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Offline Software Builds, Ranks: You Profit!

I actually woke up at 4 am and had a totally brilliant idea.

There’s some massively cool software launching that will definitely interest you no matter the niche you’re in.

It’s called Serplify. And, basically it creates huge numbers of keyword and location focused web pages and ranks them.

You can use these to sell affiliate products…or…and this is the part that excited me…you can rent or sell them to local businesses!

Yeah, it’s THAT COOL!

(Just launched! Click that right now to see a video of Serplify in action!)

Half My Visitors Use Mobile

I was playing around with Google’s display planner this morning. That’s one of the tools in AdWords. Pretty cool stuff! I plugged in the URL to this website, Internet Maverick, and learned some really neat stuff.

  1. Half my visitors use mobile! I thought it would be a large number of visitors, but half? Wow! That might lead me to rethink some things in the future.
  2. Of the visitors who’s gender Google actually knows, half my visitors are male and half are female. I think that’s neat. Judging from Facebook groups I’m in, and ones that I’ve created (where you can actually see people’s pictures), I would have guessed that a large number of my visitors would have been female, but not half. Again, I think that’s very cool!
  3. I can’t tell much about the ages of my visitors. The information isn’t there. Oh well!

Here’s a screen shot of the graphic from display planner.

display planner internet maverick 600


I’d love to know what you think about this! Leave comments below!

So, After That New Idea…Then What?

One key to making money online that I’ve been made very aware of lately is consistency.

Successful internet marketers tend to be pretty creative people. That’s good…but sometimes, creativity is what kills the goose that laid the golden egg. Let me tell you what I mean.

Take blogging, for instance. Or another thing I’m passionately interested in and make a very nice income from…list building.

So, you have a killer idea for a blog. You’ve got the niche nailed in place. You even have some good strategies for traffic. You start writing. It’s going very well. You install Google Analytics. After a day or so you look at your Analytics account…Guess what? You’re getting traffic! It’s working!

For a week or so…this is fun!

But, at some point, the reality of the fact that…Wow! I have to write another post today…kicks in! It becomes work.

Same thing’s true no matter what brilliant idea you’ve had.

At the end of last year, I had the idea to focus only on building out my internet marketing list. I even wrote the following note on a 3×5 card to keep me focused.

It’s the list, stupid!

Well, guess what? About a week or so after that, I decided to create this blog. The blog’s great! But it has definitely distracted me from the list. (Although, it’s solving an even bigger problem for me of getting all my content online.)

Sometimes having too many ideas is worse than having none at all!

How To Get Traffic To A New Blog

So, I’m actually teaching a class on Attraction Marketing. That’s a big word that encompasses not only blogging, but also the support structure behind blogging. That is, the marketing of the blog. No marketing, no eyeballs. No eyeballs, no revenue. Capiche?

In my Attraction Marketing class, one of the techniques I’m teaching is comment marketing. Comment marketing is the process of commenting on high traffic blogs that are in a very similar niche in order to get traffic back to your site. This works with forums, too!

There are a couple of fine points to this.

1. In order to make this work, you need to be able to create a link in your post or your comment that links back to the site you’re promoting. Some blogs let you do that in the comments, others don’t. On this blog, for instance, I do.

2. You really should make your comment “real”. What I mean is this. It would be easy to just spam gratuitous comments all around the Internet to try to get traffic. That will work, but not nearly as effectively as what I’m about to tell you to do.

What you really need to do is to make a thoughtful comment. Something that extends the conversation on that particular post or forum thread. Be a real member of the community. That way you position yourself correctly, and also encourage others to consider clicking through your link back to your site.

Here’s an example.

I was on a post on John Chow. The post is about using a service called LeadPages. (Which I’m just about to subscribe to when I get done with this particular post!)

I read John’s post, then commented. Here’s a screen shot of the comment.

jc comment

See how I wrote a “real” comment? BTW, if you were actually on that site, and hovered over my name there at the top, Lee Cole, you would see that that’s actually a link back to here.

So, that’s an example of a very good way to do comment marketing.

I also do this on forums. I’ve been guest posting on my buddy William Murray’s JVFocus forum and also commenting on the WarriorForum.

Does this work?

I’ve only been marketing this blog, Internet Maverick, for about two weeks. I’ve been comment marketing less  time than that. And, that hasn’t been all that consistent. Let’s look at a screen shot from today of my Google Analytics account. I’ll show you what a few days of comment marketing can do.

traffic from commenting

So, yeah, this works! It would actually work even better if I were more consistent. (Which I promise to be! 🙂 )

I got so excited about sharing this with you, that I shot a video talking more about it. It’s below!


The Importance of Being You!…Online

So, I was teaching about attraction marketing on a webinar last night. This was the first webinar in a four webinar series. Basically, we were talking about an overview of the process.

I used some really excellent attraction marketers as examples. Randy Gage, Eric Worre, Ray Higdon, and John Chow.

All four of these guys are excellent examples of the power of attraction marketing!

One of the big things I was stressing was this…the importance of you being you online.

Most folks think that the Internet is impersonal. It’s not! It’s deeply personal. It’s really important for you to be truthful, honest, and transparent, if you want to build a killer brand online.