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Slick SEO Trick You Should Know About!

One of the cornerstones of what we do, both off and online, is SEO.

Let me make sure you understand what I mean by that.

Purposefully manipulating on-page signals and off-page backlinks
so that Google ranks a webpage higher.

This is obviously a “key” skill to have!

But, Google doesn’t want us to be able to do this! That’s part of
what Panda and Penguin were all about. Taking away our power to
get pages ranked.

Recently, I’ve written a few emails about creating and using
extremely high quality backlinks, like with press releases.

Today, I want to talk about another “tip off” that you want to

The crux of this issue is link frequency.

Google wants everything to be “organic”, ie, not purposefully

If you wrote a cool article about a guitar you found in a yard
sale, and a lot of folks picked that up and started linking to
it, what would that look like?

The links would be pretty steady over a period of time, right?

What if something went viral?

Well, you would have a HUGE spike, then it would go to a more
steady state.

But, what we do when we buy links is neither of these patterns.
A human could spot a false link frequencey pattern pretty easily.
I suspect Google already has some pretty slick algorithms that
will spot this with a high degree of accuracy, too!

But, we need to backlink our stuff!

And…now more than ever…we need to make that look “natural”!

A few days ago, a plugin was released on the WF that does just
what I’m talking about. It drip feeds high quality links to your
website on a schedule. Not enough so that Google figures out that
you’re “gaming the system”, but just enough so that over a shortish
amount of time, you build up some pretty massive link juice coming
into your site.

I bought this plugin today. (I’ve had my eye on it for some time,
just hadn’t had time to really look at it.)

My goal is to use this on my growing army of Lead Gen sites that
I’m developing.

Doesn’t have to be Lead Gen, though. That’s just what I’m doing
with it!

Click this to find out more!

Free SEO Lesson

Thought I would just show you how to do something cool today
that you can use to beat up on Google.

SEO’s changing, right?

Panda, Penguin, Pink Fairy Armadillo (Okay, I made that last
one up, although it really is a real animal.)

Forget what’s behind the changes for the moment. (Which BTW is
to force website owners back into AdWords.) Let’s look at what
we can do to still use SEO to keep our websites and our clients’
websites at the top of the heap.

In a word, that happens to be…high-quality backlinks.

But high-quality and automated don’t really go together.

This means high-quality takes time and perhaps money to create.

(You see, Google doesn’t want you creating backlinks to your
own websites or to clients’ websites. They really want all backlinks
to be voluntarily created by the owner of wherever the backlink
resides, without compensation, reciprocation, or any influence by
you whatsoever.)

A week or so ago, I told you about a killer WSO all about press
releases. Press releases are an excellent example of a high-quality
backlink that you can create yourself, although they are somewhat

Another really great way to create very high quality backlinks is
guest posting.

Let’s get clear about what guest posting is.

(I have a running argument with my 13-year old blogging daughter
about what guest posting is. Go figure, right? So, let’s get clear
on this.)

Guest posting is the process of a. finding a blog that’s in a
niche related to your site, b. contacting the owner of the blog
to see if you can put an article on their site with c. a link
back to your site that’s Do Follow and has the right anchor text.

If you guest post on a blog with lots of traffic, you’re not
only likely to create a high PR link back to your web page, but
you’re also likely to get lots of human click throughs to your
site. If that blog has good social media coverage (FB buttons,
G+ buttons), you can get an extra boost from people Likeing, etc,
your guest post.

Some stuff has to happen to guest post right.

Notice this is a two-page “thing”, for lack of a better word.

You don’t want your link to just go to your domain. That’s a
mistake a lot of newbies and folks who just don’t understand
SEO make.

You want your link to go to a page or post on your site that
you would like to rank for a certain keyword phrase.

But, to get the added benefit of real human traffic from the
page you guest posted on, back to your page, you need some reason
for a human to click through. Since most blogs are based on information
about a certain topic, you’ll have to offer more in depth information
on your page than on the guest post. But you can’t let the guest
post be just fluff, otherwise the blog owner won’t publish it.

You can see how this is all a bit cumbersome.

It would be nice if at least part of the process could be automated.

Finding the blogs to post on, for me, has always been a pain
in the neck.

Fortunately, Paul Clifford has just launched a really cool piece
of software called Guest Post Hunter.

This software combs the Internet and finds blogs where you can
guest post. It also tells you if there’s an email, contact form,
Twitter, or Facebook integration on the blog. (This is so you can
contact the owner.)

It’s dirt cheap for what it does!

The next part of the process is to get the content written.

According to how well known the blog you’re posting is, you’ll
need some pretty good content. So, unless you want to write this
yourself, this isn’t a fiverr gig type thing. I personally would
go to Elance and get this done!

The final part of the process is to carefully backlink the guest
post, once it’s published. I would do this with an open link wheel
or two. Also, if you want to get the best bang for your buck,
I would vary the anchor text ever so slightly in the spokes of
the open link wheel.

So, if the keyword phrase on your own site is “Dentists Newark,”
I would have the keyword phrase in the spokes be “Newark Denitsts,”
“Newark Dentist,” “Dentists in Newark.” That sort of thing.

This may be overkill, but this looks much more organic to Google
than just the one phrase all the way through.

Okay, that’s today’s lesson!

Hope you benefited from it!

To learn more about Paul’s software, click here.

Quick SEO Tip

I’m sure you know that SEO is changing rapidly. That’s nothing
new. It always has. If it’s not Google Panda, it’s something

One thing that hasn’t changed about SEO is good content.

Someone asked me the other day if I thought pictures on
blog posts were a good thing.

Good? How about great!

We all know people read differently online than they do
when reading on paper. And, images not only break up the
text online, but they also add some much needed beauty and
interest to the page.

There’s not much worse than a HTML page full of text!

Not only that, but images have been a very stable, yet
still underused resource for on-page SEO optimization
of a site.

But there are a few problems with images, not the least
of which is copyrights.

Besides, the images themselves (alt text, etc) are a pain
to optimize.

Earlier today, I bought a new plugin that I hoped would
solve some of these issues with images.

It’s called WP SEO PIX.

It’s been around for a few months, but has sort of gone
undetected until recently. Don’t know why I missed it.

But, as advertised, it works like gang busters.

It pulls images from Flickr where the photographer has
already agreed to licensing the image for use. That’s one
less thing to worry about.

Another thing I like is it makes the optimization process
much, much easier.

The only “issue” if you can even call it one, is you’ll
need a Flickr api Key. In the video on the download page,
you’re shown how to do this. It’s super easy.

You can learn more about WP SEO PIX, here:

Another, thing. There’s no OTO, no dimesale, nothing
like that. Just a great price for a nice plugin that
can make your life a lot easier.

Don’t take it just from me.

Here are a few comments on the thread:

Awesome plugin indeed and thank you for a great price!
Installed in a second and working perfectly with every
type of keywords, love it!


Your plugin makes it so easy to add pictures.
Makes the post stand out and great for SEO.

Well done.



Nice plugin thanks very much !

Worked right out of the box and fun to use..



I consider myself to be an SEO expert. And, I am. I mean
I get paid to do this stuff and actually achieve
high rankings for real businesses. Not only that, but I’m
a pretty proficient affiliate marketer in my own right.

Having said that, I’m also constantly learning, because
1) you can’t know it all, and 2) Google is constantly
changing. Think about all the Google Panda changes that
have occurred just this year!

I learn by testing. I learn by reading on forums, etc. And
I learn by buying products.

Most of what I buy contains very little that I don’t already
know. But every now and then someone comes up with something
that’s ground breaking.

What I want to tell you about, today, is one of those
ground breaking products.

It’s called Strategic Link Building. And, I’m very impressed.

Here’s the main deal about Strategic Link Building, and why
it’s important for you.

Social Media has changed Google. That’s really what Google
Panda is all about. It’s Google’s acceptance of social media
and the whole idea that a link is not just a link. A link
carries with it relevancy!

SEO is all about knowledge and manipulation. If we understand
what Google wants, we can give it to it (him? her? 🙂 )

In the near past, Google was all about content. Making sure
that the content delivered to G’s users via search was
as close to what the searcher wanted as possible. That’s
still true, but with the advent of social media, G now
has yet another way to get a fix on what’s relevant and
what’s not.

You and I as SEO practitioners have to learn how to game
this system. And, that my friend is what Strategic Link
Building is all about.

You’ll learn more about the whole issue in Peter’s pdf
when you buy the product. But there’s a lot more to this
than just a report.

The content is mainly delivered via a series of quick
videos. The videos are really clear and step you through
everything you need to set up a killer seo campaign for
any type of website, be it for a client or your own.

Without giving too much away, here’s a selection of titles
of a few videos that I found really interesting!

1. How to use Social Profile Builder to Create a List of Available
Networks in Ping.FM

2. How to Setup Google Alerts for Your Announcement
Network Updates

3. How to Use Yahoo Pipes to Combine Multiple RSS Feeds
Into One

4. How to Syndicate Content to PingFM via HootSuite

5. How to Use Graffiti App to Add RSS Feed To FB Page

This is just a selection and in no way gives away anything.
I’m just showing you this, so you see this is not your
grandmama’s seo course.

Yahoo Pipes? I mean it’s something I’ve thought about, was
going to get to, and knew I never had the time to really
figure out. That one video to me was very cool.

There’s more. Much more to this whole thing. And, I don’t
want to tell you too much, because I don’t want to give
the whole concept away.

You can learn more, here:

Just so you know, there’s an OTO. You don’t have to buy it
to make this work for you. It’s basically software that
automates some of the process. I bought it, however. I’m
at the point where I try to either automate or oursouce. I
suggest you get to that point asap, too. But if you’re not,
then the lead product will work fine. If you’re a newbie,
you might just want to stick with the lead product, because
part of this is just learning more details about seo.

Okay, just had to let you know about this.

If you have any questions, etc, just reply to this email.

I’m still going through the product myself, but I’ll be
happy to answer anything I can without, of course, giving
away anything.