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My Love/Hate Relationship With Outsourcing

I’m going to make this email as short as possible, because
there’s a lot of cool stuff happening today.

Outsourcing! Leverage!

If you’re not using outsourcers to leverage your business,
you’re missing out.

But…outsourcing is certainly yet another level of
complexity for you.

When you really might not be 100% sure that you’ve figured
it out yourself, it’s difficult to outsource. How do you
know the gal or guy you’re paying is doing a good job?

One of the first things I had some pretty good success at
was building and selling websites. At that time, a few
years ago, you could sell a new 5 – 10 page WordPress
site for several hundred dollars.

Moving them to the buyer’s account was always a pain for me.
So, I got on rent-a-coder and found a guy who would do it
for $20.

That was my first real taste of outsourcing, and it worked

Other forays into outsourcing didn’t have as positive
of an outcome.

I basically learned to outsource through trial and error.

It would be nice, however, if you had someone to help you
learn to outsource.

Yesterday, a warrior I know, “ccmusicman” on the forum,
released a wso all about outsourcing.

It’s called “Shoestring Outsourcing,” and it answers one
of the biggest problems about outsourcing, which is how not
to spend too much money!

I’ve had more than one email about this asking me what I

Well, I had bought the wso yesterday, but I hadn’t had time
to really get into it to see what I thought.

Now I have.

I wish I had had this a few years ago. For the m.oney, it’s
a no-brainer.

Check it out! If you’re interested in building a real
business, like an offline business, this is a must buy.

Other stuff:

My buddy, Martin Crumlish, is also coming out with his new
plugin that I told you about. It’s being released at 1pm.

I’m sure you’ve already heard about it from lots of folks,
including me. Martin’s a big deal and comes out with really
great products.

AffPressor is the name. It basically turns keywords in your
text into really cool looking affiliate links.

If you do any sort of affiliate marketing at all (which I
hope you do), then AffPressor is a must.

Why buy through my link?

I’ve written a short report about how to maximize your
use of AffPressor to skyrocket your click through rate.

If you buy through my link, just send email me, and
I’ll send you the report for free. (Include your PayPal
receipt in the email.)

Okay, happy Monday

Check out these reviews of “ShoeString Outsourcing”

I had the chance to review this WSO this weekend and
have to say, it is GOOD…

Rob goes into detail on how you can also hiring people
to work for you and pay they literally peanuts to do the
jobs that you need out sourced…this is super powerful
because it frees up your time giving you more time to
concentrate on the things that you do best…

Looks like WSO of the Day material here my man…



In all of 2011 I have spent more dollars on WSO’s than I
would like to admit…
This one was perhaps the best of them all.
Having read just the bonus book and I can confidently say
that my business will change after THAT information.