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Why Live Streaming Will Take Over The Internet In 2016

Recently, I’ve jumped into live streaming. Periscope mainly. (Follow me at @absolutelee!) I’ve been literally amazed at the results!

Here’s my take on why live streaming is super popular right now, and why it’s not going away any time soon. (More like it’s going to become the mainstay of the Internet.)

The whole internet phenomenon turned the world into a Global community. Gary Vaynerchuck talks about this. How back in his grandparents’ time, it was all about who knew whom. You lived your life in a village. If not in a physical village, then in a sub-section of a city that worked like a village. You bought your groceries where everyone else did. The owner of the store bought his shoes at the same store a lot of his customers did. Everyone knew everyone. If not absolutely everyone, then there was at least a significant overlap in everyone’s acquaintances.

Then post WWII, the population exploded. The baby boom. Cities grew. People bought more cars. The phenomenon of commuting came about. You no longer worked where you shopped. You no longer shopped where you lived. Community was broken. The only commonality was that everyone watched Walter Cronkite at night to get their news. Other than that, there was a diminishing community connection between us.

I remember those days well. I was born right at the end of the baby boom.

Then came the Internet and fairly rapidly the whole community thing has been reborn. Sure it’s different. The people who work in the grocery story (a large chain) where we buy our groceries don’t know me beyond saying hi to me when I walk in. And, my doctor and I don’t frequent the same places, at least not that I know of. But still, out of the Internet, there’s a growing sense of community. Except, we can pick and choose this community. We’re not just geographically thrown in to it.

So, the Internet has brought us closer together and to steal a phrase from Seth Godin, we’ve recreated tribes. Where we once had tribes based on where we lived, we now have tribes mainly based on interests, all made possible through the Internet.

So, it should come as no surprise that live streaming is big and rapidly getting bigger. Live streamed content lets you get up close and personal with people.

I do a regular show on Periscope. Monday through Friday at 9am eastern. (To hook up with me and that show, just follow me on Periscope, @absolutelee.) The show is all about my business life, which is mainly focused on alternative ways of making money online. Internet marketing, network marketing, that sort of thing.

People seem to love my shows! I’m rapidly gaining followers, and attendance is steadily increasing. Here’s part of what’s interesting. My show is at 9am. Sometimes I just woke up at about 8:30 am. (I have a morbid fear of alarm clocks!) What’s cool is I come as I come to the show. I brush my teeth, splash water on my face, get my coffee and boom! Show time!

I’m pretty sure people like the rawness of live streaming. It’s got a certain reality that can’t easily be faked. Like the “village” that Gary Vaynerchuck’s grandparents lived in, they got to see it all, the fights, taking out the wash to hang it up, who just had a baby, who died. Life! Real live unvarnished life!

My live streaming in Periscope (called “scopes” for short) is raw like that. It’s the real me. Not an avatar. Nothing fake. Can’t be faked! Just me sharing close to eight years of online experience.

That’s why live streaming isn’t a flash in the pan. And probably why you need to get with it as fast as you can!

If you want to get rolling with this, I have a new report out called Up Periscope! This report will show you exactly what you need to know to get rolling with live streaming and Periscope.