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Baby Boomers Are On The Cutting Edge Of Alternative Incomes

014cropped138I happily live the reality of multiple streams of income. I’m also in my late fifties. This puts me right at the tail end of the baby boomer generation. When you think of baby boomers, what do you think about? Woodstock? The Vietnam war? Free love? That would be when they were in their 20s. Let’s fast forward a couple of decades. Michael Milken and junk bonds? Making loads of pretend money with skyrocketing housing prices? Or, how about today…401k’s that crashed on the reefs of economic meltdowns? Instead of skyrocketing real estate values, how about owning no real estate at all, because you lost it in the last recession (which is only theoretically over)? And…skyrocketing health care costs and health insurance premiums!

Yep, that’s the trajectory of baby boomers right there. They’re also the first generation of Americans who’s children will fair less well economically than their parents. Not really the fault of their parents, just bad economic timing. Baby boomers have been labeled everything from spoiled, entitled, and self-absorbed to the generation that is heralding in an entire planetary spiritual awakening.

If you’ve lived as long as I have, just like me you witnessed all of what I just talked about. Here’s something about baby boomers that you might not know.

I run a business, and I’m also involved in other methods of making money, like network marketing. My business is all digital. Doesn’t have a physical address. I’ve run it off of a laptop (series of laptops really) for the past five years. I sell how to products that cater to people who want to know how to do things like use social media, or make money with video marketing. I’ve had tens of thousands of buyers of my products over the past five years. Tens of thousands! You might think that these tens of thousands of buyers’ ages would skew young. We’re talking about technology, right…and making money through using technology. So, that’s a young person’s game, right? Wrong! In my last fifties, I’m probably on the younger side of the average age of my buyers.

They’re baby boomers! Baby boomers who in their 20s saw more to life than just nose to the grindstone. Baby boomers who were so close to the golden ring in the 80s only to have greedy Wall Street aligned with power hungry K Street move the goal posts through downsizing and corporate restructuring in the 90s. After the debacle of the last housing crisis, these baby boomers started looking at technology and the Internet as a way to get back on their feet and thrive again. They see possibilities in the Internet that their kids, the millenials have yet to even figure out are there. Baby boomers, that selfish, self-absorbed generation has embraced a whole slew of new ways of making money. The mantra of the smart ones is “multiple streams of income”.

I think this is cool! I’m glad to be a participant! I think these old “farts” rock big time! (Note…I’m almost old enough to be one. 😉 )

Baby boomers have redefined life through every decade they’ve lived through. They’re doing it again. Case in point. I just got off the phone with a guy, 77 years old. Makes his entire living online. Has multiple streams of income. The phone call was between me, 57, this guy at 77, and another guy in his mid sixties. All three of us are conquering a brave new world of money making.

So, what’s the take away? If you’re in this generation, get hip to what other boomers are doing and make it happen. If you’re younger, then watch what your parents are doing. They just might be seeing opportunities that you are too (fill in the blank here yourself) to see!

Get hip! If you don’t know how, hit me up! I’ll tell you how!