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Three Ways To Repurpose Products


One of the key skills for any internet marketer is recycling content. Also called re-purposing. In this post I’m going to talk about three ways you can repurpose content. This will save you a ton of time and quite frankly make you a ton more money!

So, in order to get into this. Let’s first define this notion of “content”. Then I want to talk about some basic marketing know how. Finally, I’ll show you a few of the ways I use to repurpose content.

What Is Content?

I’m so tempted to say….content is…well…content! But in all fairness that won’t help! Content is what communicates a message. I create and sell information products and software for a living. In the case of info products, content is the message that’s being delivered. So, in a product about how to blog, the form of the content might be short videos, but the content itself would be the steps required to create and grow a blog. Do you see how content is separate from the form that it’s communicated in? I could have just as easily written a PDF with the same content. Or, I could have created an in person presentation with the same content. Same content, different forms. Think of the content as the gift and the form as the box it comes in and the wrapping paper. (Not a complete analogy, btw! But, I’m trying!)


The Part Everyone Misses–Who’s Receiving The Content?

So, content is a message, a communication. In the info marketing works, it’s generally something being taught. Well, if there’s a message, then there’s a sender and receiver of that message. Or at least there’s an intended or theoretical recipient. No need to create content if you live on a desert island and you’re absolutely sure no one ever will find you. (Although, you might just do it anyway to keep from going crazy!)

In marketing terms, the recipient of the message is called the audience or even a collection of prospects for a given offer that you might want to sell. When “normal” people create content, they generally consider only where the content is coming from. Them. When marketers create content, they greatly consider the recipient of the content.

Who is your content designed for? Will they like it? Do they need it? Much more importantly….do they WANT it? (Even I am guilty of creating products that my market needs, but doesn’t necessarily want.) Great content that no one wants is just a waste of time.

Before you create any content, you need to know the following:

  1. Who the content is for
  2. Do they really want the content

Get this part right and you’ll create content that people will trip all over themselves to buy!


3 Ways To Repurpose Content

Now that we’ve got all that straight, let’s talk about how to repurpose content.

So, the content stays the same. It’s the form of the content that gets changed when you repurpose. And, with that it mind it all becomes very easy to do.

Think about what forms content comes in.

  1. A blog post
  2. An in person presentation
  3. A video or series of videos
  4. A webinar
  5. Coaching
  6. Software
  7. Kindle books
  8. Physical books
  9. DVDs

And, on and on and on, right?

Now that you know that it’s just the form of the content you’re creating, you can easily change the form. If you wrote a blog post (like this), then turn it into a video. Or how about an in person presentation. Well, if you’ve got that, then you have a webinar. Hmmm…forgot to mention a podcast. Exactly the same content, different box that it comes in.

So, that’s way more than three, or five, or even seven! Overdelivery baby!

The Power Of Focus

One of the biggest lessons I learned in my seven years of full time internet marketing is the power of focus. Focus does so many things. It keeps you from wasting time. It keeps you making more money per unit time. It also helps keep work from bleeding over into time you should otherwise be doing other things…like exercising, resting, relaxing, and actually talking with other human beings. In this article, I want to explore focus. I’m pretty sure this is one of the seminal lessons I’ve learned so far in my internet marketing journey.

The Cost Of A New Idea

In economics and finance, there’s the idea of “opportunity cost”. Basically, if you choose one thing, the opportunity cost of that is what you could have done with your time or your money.

I found a very good definition for you online.

“The cost of passing up the next best choice when making a decision. For example, if an asset such as capital is used for one purpose, the opportunity cost is the value of the next best purpose the asset could have been used for. Opportunity cost analysis is an important part of a company’s decision-making processes, but is not treated as an actual cost in any financial statement.

That’s a more formal definition of opportunity cost. I tend to think of this is more everyday terms. For me a new opportunity has a certain cost associated with it. Specifically, there’s a learning curve, which leads to lead time before I can make money with the opportunity…if it ever does make money.

Trying new things takes time and effort. It’s not just time, though. It’s emotional effort. Time spent on a new way to make money is often taken away from current projects.

Look at my internet marketing business. It’s simple as all get out! I create products. I sell those products. I use that to build a list, then I sell affiliate products to that list. Simple! So, what happens to this business when I try something new?

Well, the main thing that happens is I take time and emotional effort away from my IM business and put it on the new thing. That might be good, or it might not according to the chances of the new income stream working out. The main problem here is this, though. Most income streams take much, much longer to develop than you’d think, and quite frankly, most never work out. So, while I’m in search of a new income stream, I’m depressing the income I get from my old one. That’s the opportunity cost of trying something new.

After doing this over and over again (stealing time from one income stream in order to try new ones), I finally realized that I’d be better off if I put all my working time and effort on my current income stream (my product creation business) with the idea of getting it to make more money. Only when I maxed out my current business, should I venture into other income streams.

I call this my “go deep” philosophy, and I started that earlier this year. I’m happy to say that it’s paid dividends! I’ve made more money all while working about the same. I’m going to continue to go deep into my current business until I feel like I’ve reached a place of diminishing returns. Given the fact that there are more than one marketer out there who makes seven figures per year, I feel like I’ll be here for a while. (I make solid six figures, but nowhere near seven!)

Bottom line, when you find something that works…go deep!

I’d love to know what you think about all of this. Please feel free to leave comments below!

Also, check out this video I shot all about my realizations about The Power Of Focus!

Offline Software Builds, Ranks: You Profit!

I actually woke up at 4 am and had a totally brilliant idea.

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How You Can Start Making Real Money Online!

If you’re an experienced marketer, you can skip this email. (Unless, of course, like me you’re always up for learning about more simple ways to make money online.)

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Make Easy Money With Graphics! Yes, You!

Okay, if you want the God’s honest truth. I suck at graphics. You should see how I dress! (My 18-year old daughter cringes.)

T-shirt, shorts (weather permitting), some sort of shoes. Matching? What does that mean? 🙂

Yet, there’s a ton of money to be made if you can churn out cool graphics.

Right now, I have to pay people to do this for me. (Ordered another banner on Fiverr today. Do you know how much money I’ve spent on Fiverr just last year? Thousands!)

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And, it’s not only Fiverr. There’s UpWork. And, there are a zillion other platforms. How about the old WarriorForum? Yep, there’s graphics for hire ads there too!

So how can you create the kinds of graphics that guys like me need for our businesses?

If you have Photoshop (expensive) and if you’re good at using it, you can do that.

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Must Have Legal WordPress Plugin!

This will be one of the few emails you ever see from me where I’m NOT talking about making money.

I’m talking about protecting yourself and your business though…which is actually more important!

So, short and sweet, I’m sure you know you need to protect your sites from hacking. But you absolutely have to go farther than that.

You need compliant legal pages on your websites.

Trust me on this. This is super important, no matter how much traffic you get!

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Mark Hess and his partners have just launched a killer WordPress plugin called Legal Suite Pro.

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Okay…next email you see from me, we’ll get back to making money.

Today’s email is about protecting it!

Next Gen Lead Software Mines 7 Different Sources

If you’ve been reading my emails over the past few months, you know that my son is building a domain flipping business.

Things are going very well, but one thing he spends a massive amount of time on is finding leads.

I’ve got quite a few lead finding softwares, and we tried all of those. But for one reason or other all of them fell short.

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Sell More Stuff In 2017…Really! :)

Want to get rolling the right way in 2017?

Learning to figure out what your market wants and selling that to them is the key.

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Amanda Craven has been a professional copywriter and online seller for over ten years.

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Social Email Hack List Special Tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 19, I’m launching my new product, Social Email Hack. There’s on upsell to this, Conversions Maximizer. I’ll be sending my list a link where they can get both for a whopping 75% off the retail price! Watch this video for a full explanation!