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Video Marketing’s Hottest Niches!

Get paid $500 for each of these done-for-you high quality videos that businesses are just drooling for!

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These have both US and UK voiceovers.

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Tube Rank Explosion — Idiot Proof YouTube Ranking And Success!

I got access to this a few days ago and it rocks!

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It’s called Tube Rank Explosion, and it’s the real deal on YouTube Rankings.

Adam Payne contacted me about this before the New Year. If you don’t know Adam, you should. He lives in Japan with his family and makes all his income via YouTube.

In other words, Adam’s a professional.

In Tube Rank Explosion, Adam has teamed with two other pros to show you exactly what’s working in YouTube right now.

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This is a must have for any marketer, on or offine!

Add A 10X Factor To Your Videos!

Happy New Year!

And, yes, this is worth interrupting all that partying, just for a second.

If you use video at all in your marketing, take a second and check out this video overview of a new WordPress plugin called Video Overplay.

This thing rocks! It will definitely increase your video marketing results.

(Okay…get back to partying! 🙂 )

How To Use Live Events Blaster To Rank For Multiple Keywords

live events blaster

I’ve been using Live Events Blaster in a very cool way to figure out which keywords to rank for and to rank for multiple keywords. Shot a whole video for you about this here:

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Offline Video Vanquish Replay Webinar


We had an awesome webinar with Stace Ace! He showed us some amazing things that will help you rank videos either for yourself or for clients. These methods can be used by offline or even online marketers.

The video is below.

If you want to buy Offline Video Vanquish, our product mentioned in the webinar, just click HERE.

There are two OTOs. You DO NOT have to have them! But they are really cool! We explain exactly what they are in the webinar, however, some folks bought Offline Video Vanquish and didn’t get a chance to buy either of the OTOs. So, you can now do so by clicking these next two links. OTO1, OTO2.

Here’s the webinar!


Local Video JumpStart Questions Answered

The new training I did with Nancy Landa, Local Video JumpStart, has been flying off the digital shelves! And why not? It’s a complete system that shows you how to sell stock/plr videos to local businesses for $200 or more. (Nancy actually sells these for at least $400 each!)

We’ve had a ton of great questions about Local Video JumpStart, and we’re going to be holding a live streamed hangout Friday, October 9 at 2pm eastern to answer those questions.

You can watch that here, at that time.

Changes In Ranking Videos?

Got something I want you to think about.

Right now, ranking videos is fairly easy. In comparison to ranking a web page, it’s really easy!


Well, for one thing, you can throw a ton of backlinks to your videos, which are essentially spam.


There was a time, not too long ago, when you could do this with a web page.

And…Google decided that that ease of manipulation of search results wasn’t really in their best interest. So, they put a lid on that. Even to the point of penalizing pages’ rankings according to the “spamminess” of the links pointing to them.


How long do you think Google’s going to put up with us easily manipulating video rankings?

It already seems to me that the whole process is getting more difficult. That video rankings aren’t as responsive to spam links as they used to be.

Also, I hear that from other video marketers.

What to do?

Should we just take our ball and go home?

No! We should learn from the recent past.

What works for web pages will be what will work for videos. Things like intelligent and more natural use of anchor text. Also, link variety.

Something to surely think about.

Another thing you need to do is to prepare yourself with lots of different kinds of backlink access.

To that end, you might want to look at the following product.

These are .gov links. They’re inexpensive, for now. They work. They’ll help you avoid the Google slap, which is surely coming by mixing up your linking strategy.

IM is a great way to make a living! But…you have to stay ahead of the
coming changes to stay on top!

How to Better Leverage YouTube

No matter what you’re using YouTube for, I suspect you’re missing out on a lot of traffic. Most folks don’t leverage the social media aspects of YouTube at all! Yet, you can get a massive increase in traffic over time just by doing a few things. Watch this video to find out what you need to be doing!

Also, watch the next video if you want to know how to get your videos ranked in Google…automatically!


Getting your stuff ranked…on autopilot!

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