Effortless Google News Formula Review

effortless google news formula luther landro walk through review 600When I started my own offline business, over five years ago now, I was just interested in making money. That’s a good attitude, by the way! Keeps you focused on the target. I’ve done well for the past several years though with my business, and now my focus is changing to making money in ways that are more passive, more auto-pilot.

Yesterday, Luther Landro released some new training called Effortless Google News Formula. This is a really neat workaround you can use to rank web pages on page 1 of Google pretty easily. Not only that, but it’s a way you can create a niche website that gets a lot of traffic and ranks well without spending a massive amount of time and money backlinking and creating other assets like pbn’s (private blog networks).

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Given my focus on passive, auto-pilot income, I’m sure you can see why I was so keen on checking out Luther’s new training!

Well, it didn’t disappoint at all! Luther’s got a brilliant method of creating websites and getting them listed as Google “News” sites. This makes Google give preferential treatment to the content on the site, often ranking it much higher than normal, “non news” content. I love this strategy, and I’m going to be using it both for my gold business and also for local businesses.

I got so excited about this that I even shot a video showing you my entire strategy along with a complete walk through of Luther’s product. It’s a pdf, and I show you the entire table of contents and talk about it so you’ll know if this is for you, or not.

Buy NowYou can take a look at the video here:

In the video I mention a WordPress business directory theme. You can find out more about that, here.

Also, to buy Effortless Google News Formula, just click here!

7 thoughts on “Effortless Google News Formula Review

  1. Rick

    It’s interesting how you’re suggesting this for a local directory site Lee.
    I too have been considering this direction after receiving your email yesterday, but I have one question.
    The directory site will be on a Facebook page that I have already created but as yet I have not published and I have the directory 90+% fleshed out with relevant businesses.
    In your opinion/experience will Google take some offence to the News Site being on this Facebook page.
    The page will be on one of the Tabs, what do you think Lee?
    Many thanks.

    1. Lee Post author

      I think that’s fine. I can’t see why that would cause problems, either. If so, how could a business have a website and a Facebook page?

  2. Mark

    Hi Lee,

    Are there any restrictions/suggestions on defining niches for my news sites?
    For example, say I want to target plumbers for marketing press releases to. Which approach would be better?
    – Denver Plumbing News for Denver-based plumbers
    – Denver Business News for all Denver-based business niches
    – Plumbing News for plumbers across the country

  3. George

    Hi I liked your video and I am looking to get Effortless Google News
    and was wonder how your idea of combine it with a directory worked out.

    1. Lee Post author

      Hey Derrick! I’ve had several people buy this who are using it. So, yep, it works fine!


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