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Our New Mobile Client Finder Software

MCF software box JPGI’m positive you’ve heard about the changes in Google concerning mobile websites. Basically, it boils down to the fact that search results will be influenced by the mobile friendliness of websites, or lack thereof.

There was a ton of kerfluffle about this leading up to April 21, the date Google is set to strongly consider the mobile aspects of sites in their search results.

Well, as you can see…the world did not end!

As a matter of fact, most business owners have yet to really figure out what’s happening and how (or even if) it affects them.

This is good news!

You see if the whole April 21st, the sky is falling, thing-a-ma-bob had really been the cataclysmic event that you read about in all the emails you got, then really the opportunity to make a lot of money would have flashed by like a meteor in a summer’s night.

So…there wasn’t a cataclysm.

What’s REALLY going to happen is this…

Business owners are going to lose traffic because their websites are not mobile friendly.

Google’s going to force this issue until virtually everyone complies by mobilizing their websites.

This is all going to take a year or more.






Because it’s not a flash in the pan, this my friend is something you can build a real, lasting income with!

To that end, we’ve developed software you can use to do the following…

1. Find business websites that don’t pass Google’s “mobile” test.

2. Create a customized sales report to send to the businesses scraped by our software.

3. Email the freakin’ thing out for you!

It’s all push button!

It’s literally “set and forget”!

This might be one of the most done-for-you, no-brainer money making pieces of software we’ve ever come up with.


Tomorrow at 2pm eastern, we’re having a webinar where we’re going to showcase the software for you.

Just click here to register.

There’s more…much more! You’ll see it all on the webinar.

See you then!


PS: Want a preview? Watch this bad boy in action by clicking the link below!