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Real Ways To Make Money From Home For FREE

I’ve been making a full time living from home for six years now. I used to be a high school mathematics teacher. I quit that job in 2010 and started my own  business as an online entrepreneur. Best decision I ever made! I won’t kid you. It was scary stuff! I didn’t just launch out without a plan though. I had been making money online, part-time for three years prior to my exit from teaching. So, I knew a lot about how to do this stuff. What I didn’t know, however, was how incredibly liberating the whole thing would be!

Take today for instance. I haven’t heard an alarm clock in years. So, I woke up with the sun streaming through the window, very naturally just like our aboriginal ancestors did. I have a morning routine, which includes prayer and meditation. So, I did that. My wife wanted me to take her somewhere, which I did, and along the way we shared a cup of coffee at Panera (a chain bakery in the US). After letting her off, I headed home and worked for a few hours. Lunch with my family, then a nice work out came next. Now, I’m here writing this blog post.

Compare that day with my days as a high school teacher. Up before 6am, rushing out the door, fighting traffic, trying to do a very frustrating job, meetings after school, grading to do, leaving school at 6 ish, then fighting traffic again and maybe if I was lucky, I’d get home before seven. I ask you, is that a good way to live? I think not. At least, not for me.

How about  you? Are you searching for a new relationship between your life, your time, and your money? If so, watch my video below! Also, below that, you click the next link and I’ll give you one of my Kindle books for absolute FREE! The book is Home Based Business Success Systems! It’s for sale right now on Amazon, but don’t buy it there. Get it here for gratis! 🙂 This book will show you 12 ways you can make money from home, most of them for absolute free!

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The Two Main Things I Do Online

So many people, both on and offline, ask me what I do for a living. It’s really hard to explain to the non-initiated. I basically use the Internet to make money. So, I have one of those “lifestyle” businesses. You know the kind Tim Ferriss talked about in 4-Hour Work Week. I read that book several years ago, and it was a huge inspiration for me. It was a little frustrating though, because I didn’t know how to achieve what I wanted to achieve–a type of freedom.

I basically do three things to make money, but we’re going to talk about two of them. I do what’s called “online marketing”. There’s a ton of ways to do this, and I’m active in only a few of them. Specifically I create what are called information products and sell them to people. In addition to that I am an affiliate marketer. That means I sell other people’s products online and get paid a commission from each sale. So, that’s the main thing I do.

About two years ago now, I realized that I wanted to create more passive income in my life. Basically I wanted to work less and earn more, and that more that I earn I want to be on more of an autopilot basis. This goal got me interested in network marketing, which is totally different from Internet marketing, btw. I was with a couple of companies before I settled on one that really fit my needs and my own goals. Karatbars is that company. Just click the name and  you can learn more.

I shot a video the other day, which I think might give you more information about how I make money online. Check it out below. Also, below that video you’ll see a link where you can pick up my most recent book, Home Based Business Success Systems, for absolute free. (I sell this on Amazon. You’ll get the Kindle file, which you can put in your Kindle reader, for free, if you get it through that link.)

Cool Beans!

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