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Check out my newest series of product, my Gold Mine series! These products are designed to teach you the skills you need to start and build a profitable business helping local businesses market online.

Google My Business Gold Mine shows you how to find clients who need Google My Business work and are willing to pay handsomely for it. Click Here to learn more!

In Press Release Gold Mine you learn how to make real money selling press releases to local businesses. Click Here to learn more!


Check out these recent WSO’s. Virtually all are $5 or less. Yet, you’ll learn more than with most higher priced products you’ll buy!

Protect Your YouTube Account:Your account is a business asset. Don’t lose it, like I lost one of mine! Get this report to see what you need to do to protect your asset and your income stream.

Hot Video Traffic: Want a really out-of-the-box way to create a massive traffic stream from YouTube? In this short report/video course, I show you a really creative way to leverage YouTube for massive traffic.

Facebook Ad Management For Local Businesses: Would you like to get paid to do social media for sticks and bricks businesses? If so, you’ll want to take a look at this report/video based course. You can make good money just facilitating Facebook ads for local businesses. Learn how, today!

Corporate Offline: I have some really big corporate clients on my offline business’s client list. They pay well, and the work I do with them is stimulating. Learn how to land these big, high paying clients, today!

Simple Mobile Sales System: This is my easy, newbie friendly, method of selling mobile websites to businesses. Probably the easiest way I know for someone to break into offline marketing. Pick it up, today!

Video Rep Management: You can make a lot of money by building the brand of businesses online using video. Video Rep Management shows you some easy to implement, ninja techniques that will wow your clients. Get it today!

Video Marketing For The Real Estate Niche: The real estate niche has long been my favorite offline niche both in terms of number of clients and value per client. Learn a really killer method of easily attracting real estate clients into your business. Also, learn a killer service to sell them. Get this today, before I regain my senses! LOL

Blisteringly Hot Niches!: Learn how I use social media to find killer, untapped niches for your affiliate marketing business. Get it today!

Lead Generation Done Right: This is my exact system for generating leads for offline businesses and getting well paid for that service!

EZ YouTube Traffic: This report shows you how I use YouTube’s vast collection of creative commons videos to build out massive, traffic spewing channels.

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