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Instant Expert Review

A couple of days ago, I launched my new product that I did with Steve Rosenbaum, called Instant Expert.

Basically Instant Expert shows you exactly what to do to establish yourself as an expert in any niche…fast!

This skill is incredibly important for anyone who wants to sell social media services, offline business services, etc, to businesses and business people. Anything that requires more of a standard selling approach.

Just to make sure that you understand who this is for an who it’s not, I shot a quick video for you.



Digital Client Crash Course Walk Through Review


Digital Client Crash Course is a complete course on how to start and build a digital marketing agency. Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson both know what they’re talking about. They’ve both done this. This is one of the most complete trainings on this subject that I’ve seen to date for the price!

I did a video walk through of the inside of the members area for you. Just watch this next video!

Totally New Offline Lead Gen Method! (NEW FREE Platform!)

Real quick, because I want you to get in on the ground floor on this.

(Click that to see what I’m talking about!)

Getting customers is the hardest part about offline marketing. Well, to get customers, you need to be able to get leads, then have a system you can use to convert those leads into paying customers.

One of the issues with this is a lot of tried and true methods are overcrowded. (Write a quick post on Craigslist and see what I mean! You’ll get overloaded fast!)

I was just previewing a new product called Local Lead Drop. I know both the guys who created this and I trust them completely. (That’s part of why I’m so excited about this!)

Local Lead Drop is a no-fail system for getting high ticket customers for your business…get this…using a lead source that I had never used before.

The Local Lead Drop System flat out works, and they have the proof to back up this claim.

Now…one quick thing you have to be aware of.

When you read the sales letter for Local Lead Drop (click the link above!), they show you some leads for specific services they offer.

Local Lead Drop and the new platform associated with it isn’t just for the types of things they’re showing you on the sales letter. If it’s something offliners want to sell, mobile, video, sms, you name it, then you can get clients using their system.

Just wanted to clear that up!

Cool beans!

I’m encourage you to check out Local Lead Drop today!

Zero Resistance Offline Sales System!

If you don’t know the name, Bob Ross, you probably should. Bob flies under the radar most of the time. He’s a real live, actually makes his living doing this stuff, offliner. But not a ton of folks know about him because he very rarely makes products.

When he does, however, I buy…without even reading the sales letter, I buy!

Bob knows what he’s talking about, and in his new product, Sparkers (yeah odd name), Bob shows you five killer methods from his own business that work like gang busters to get more clients than he can deal with.

(Click that link right there to read all about Sparkers!)

If you want more business in 2017, I’d encourage you to check out Sparkers today!

Get Local Business With This Giveaway!

One of the biggest things that will help local businesses get more business (and you more clients) is by leveraging online directories.

Businesses know they need this, but they don’t know a lot about it. Besides they have a business to run. (Which is why they hire folks like you and me, right!)

Here’s a really cool powerpoint presentation you can give local business owners to get them to hire you to do this type of work.

(Click that link to get the presentation!)

Here’s what you do with this.

1. Pick a niche in your local market

2. Take the presentation and turn it into a pdf

3. Either print it out and hand it out manually or just email it to local businesses

Pros and cons of both methods…

Manually takes more time and more money, but your conversion rate will be THROUGH THE ROOF! (Trust me on this. I’ve done this stuff for close to 10 years now!)

With email you’ll send out more and spend less, but your conversion rate will not be as high.

Your choice!

Whatever you do, just pick one method and do it.

Make 2017 your best year ever!

Simple System To Blow Out 2017!

2016 is gone and 2017 is here. Let’s make 2017 a year to remember for you. One of those years where everything changed!

What would make 2017 a year to remember?

How about a brain dead easy system you can use to get high-ticket clients fast!

(Click that link right now to read all about such a system!)

Local Website Profits is a system for selling new websites to businesses.

Do NOT make the mistake of thinking that all businesses already have up to date, current looking websites.

They don’t!

As a matter of fact, most websites in the local business space suck. (Putting it bluntly!)

Business owners know this and many are trying to find reliable people to sell them a new site.

(New WordPress sites sell anywhere from $1k to $3k! Or more!)

Local Website Profits is a really easy to implement PROVEN system that will get business owners calling you!

No cold calling, no direct mail, no cold email!

You never really even have to speak with them, if you don’t want. You can do all of this through email!

How cool is that!

So, if you want to make 2017 a banner year, get Local Website Profits today!

New Method Lands High-Ticket Clients FAST!

Need clients?

Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned offline consultant, there’s one thing you can’t get enough of…clients!

Paul James just released some killer new training on a super easy client getting method that he uses in his own business.

It’s called his Pay It Forward method. And it lands high-ticket (as in $650 per sale) clients like clockwork.

No cold calling.

No direct mail.

No face to face.

Nothing a brand new newbie can’t do.

You can sell anything at all with this method, too.

Make 2017 your best year ever. Get Paul’s training today and hit the ground running!

Freaking Genius Business Model! (Works for anyone!)

I’m always looking for easy ways to add to my bottom line. If the method is simple, easy, and especially recurring…well, that’s all the better.

Marlon Sanders just released a new training product all about one of the simplest, easiest, and most brilliant home business ideas I’ve ever seen.

(Click that link right there to read all about it.)

This may or may not be for you. I don’t know. I do know, however, that if you’re looking for a brain dead simple business to start, this might easily be it!

Leadora Email Finding Software Walk Through

I emailed my list and also posted a quick post on this blog earlier this morning about a new piece of software called, Leadora.

Leadora finds leads…emails and other information.

I bought Leadora for myself and for my son who uses email marketing to flip domains to local businesses.


This morning I hadn’t had the time to do a complete video walk through, and admittedly the sales letter is a little skimpy when it comes to showing you how it works. So, at the bottom of this post you can find a video of me using the software itself. Hopefully that will answer most of your questions about what it does and how it can benefit your business.

One more thing, then the video.

Right now, Leadora is being sold for an early bird price. Not sure when that’s changing, but if you want to buy it, I’d go ahead and purchase it. The price is very reasonable.

There are two upsells, sometimes called OTOs.

OTO1: This oto, which is remarkably inexpensive, ads a few more lead sources to Leadora. For the money I’d go ahead and pick this up. I bought this myself.

OTO2: This is a developer’s license. I think the deal here is you can actually sell the leads as they come out of Leadora to businesses. I personally didn’t need this. So, I didn’t get it. (Just being transparent.) If you need it, then get it. If not, don’t.

Again, to my mind, OTO1 is a no-brainer. I think everyone should get that. It’s well worth the money. You do NOT have to get it though! Leadora will work great without it. OTO2, however, is a maybe. I’d get it if you think that’s what you want to do (sell the leads). If not, I’d skip it.

Just my two cents!

Okay…here’s my walk through video.


Local Client Shark Review

Local Client Shark Pic 650 a

Getting clients is THE single most important part of offline marketing. I mean, it’s almost so obvious that I don’t need to say it, right? If you don’t have clients, it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You’re still going to be broke!

Not only that, but IF you can get clients, you can pretty much make as much money as you want.

Yet, most folks stumble with this critical skill (THE critical skill!) of getting clients!

Want a solution?

Unless you just joined my list, you’ve heard me talk about my friend, Tom Gaddis. Tom’s an offliner. He lives with his family in Maui. Like most people who got into this business, Tom struggled for a while. But then he came up with some very simple ways of getting clients. Now, he’s a pro and makes a very nice living–from paradise, too!

Tom’s just launched a new, video based, training product called Local Client Shark. I just went through Tom’s training, and it rocks!


What I love about Local Client Shark is its simplicity. The skill level needed to do this is very low. Basically, anyone who wants to build a nice offline business can do what Tom’s telling you to do and have success!

If you need more clients, Local Client Shark is just what the doctor ordered! This is a very simple, straight forward method that Tom actually uses in his own business to keep the new clients coming in like clockwork.

Buy Now

I really like Local Client Shark for a bunch of reasons. The biggest one is that it aligns with my own experience in my own business.

Tom covers everything you need. He takes you all the way from prospecting to the sales proposal.

Take a look at my walk through video below and see if you don’t get as excited about this as I am!