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Pixo Blaster Review Plus Bonus

Got a review copy of Pixo Blaster today! What a cool piece of software! When you decide to purchase it, click the button below and get all my bonuses!

Now…let’s talk about the software.

First off, what does it do?

Pixo Blaster adds intros and outros to videos. So, you’d take a video that you own, created, or downloaded somehow (use Creative Commons videos only if you want to remain ethical, just my two cents), then you run that video through Pixo Blaster and the software appends a spokesperson video clip to the front, the back, or both.

The video clips are all pre-done and inside the software. (Watch the walk through below to see what I mean.) This isn’t one of those “roboty” sounding things where you type in the text and it creates the speech. The spokespeople are professional actors (both sexes) who read a targeted script. (We’ll get into the targeted part in a sec.)

That fact that you get clips of real people talking (in both a US and a UK voiceover) is cool and definitely a huge plus.

There are a few drawbacks, and I’ll get to those near the end of this post.

Other pluses are this…you can reuse your own videos. So, let’s say you have a video like the one I used in my walk through, a review video of something. You want to cover more keywords, so you just take that video, run it through Pixo Blaster, append an intro, and voila! You have another video that you easily created out of an existing video. Upload that, optimize it, and you’re covering another keyword.

Finally, as you’ll see in my review video, the software is very easy to use. You either use a video on your own computer, or you can just insert the URL of a video on YouTube and use that. I personally suggest you either own the videos you use or at least just use videos where you have the rights (creative commons) to use the video. Having said that, I suspect you could use any video. Not that I would personally.

Watch the video walk through, then I’ll share with you a couple more things. 1: the niches available and 2: how I personally would use this software in my marketing efforts.

Watch the walk through below:


So, what niches are available? Let’s divide that into Intro and Outro clips.

Intro clip niches:

I’m dividing these into “on” and “offline” niches. There’s some overlap. There is more than one clip per niche, too!



General YouTube
WarriorPlus affiliate
General video
JVZoo affiliate
Email marketing
Make Money Online
Work From Home
Fitness, weight loss


Real estate services
Event managing/planning
Event tickets
Business consulting
Credit repair
Funeral arrangements
Private investigator
Lead generation
Property leasing
Legal services
Various music lessons
Dog training
Various types of IT stuff
Home repair
Furniture repair
Pest removal
Furniture restoration
Garden care
Tree services
Home building
Septic repair
Going green
Water damage
Auto mechanic
Wedding planning
Heating and Air
Floor installation and repair
Pool maintenance
Generalized services (fits any other niche!)
Doctor (lots of specialties, plus generalized)
House cleaning
Audio/Video systems
Musicians and Artists


Those are the intros, the outros area all general calls to action, as well they should be.


Finally, how to use this!

There are generally two approaches to video marketing. One’s more of a long tail approach. Create a channel, upload a ton of videos all optimized for various keywords. Seek to rank them. Each video might not get that much traffic, but together they get a ton of traffic.

Pixo Blaster is more suited for this type of video marketing.

The other general approach is to create high quality videos either as production value (expensive to create) or in terms of content. What I do with my own channel is more this approach. I’ve got over 800 videos of me actually talking to the camera or over the shoulder stuff. (Hopefully with tons of great info too!)

Both approaches are valid, but I don’t personally see Pixo Blaster being of much use for the second method I just described.

Your cal!

Leave me a comment if this helped you out!



How To Get Started…Or ReStarted…With Offline Marketing!

It’s Spring! (At least in the northern hemisphere!) For my peeps in OZ and thereabouts, it’s fall, which is good, too! 🙂

Here in Atlanta, Ga, though, it’s spring. And that means renewal, restart! A perfect time to revamp and get things rolling again.

To that end, I want to tell you about a killer product my friend Amanda Craven is launching in just a few minutes…and…I want to tell you about a webinar I’m hosting.

First Amanda’s launch.

It’s called Business Blast Off.

Basically this is everything you need to get an offline business off the ground and up and running fast!

Let me explain…

People get stopped in offline in two main ways. 1. They just don’t have the basic infrastructure in place to start a consulting business (stuff like legal forms, stationary, logos, marketing materials for themselves, etc.

And…2. They don’t know how to get clients!

Today, I’m solving both those problems for you!

Problem 1: What I Call The Infrastructure…Amanda’s product, Business Blast Off, solves this problem nicely!

For a modest price, you’ll get all the templates, letters, forms, documents, planners, graphics, brochures, postcards, flyers, proposals, legal documents, and training guides that you need to get rolling fast…and look like a real pro right off the bat!

Just so you know, Amanda’s a professional freelancer. Has been for years! She’s also worked professionally in some really top flight marketing agencies in the UK. What she’s providing to you in this WSO is professional grade stuff!

So, that solves problem number 1…looking like a pro.

Now, let’s solve problem number 2…getting clients!

Here’s the deal…

If you buy Amanda’s Business Blast Off through my link, as a bonus, you get an invite to a webinar I’m hosting on Saturday, April 19th at 3pm eastern. (Recorded, if you can’t be there.) On this webinar, I’m going to show you exactly how to get clients fast!

Four years ago, the very first day I was a full-time offliner, I walked out of my first client’s place of business with an $800 check in my hand.

I’ve been doing this with great regularity ever since!

More importantly, I can teach you how to do this too!

Don’t believe me on that?

Check out this unsolicited testimonial I got a few weeks ago…

The real reason for this email Lee is to let you know how excited I am. I have my first client! I took your advice from one of your trainings of how to sell mobile websites. I walked in and asked “is this your website?” Next thing I knew is I had a client! That sounds so basic but it works. I raised a lot of eyebrows using those four words. I’m not afraid anymore. I know I can do this. Taking action really does work. Thanks Lee for the value you bring to your students.

Yep, my stuff flat out works…when you work it!

So, if you want to start an offline business, or even re-energize your current business, buy Amanda’s Business Blast Off through my link so you can get on this webinar with me.

I’m holding nothing back! Bring a pencil and paper, and be prepared to learn how the pros actually do this stuff!

Facebook Fanpages Update

You bought my Facebook Fanpage CheatSheets a while back.

Facebook has made a few changes in the way the app works, and
I wanted to show you a few things. Actually, they’ve made
this all a little easier.

I shot a quick video stepping you through this. You can
see that, here:

Also, as a reference, I made a short pdf about all of this
Hope this helps keep you up to speed with Facebook.

One more thing…my jv partner, AJ, and I are coming out
with a new wso very shortly. Don’t want to let the cat
out of the bag, too much, but let’s just say it’s going to
rock! This is aimed at Offliners and involves easier ways
to get business.

I’m coming out with another wso in a few days, which is not
in the Offline space, but is aimed at a really easy way you
can leverage the WarriorForum to create a nice stream of
passive (or near passive) income for yourself.

So, be on the look out for these two coming very soon.

Easy Way to Get Business!

We all know that Offline Marketing offers you the fastest
and easiest way to make m.oney with your online skills.
The only real issue is how to find the business.

There are tons of ways to do this, cold calling, direct
mail, etc. One of the simplest, and probably cheapest is
to just go to businesses and hand out flyers.

For real! If that sounds a little too unsophisticated,
then…well I guess it is, but it actually works quite
well. Here’s why.

1. By handing out flyers you present yourself in a very
non-confrontational way.

2. If you’re not naturally a “salesy” person, then having
the flyer to refer to is a great ice breaker.

3. If you really would rather hide behind your computer
instead of being in front of the prospective client, then
you can always hand out your flyers after business hours.

4. Once you make a little money with this, you can funnel
that back into your business, get on Craigslist, and find
others who are willing to hand out the flyers for you.

So, bottom line…this works. The only deal is designing
the flyer.

Fortunately, that’s already been done for you.

A Warrior friend of mine, Bruce, has this great package
of pre-made flyers. Not only does the wso include fabulous
looking flyers, but there’s also a lot of great information
about how Bruce actually uses these things to create

Check out the comments. You’ll see that I bought mine,
and you’ll also see my review.

Here’s the link to the flyers:

PS: When you read the thread comments, you’ll notice that
Bruce had some issues with delivering the product. That
was yesterday. I bought mine this am and everything worked

Here’s the link again: