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Want To Know More About Periscope? Check Out This Interview Of Me And Donna Merrill!

I’m rocking Periscope! And, I’m getting major traction out of it. If you want to know more about what it is and how I’m using it, check out this really cool interview that Delilah Taylor did of me and Donna Merrill!

Here’s the interview!

How To Find Your Status Updates On LinkedIn

We used to be able to find our past updates. Then LinkedIn removed that capability. As you can imagine, a lot of people were unhappy with that. Now the capability seems to be back. I shot a quick video for you to show you where your status updates are. Enjoy! Also, leave me a comment.

How To Use Memes With LinkedIn


Blogging, updating, and posting comments in various places is one of the big keys to getting noticed on LinkedIn. Whether your goal is to get a job or get new clients for your business, getting noticed is super important.

I logged in to LinkedIn this morning and had 6 people reaching out to me. 5 were messaging me. One was a new contact. Having people notice me and proactively take action to contact me is the way it works for me here. I find new clients for my business, new reps for one of the companies I represent, and new customers for my other business.

None of this would happen if I weren’t putting content out on LinkedIn in a semi-consistent way.

My content used to be just blog posts like this one with videos and updates, which were normally curated content. Recently, I started using memes on LinkedIn.

What’s a meme? Well, there are a lot of definitions, but for me it ‘s a picture that will get your attention with a quote added to it. Also, hopefully a URL of wherever it is you want people to visit next.

At first I was wondering if memes were suitable for LinkedIn. Well, after only a little experimentation, I can tell you that they are…big time! In general, I’m getting 4x the views of my memes than my blog posts or my updates.

That’s huge! 4x!

I shot a video all about this to help you understand exactly what I’m talking about and how you can start doing this yourself.


Instant LinkedIn Consultant Results

So, I did a little experiment with our new software, Instant LinkedIn Consultant. I ran it for the first time on one of my accounts. I set it up to sent out 50 connect requests. Went to the store. Ate supper. Then came back.

Here’s a video walk through of what I saw! This thing flat out works…even when I’m not working!