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Exclusive, New LinkedIn Software On Sale Today!

There have been some major changes happening on LinkedIn that are dramatically altering how it works and how you can make money from it.

To that end, my good friends, Gloria Gunn and Mike Jones, have just released an amazing and new piece of software called Viewermatic that leverages these changes!

(Click that link to see a complete video! Before you buy though, get my coupon below!)

LinkedIn’s whole platform is undergoing radical alterations, everything from the layout of the platform to how it works internally.

If you want to make real money on LinkedIn, you need up to date software…and training!

I’ve got both right here!

Viewermatic is a new piece of very slick software that will basically run your entire LinkedIn account for you. Gone are the days of manually connecting with people! Viewermatic will build the right connections for you AND pre-sell them for your product or service!

Not only that, but Viewermatic isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg to buy!

For a limited time, you can get Viewermatic for a low, one time fee. Comparable software from other vendors will cost you hundreds per month.

You owe it to yourself to check out a complete video walk through about Viewermatic. Click the next link to watch!

Also, if you buy Viewermatic today through my link, you’ll get my new report, How To Sell Anything On LinkedIn, for free! (The bonus is available through your invoice that JVZoo will send you.)

Inside that report is a link you can use to register for a webinar that Gloria and I are holding next week all about LinkedIn’s recent changes.

If you’ve got older LinkedIn software…yeah, it’s probably still going to work, but it won’t be effective!

Only software that truly leverages LinkedIn’s new platform and internal structure is going to get you the leads, sales, and money you deserve!

Check out Viewermatic right now, today! Before the price goes from a one-off price to a monthly price.

When you purchase, use this code “vm30” to get the full blown Agency version for the price of the more limited Lite version!

Next Gen Lead Software Mines 7 Different Sources

If you’ve been reading my emails over the past few months, you know that my son is building a domain flipping business.

Things are going very well, but one thing he spends a massive amount of time on is finding leads.

I’ve got quite a few lead finding softwares, and we tried all of those. But for one reason or other all of them fell short.

So, you can imagine my elation when I stumbled accross this new software (just released) called Leadora.

(Click that right now to read all about it!)

Leadora scrapes leads from 7 different sources. It goes both deep and broad. It is exactly what I needed for my son’s business as well as my own.

If you need more leads, you’ll want to check this out today.

Normally, you can only get Leadora through a monthly subscription. If you act now, though, you can get lifetime access for an inexpensive, one time fee.

Check out Leadora today!