to sales for me down the road.

3. Technical issues. Have a backup. Hangouts are still a little hard to deal with. They’re cool, and I try a hangout first, but if that bombs, I can always fire up GoToWebinar!

4. Sense the mental/emotional state of the interviewee. Most people I interview are slightly nervous, although it never shows to a viewer. Only old dawgs like me, who don’t really give a rip about what anyone thinks any more, can go through this process without feeling a twinge of nerves. It’s important to make the interviewee forget that they’re being interviewed, or at least not focus on that. It’s important that they get to where the interview is really just a conversation between two people who are really excited about something cool. To that end, you need to do some talking before the interview starts. Get the interviewee in a talking grove. Then you just hit “Broadcast” or whatever and continue talking.

I’m finding that for me, interviews work very well in my sales process of affiliate products. They also work very well for me as a content marketer, because they establish and deepen the rapport between me and all the people who run into me online.

I’m also very sure that interviews help the interviewee quite a lot! They presell the product and establish that same rapport between the viewer and the product creator.

Interviews are a really excellent tool for any type of affiliate or content marketer. Start using them! 🙂

How to Delete Unsubscribers in Aweber

Managing your email lists is a key skill for any internet marketer. Some email providers like Aweber, actually charge you for emails, even if that person unsubscribed from your list at some point. Why pay for stuff you’re not using?

I shot this video recently to show you how to delete your unsubscribers from your Aweber account. This way you’ll be paying the minimum for your account!

Get Started Email Marketing With Aweber Right Now!

How To Use Video Interviews For Your Blog Or Other Content

So, you might have guessed it! For me, 2014 is the year of content! When I actually sat down and looked at the past 2 years and all the content I created, videos, webinars, emails, reports, on and on and on and on…I got a sick queasy feeling! At least 1k pages of super high quality stuff! Stuff that could be online and getting long tail traffic from now til the cows come home!

Oh well! Amidst all the mistakes I made, I also made a ton of money! 😉

But, when Jan 1 rolled around, I decided to change all that. This blog, Internet Maverick, is my home now. Everything I do is going to end up here in some shape or form.

So…as a quick gift, let me share with you a really neat video I saw over on John Chow’s blog about how to conduct a video interview.


How To Do A Google Hangout On Air

I’ve always used a lot of video in my online and offline marketing. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts are basically recorded or not recorded video chats that you can do from within your G+ account. Well, “video chat” is a little weak. If you’ve ever used GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting, a Google Hangout will pretty much do what both of those will do.

The first time I did a Google Hangout was really funny! This was supposed to have been a recorded conversation between me and my buddy, Roger Rowe. Roger’s an internet automation specialist, and we were doing a series of hangouts talking all about some of the cool stuff Roger does. (I’ll link to those below.)

The first hangout we did didn’t record. Both of us scratched our heads and wondered why. When you do a hangout, it’s supposed to appear in your YouTube account associated with your G+ account. But, it didn’t. Turns out we had done the wrong sort of hangout.

You can do a hangout, which is really not much more than a video chat, or you can do what’s called a hangout on air. We did the former, thinking we were doing the latter. But next time we got it right and created a whole cool series of talks about the internet, traffic, automation, etc.

Take a look at this screen shot.

how to do a google hangout


If you start your hangout by clicking on the right, you’ll start what’s basically a video chat session that won’t be recorded. If, on the other hand, you want a recorded hangout (called a Hangout On Air), click the link on the left.

There are some other “pitfalls” to hangouts. Google’s interface is not very intuitive. When and how to invite participants (called guests) and people who just want to view the hangout isn’t clear. I talk about that in my videos below.

If you’re interested in hangouts, but don’t want to struggle with Google’s byzantine interface, my buddy Walt Bayliss created a really cool (and inexpensive) plugin, which will simplify things a lot without loosing any of the power of hangouts.

Click here to see a video about Walt’s plugin!

If you just want to “rough it”, I’ve created a couple of videos that will help walk you through the process.





Oh…And, if you want to look at those exciting talks Roger and I did about automation, traffic, etc, just click here.