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Autopilot Social Media Income–SociChief Review + Coupon!


SociChief is a really easy to use cloud based tool that posts to Facebook profiles, pages, and groups, and also posts to Twitter.

You can post images, text, gifs, videos, or basically anything else (if I missed something 🙂 ). It cloaks links, which is very important if you’re doing affiliate marketing. (Facebook won’t allow links to JVzoo, which are uncloaked, for instance.)

When I review software, I look for two things. 1. Does it do something useful? 2. Is it easy to use? SociChief scores well on both counts.

The price is right too! Click the “Continue” button below to read the sales letter and see how inexpensive SociChief is!

SociChief is perfect for affiliate marketers, social media marketers, and even local business marketers alike!

I did a complete video walk through of SociChief. Watch the video below, then click one of the buttons on this post to read the sales letter!


Your Branding Sucks!

Your branding sucks…or maybe it doesn’t! 🙂

If it doesn’t then congrats. You’re one out of at least a hundred marketers out there who have current, hip looking branding for their business.

Soooo…if you’re in the other 99 out of a hundred (let’s be honest here!), what can you do about it?

Well, let’s start with the basics.

Your website!

Most consultants I see have websites that look like a 14-year old made them in 2011. (Not hating on 14-year olds, btw!)

2011 isn’t hip! This is the Internet for God’s sake! Stuff changes fast!

How are you going to convince someone that you can handle their marketing for them, when your own website looks so dated?

I’m sorry. You may love your website, but dud…it looks like crap! (Unless you’ve changed it in the past year or so.)

If that’s you and if you want an easy fix, check out this new WordPres theme that’s built especially for consultants and businesses.

It’s called WP Lead Pro.

It’s got a great layout. Excellent graphics. Truly mobile optimized. Drag and drop support.

And, it’s built using the latest technology (bootstrap and Redux) <== This is huge, btw! Makes a real difference in look and responsiveness!

Right now, you can get WP Lead Pro for a song!

The developer has been around for years now. He offers great support!

Cool beans!

Get WP Leads Pro today and start making money!

Truly Automated Social Media Marketing!

I do a lot of social media marketing across multiple platforms.

I love it…and I kinda hate it too!

I love it because it works.

I hate it because it takes a lot of time!

One of the biggest time sucks is finding content. The other for me is this, managing the content (posting it) for me.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with software that would solve both these problems.

Guess what? They just did!

SociVideo Jukebox is a new app that finds content and posts it to Facebook and Twitter.

It finds relevant content and posts it. Not only does it do that, but it shuffles the content and reposts it! <== Turns out this is an extremely important thing to do. Been doing this manually for close to a year!

You could post content once a minute…if you want. (Way too much on Facebook, perfect for Twitter.)

SociVideo Jukebox allows you to find, schedule and post videos natively to Facebook. (Natively = the method preferred by Facebook!)

It finds trending content and posts it! <== Perfect for growing a huge twitter following!

It uses RSS feeds to find and post the most popular blog content.

SociVideo Jukebox rocks! If you want to put your Facebook and Twitter marketing on autopilot, this is it!

Outsourcers Bible

Outsourcers Bible Review

I ran across an excellent resource today. It’s called Outsourcer’s Bible and it’s a real time saver!

I’ve been an online and network marketer for six years now. Online I do a lot of stuff, and as you can imagine, I need a lot of technical things taken care of. Stuff like creating graphics for my products, installing websites, creating social media accounts and more!

I used to do this stuff myself, but I soon learned that it was easier and much more profitable to just pay someone to do it for me!

Buy Now

When Craig Crawford and Art Flair hit me up the other day and asked me to look at his new product, Outsourcer’s Bible, I was intrigued. When I saw inside, I realized how much of a time saver this would be for me. You basically have everything you need at your disposal to find the right outsourcers for the right jobs. No hunting and pecking on various platforms like UpWork. (Which is very time consuming, btw!)

It gets better! Art makes money by reselling other people’s work, and in addition to finding the best outsourcers for you to work with, Outsourcer’s Bible also tells you how to do this!

Buy Now

Here’s a video walk through I did of the members area, so you can see exactly what this is all about!


Tube Remarketing Mastery Review

tube remarketing

If you do any type of video marketing, on or offline, you need to listen up! Because I’m about to solve your biggest problem.

First off, what do I think IS your biggest problem?

Well, if you’re like me, it’s NOT getting traffic. There have been tons of courses on that and frankly they all work pretty well. So, if you’ll follow what you’ve been taught traffic normally isn’t an issue.

It’s not traffic, it’s MAKING MONEY!

Doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate or, as I do, you do this stuff for clients. At the end of the day, if you can’t make money, who cares?

The way YouTube works is both a blessing and a curse.

I mentioned that it’s pretty easy to get traffic. That’s the blessing part.

The curse is this…it’s so easy to get distracted and look at yet another video when you’re inside YouTube.

I do this all the time!

I’m on my phone or my computer, looking at one video, then I see other videos to look at, and I look at one after the other after the other.

Most people do that.

YouTube is built to encourage that behavior!

But that behavior doesn’t help marketers like you and me actually make money, does it?

Fortunately, there’s a little known answer to all of this. And this will work both for affiliates and for offline marketers.

Normally, people have to see something several times before they buy. That’s a well-known, “advertising 101” fact!

Turns out YouTube has a remarkable retargeting ability which will let you create custom audiences and remarket to them.

Let me explain.

When someone takes an action, either on a video or on your channel, you can add them automatically to a custom audience list and then remarket to those same folks later on.

I just got access to some killer training by Adam Payne on doing this very thing yesterday.

I had heard of YouTube remarketing, but honestly until I looked at Adam’s training, I didn’t know much about it.

Buy Now

Wow! Was I ever impressed when I looked at Adam’s training! (Not surprising, btw. He’s one of the top YouTube markets I personally know!)

Adam’s training is called Tube Remarketing Mastery and it’s a complete course in YouTube Remarketing. Adam leaves nothing out! He starts with the basic idea of remarketing, then through 15 over-the-shoulder videos, he walks you through the whole thing.

To my mind, this is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in video marketing, on or offline.

It’s one of those courses that I’ll probably have to go through a few times to make sure I learned everything.

Buy Now

You can bet I’m going to be implementing this both for my own affiliate business and for clients.

Right now, Adam’s got this on early bird pricing. I just Facebook messaged him and he said he’s going to hold that price steady for a short amount of time.

So, get in while you can!

Unstoppable Live Profits Review

Unstoppable Live Profits Box

I got access to Unstoppable Live Profits today. It’s launching July 22 at 11am eastern!

I’m a huge believer in the power of live streaming! I’ve been live streaming many of my affiliate videos and also local marketing videos for a few months now. Live streaming rocks! Done right, you can rank stuff very easily with live streaming!

Buy Now

Unstoppable Live Streaming should interest two groups of marketers, both local and affiliate marketers. One of the strategies taught in Unstoppable is ranking local business videos and then flipping those to local businesses. They sell these from $100 to $200 each. Nice strategy! 🙂 In addition to local marketers, affiliates should be very interested in this too. You don’t have to be in the IM space either! Anyone who wants to sell anything with video would benefit from what Unstoppable teaches.



Like I said, I got access to the members are today.

As usual, I shot a complete walk through video for you. You can watch that below!


FB Traffic Enigma Review

FB Traffic Enigma Review

Art Flair and Aiden Corkery gave me review access to their new course, FB Traffic Enigma the other day. Hadn’t really had a chance to look at it until this morning.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much. There have been a ton of Facebook traffic courses out lately, as you can imagine. I’m glad I kept an open mind, though!


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FB Traffic Enigma is all about how to create a group on Facebook and market products to them. I’ve managed large groups on Facebook before. I’ve used groups personally to sell products to. Even I learned a ton from Art and Aiden’s course!

They’ve got this thing down to a science! In their course, FB Traffic Enigma, they have several case studies. I LOVE case studies! I learn more by watching others do and by doing myself than from theory, if you know what I mean. One of the big things that I got out of the case studies was how fast this can all happen! The speed at which you can start making money with a brand new Facebook group!


Buy Now

As usual, I shot a complete walk through video of the members area so you can see what this is all about. Look below to see the video!

Power Mailer Walk Through Review

A lot has changed recently with cold email marketing. Google has announced, for instance, that they are discouraging the use of gmail inside mass emailers. In my own use of cold email through gmail accounts, I’ve watched these accounts burn out faster and faster. (Burn out, in this case, means very poor ability to get the email into the inbox.) It’s completely normal to go through gmail accounts. They do finally burn out, but this seems to be at an increasing pace. The problem is Google doesn’t really want us (marketers) using gmail for mass marketing messages. So, they’re making the use of gmail accounts in mass emailers like SendGrid, MailJet, etc, more and more problematic.

Scroll Down For My Valuable Coupon!

This is not good news for anyone who does cold email marketing, or who wants to do cold email marketing. Cold email marketing done right is one of the best ways to sell products online and especially, if you’re in offline marketing or business consulting, to get new clients. Having a problem with getting your marketing messaged delivered to potential customers and clients is not a good thing!

So, I was very, very happy when my friends and colleagues, Gloria Gunn and Mike Jones, hit me up recently to show me their new cold email application. It’s called Power Mailer. And, it solves this new gmail problem handily!

power mailer header


Next Generation Cold, Mass Emailing Has Arrived!

Power Mailer is “next gen”, email technology. It was designed specifically to get around this growing problem with Google and gmail.

power mailer box

With Power Mailer, you can send out tens of thousands of emails per day, free! You’re not locked into the expense of something like SendGrid of MailJet. Not only that, but Power Mailer is built with what the developer, Mike Jones, calls “rotator technology”.

Mike explained this all to me via a Skype conversation recently and honestly it all got a little complex. I’ll spare you the details of coding. Bottom line is this. Power Mailer elegantly rotates through multiple gmail accounts so that Google doesn’t start decreasing the inboxing of emails coming from your accounts. (Basically, this is what account burn out is all about.)

Not only does Power Mailer rotate through gmail accounts, it also simulates human activity. (It pretends to be a browser!) This stealth technology is truly cutting edge! I could be wrong, but I personally do not know of any emailer on the market right now that has this level of sophistication. At least not one that’s as easily affordable as Power Mailer!




Power Mailer Is Supremely Easy To Use!

You might think with all the power and sophistication that Power Mailer has, that it would be difficult to use. Not so! Using Power Mailer is incredibly easy! It’s basically a four-step process.

power mailer steps

You add your account, enter your gmail account info, import your list of emails to mail to, and then hit Send! Mike’s done a super job of getting all the sophistication in the code and not where the user needs to futz around with it.

To make double sure that even a rank newbie can use Power Mailer, Gloria and Mike have some awesome training inside their members area about cold emailing. You do NOT have to be a professional to use this bad boy. I could give this to one of my kids, have them look at the videos, and they would be able to mail and make instant sales as easily as me!


Buy Now


“But Lee, Where Do I Get The Emails From?”

I know a lot of my readers have scrapers. And, you can use the emails from any scraper with Power Mailer. Having said that, earlier this year, Mike and Gloria released their own scraper, which to my mind is superior to everything else on the market. It’s called Power Scraper. Click Here to read my complete review about it!


Watch Power Mailer In Action!

Here’s an explainer video that Mike made about Power Mailer.


I got review access myself to Power Mailer and made my own walk through video. Click the play button on this next video to see that.


Get My Valuable Coupon!

Luckily for you, I’m good friend with Gloria and Mike. There are two versions of Power Mailer, Lite and Pro. Guess what? You don’t have to decide which one you want! I asked Gloria if we could have a coupon you could use to buy Pro for the price of Lite! 🙂 She graciously agreed to do this!

Buy Now

Right now, if you buy Power Mailer through my link, you can get the Pro version for the cost of the Lite version. To purchase Power Mailer, just click on any of these links or the Buy Now buttons and insert the coupon “pmpro20” where into the correct field upon check out.

This coupon is good for the duration of the counter below. So, if you’re interested in purchasing Power Mailer, please do so while before the counter runs out.

If you’ve never used a coupon before, look at this graphic below. It will show you exactly what to do upon check out.

power mailer coupon instructions


Endless Client System Walk Through Review

Endless client system logo

When it comes to making money online, especially with making money through offline marketing (selling services and products to local “sticks and bricks” businesses), simple is always better. Look it, offline marketing is basically a very simple business. Local businesses want and need more profit. Well, let’s back that up some. They need more revenue, i.e. more sales to get that profit. That means they either have to sell more to existing customers/clients (always a good idea), or they have to get more customers/clients. With the rising cost of traditional advertising, using the Internet to do this only makes sense.

Earlier today, Cameron Benson gave me access to his new course, Endless Client System.


Buy Now

I’ve bought Cameron’s stuff for two years now, and I’ve integrated a lot of his simple systems into my own business.

I loved Endless Client System, just as I’ve loved his past trainings!


BECAUSE IT’S SO SIMPLE…and it actually works.



People who try to make offline marketing work often get tied up in knots because there are too many moving pieces. Not so with Cameron’s stuff!

I want to prove to you how incredibly simple this is, so I shot a quick walk through of the members area of Endless Clients System.

Right now, you’ll spend less for this than I spent for lunch today. Not sure how long that early bird price will last. So, get this while you can if you want to learn how real pros make money.