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Digital Client Crash Course Walk Through Review


Digital Client Crash Course is a complete course on how to start and build a digital marketing agency. Neil Macpherson and Robert Dickson both know what they’re talking about. They’ve both done this. This is one of the most complete trainings on this subject that I’ve seen to date for the price!

I did a video walk through of the inside of the members area for you. Just watch this next video!

Leadz Walk Through

One of the main things I do is prospect for new business. I love to use social media for this. LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite platforms. I’ve pretty much got LinkedIn automated, and I HAD Twitter automated. I say “had” because last year, Twitter changed things up so that a lot of the popular Twitter automation softwares quit working. Too bad.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with new software that automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. Yesterday, I bought some cloud based software called Leadz. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.

Click Here To Learn More About Leadz!

Leadz automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. It will do virtually all of the “heavy lifting” for me, while leaving me free to move my new leads off of Twitter and on to the phone. (My preferred method of selling.)

To show you what Leadz does and how it does it, I shot a complete walk through video of the inside of my account. You’ll see that below.

I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with Leadz. Click this next link to read the sales letter and see if this is something you’ll want to pick up. Oh, if you buy this through my account, make sure to open up your receipt from JVZoo and click on the bonus link. There’s only one more piece to the puzzle of Twitter marketing that you need in place to dominate. My bonus gives you access to another video I created that shows you how to get this in place using free software. I only spend minutes per month doing what I show you, yet my account looks like the account of someone who tweets multiple times per day. Again, all free and given to you as a bonus for purchasing Leadz through me.

Click Here To Read The Sales Letter!

Cool beans!

Here’s my video walk through:

New Method Lands High-Ticket Clients FAST!

Need clients?

Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new or a seasoned offline consultant, there’s one thing you can’t get enough of…clients!

Paul James just released some killer new training on a super easy client getting method that he uses in his own business.

It’s called his Pay It Forward method. And it lands high-ticket (as in $650 per sale) clients like clockwork.

No cold calling.

No direct mail.

No face to face.

Nothing a brand new newbie can’t do.

You can sell anything at all with this method, too.

Make 2017 your best year ever. Get Paul’s training today and hit the ground running!

Local Client Shark Review

Local Client Shark Pic 650 a

Getting clients is THE single most important part of offline marketing. I mean, it’s almost so obvious that I don’t need to say it, right? If you don’t have clients, it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You’re still going to be broke!

Not only that, but IF you can get clients, you can pretty much make as much money as you want.

Yet, most folks stumble with this critical skill (THE critical skill!) of getting clients!

Want a solution?

Unless you just joined my list, you’ve heard me talk about my friend, Tom Gaddis. Tom’s an offliner. He lives with his family in Maui. Like most people who got into this business, Tom struggled for a while. But then he came up with some very simple ways of getting clients. Now, he’s a pro and makes a very nice living–from paradise, too!

Tom’s just launched a new, video based, training product called Local Client Shark. I just went through Tom’s training, and it rocks!


What I love about Local Client Shark is its simplicity. The skill level needed to do this is very low. Basically, anyone who wants to build a nice offline business can do what Tom’s telling you to do and have success!

If you need more clients, Local Client Shark is just what the doctor ordered! This is a very simple, straight forward method that Tom actually uses in his own business to keep the new clients coming in like clockwork.

Buy Now

I really like Local Client Shark for a bunch of reasons. The biggest one is that it aligns with my own experience in my own business.

Tom covers everything you need. He takes you all the way from prospecting to the sales proposal.

Take a look at my walk through video below and see if you don’t get as excited about this as I am!

Animated Video Scenes Example

Need a cool foot in the door product to sell to local businesses? Or, you could even set this up and give it away. (I prefer the first option myself.) Anyway, click this next link and you’ll see a very cool squeeze page for a local business with an animated video background!


It took me all of 10 minutes to set this up. I shot a quick video to show you the whole process. All the tools I used, their cost, everything!

Watch this video now!

Here’s what you need to get this going!

  1. LeadPages <== Click here!

  2. Animated Video Scenes <== Click here!

Just re-watch my video to see exactly how to create a cool page like this.

As to how to sell? I’d create one page for each of the videos. That’s 20 pages. Then I’d send prospects links to appropriate pages. If you just did the page for real estate and sent the link to every Realtor in your area, you’d be covered in work! Just sayin’!

I’d charge at least $100 to set this up for someone. Also, if you use LeadPages as I do, you’d want to be an affiliate and make your client sign up using your link. Ditto for the autoresponder. I’d probably use either GetResponse or Aweber for this. You can be an affiliate of either.

Like this whole idea? Please leave a comment below!




How Gloria Landed A $29,000 Client…FREE Hangout Interview!

Watch this hangout interview to see how my friend and colleague, Gloria Gunn, landed a $29,000 client from a network meeting. (The sounds a little shaky. So, turn up your speakers!)

Click Here to learn more about our new course, 6-Figure Networking!


Offline Promo Pak — Real Estate Funnel Review

offline promo pak real estate

My buddy, Matt Boland, launched this Wednesday. If you’re an offliner, you should be very interested in selling internet products and services to the real estate industry. That’s exactly what Offline Promo-Pak — Real Estate Funnel will help you do.

When you purchase this, you get a done-for-you sales funnel including everything you need to do the following…

  1. A really high quality, high converting squeeze page
  2. A done-for-you, plr report
  3. Two really cool methods of getting the right type of traffic to your squeeze page.

All you do after that is a little follow up and you’ll have more business than you know what to do with.

If you want to purchase this or just to learn more, click here!

Untapped Offline Niches Video PLR

Welcome to 2014!

I hope you had a great New Year! (That is those of you who are on the same calendar that I am…I know many of you are on other calendars with different New Years. If so…just look at this as an early Happy New Years! 😉 )

Okay…let’s get started on 2014!

If you’re an offliner, one thing you want to consider is competition.

My best advice on that is…don’t compete!

There’s plenty of niches and sub-niches that just aren’t targeted by many offliners. Why? Don’t know…lack of imagination, maybe.

One huge niche is senior care.

With the aging of the population in the US and other developed nations, senior care is big…and getting even bigger.

Stuff like assisted living, elder law, funeral homes, home health care, retirement communities, and senior day care are niches ripe for the plucking.

Businesses in these niches are facing some extreme competition. And, they need a lot of help marketing themselves in creative, inexpensive ways.

One of the best ways to “guerrilla” market a business is through video.

To that end, my buddy Nick Mancuso, has released a really excellent set of plr videos aimed right at this niche.

Click here link to see some examples.

Bottom line…To get ahead, you have to be different. Targeting untapped niches is a great way of doing this.

Happy 2014!


Facebook Fanpage CheatSheets–New WSO is Live

I’ve finally put together all the pieces of my new wso, and
actually launched it!

Click here to see it!

As I’ve been telling you, I made this wso because I had
so many folks email me and ask me about how to actually get
business. Without a method for prospecting for business and
closing sales, you’re just not going to make much m.oney in
offline marketing.

But with a method that works, you can easily make a full-time

Hence this wso.

If you have any questions about it at all, just reply to this

Also, if you do happen to buy it, and you like it, please
consider leaving me a comment on the thread!