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Instant Expert Review

A couple of days ago, I launched my new product that I did with Steve Rosenbaum, called Instant Expert.

Basically Instant Expert shows you exactly what to do to establish yourself as an expert in any niche…fast!

This skill is incredibly important for anyone who wants to sell social media services, offline business services, etc, to businesses and business people. Anything that requires more of a standard selling approach.

Just to make sure that you understand who this is for an who it’s not, I shot a quick video for you.



Truly Automated Social Media Marketing!

I do a lot of social media marketing across multiple platforms.

I love it…and I kinda hate it too!

I love it because it works.

I hate it because it takes a lot of time!

One of the biggest time sucks is finding content. The other for me is this, managing the content (posting it) for me.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with software that would solve both these problems.

Guess what? They just did!

SociVideo Jukebox is a new app that finds content and posts it to Facebook and Twitter.

It finds relevant content and posts it. Not only does it do that, but it shuffles the content and reposts it! <== Turns out this is an extremely important thing to do. Been doing this manually for close to a year!

You could post content once a minute…if you want. (Way too much on Facebook, perfect for Twitter.)

SociVideo Jukebox allows you to find, schedule and post videos natively to Facebook. (Natively = the method preferred by Facebook!)

It finds trending content and posts it! <== Perfect for growing a huge twitter following!

It uses RSS feeds to find and post the most popular blog content.

SociVideo Jukebox rocks! If you want to put your Facebook and Twitter marketing on autopilot, this is it!

Leadz Walk Through

One of the main things I do is prospect for new business. I love to use social media for this. LinkedIn and Twitter are my favorite platforms. I’ve pretty much got LinkedIn automated, and I HAD Twitter automated. I say “had” because last year, Twitter changed things up so that a lot of the popular Twitter automation softwares quit working. Too bad.

I’ve been waiting for someone to come out with new software that automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. Yesterday, I bought some cloud based software called Leadz. I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint.

Click Here To Learn More About Leadz!

Leadz automates what needs to be automated with Twitter. It will do virtually all of the “heavy lifting” for me, while leaving me free to move my new leads off of Twitter and on to the phone. (My preferred method of selling.)

To show you what Leadz does and how it does it, I shot a complete walk through video of the inside of my account. You’ll see that below.

I’m sure you’re going to be impressed with Leadz. Click this next link to read the sales letter and see if this is something you’ll want to pick up. Oh, if you buy this through my account, make sure to open up your receipt from JVZoo and click on the bonus link. There’s only one more piece to the puzzle of Twitter marketing that you need in place to dominate. My bonus gives you access to another video I created that shows you how to get this in place using free software. I only spend minutes per month doing what I show you, yet my account looks like the account of someone who tweets multiple times per day. Again, all free and given to you as a bonus for purchasing Leadz through me.

Click Here To Read The Sales Letter!

Cool beans!

Here’s my video walk through: