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2 Easy Ways To Create Content From Videos


Content is the heart and soul of internet marketing. Products you sell are content. Giveaways that you use with squeeze pages…content. Click bait…content! Videos, audios, slides, PowerPoints, blog posts, comments…everything is basically content. No content, no Internet. No reason for it to even exist.

So, internet marketers like me (and perhaps you) need to know how to create content hopefully easily and quickly. One of my favorite methods for doing this is by using YouTube videos. In this post, I’m going to talk about a few ways you can use videos to help you create fresh, original content. Whether it’s just for a blog post, like this one, or it’s for a whole product you’re creating, this post will save you massive amounts of time and vastly broaden your content horizons.

Method #1: Video Inspiration

Perhaps my favorite way to create killer content is just by using YouTube videos as inspiration. Let’s say your niche was anxiety. That would unfortunately be a massively killer niche, because a huge and growing percentage of the world population suffers from this. And, let’s also say that you want to create a giveaway for a squeeze page. Just to be clear on this. Someone lands on your squeeze page and enters their email address and perhaps their name in order to get your PDF or whatever on how to help anxiety.

I just went over to YouTube and typed in “breathing exercises for anxiety”.

Here’s the search I got, if you want to follow along.


Now, the actual results will change over time, but at the time of me writing this, here are the top three videos.





You’re looking at about 21 minutes of video total here. So, if I wanted to make a PDF as a giveaway for a squeeze page, or even an inexpensive product, I’d watch these videos, take notes, and then write out my own summary of what they said. I’m not going to do that here, because I think you get the idea, and you don’t need me to do that.


Method #2: Transcription

Like method #1, with the transcription method, you’re going to need to find a few videos related to your niche topic. Unlike method #1, you’re not going to write a summary of what they said. You’re going to hire someone to transcribe the video. (Hire someone. Not yourself! Your time is too valuable!)

I just searched for transcribers on Fiverr. Here’s the results of the search that I did.


Now, if you use the transcription exactly as you get it back from your transcriber, you’re probably going to have a copyright issue. The text of each of these videos belongs to the owner of the video. (Unless, it’s marked in YouTube as having Creative Commons licensing.) So, what I would do then is to hire someone to rewrite the transcriptions for me.

Here’s a Fiverr search for content rewriters.


So, for less than $20 you can get a great piece of original content from three videos on any topic!


Simple, Repeatable, Profitable!

I get people asking me all the time how to start making real money online. Probably every week I get an email or message from someone asking for help.

I know literally zillions of ways to make money online. I’ve done them all. The problem with answering people’s questions, though, is they want something that’s simple, repeatable, and newbie friendly.

It can take years to build up the skills needed for some methods. And, understandibly, most folks can’t wait years. They need cash now.

Every now and then I run across a new system, or a better version of an older system, that anyone regardless of their skill set can use to start making real money.

Today is one of those days.

Billy Darr and David Kirby gave me access to their new training. It’s called 100 Bucks Daily. (That’s about $36k a year!)

I opened it up and found exactly what I was looking for. Something simple that I could recommend to people who want to get started with this stuff the right way.

On the surface, the 100Bucks A Day method looks like yesterday’s news. At the core, it’s about creating review videos for affiliate products and ranking them.

As I said, that’s on the surface!

I’ve done this very method myself for years, and I’ve made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it.

As I dug deeper into the training, I realized that Billy and David had simplified this method to the point that anyone can do it right off the bat!

They have a template you follow to make your review video. (Works on MAC or PC.) You really don’t even have to think. Just follow along.

As far as ranking the videos, they have a very simple, newer strategy that they use. I learned this strategy myself from one of the top video marketers in the biz, and it flat out works!

If you’ll get this and actually do it consistently two things will happen.

1. You’ll start making some real money now.

2. You’ll build up a whole collection of review videos that will make you money month after month after month!

(Nothing better than waking up, checking your phone, and seeing you made money in your sleep. That sort of thing!)

This is a simple, solid system. Like all things, it won’t do anything for you unless you actually apply it, but that goes without saying!

Today’s the last day you can get this on early bird sale.

Click one of these links today and check it out!

One more thing.

Who should get this? Anyone who wants to learn a really simple method for making money online.

Who shouldn’t? If you’ve already got a real business up and running, you might not need this. Real business to me means six figure territory.

Just my 2 cents. You do what you want! 🙂

Video Marketing’s Hottest Niches!

Get paid $500 for each of these done-for-you high quality videos that businesses are just drooling for!

Not your normal stuff. But high definition videos in THE hottest niches, which you can resell as many times as you want.

Or you can use them as lead magnets in your own business.


These have both US and UK voiceovers.

Click the link above to see what the hottest selling video niches are today!

Tube Rank Explosion — Idiot Proof YouTube Ranking And Success!

I got access to this a few days ago and it rocks!

(Click that link right now to see a full video walk through.)

It’s called Tube Rank Explosion, and it’s the real deal on YouTube Rankings.

Adam Payne contacted me about this before the New Year. If you don’t know Adam, you should. He lives in Japan with his family and makes all his income via YouTube.

In other words, Adam’s a professional.

In Tube Rank Explosion, Adam has teamed with two other pros to show you exactly what’s working in YouTube right now.

Currently on discounted, early bird pricing.

This is a must have for any marketer, on or offine!

Add A 10X Factor To Your Videos!

Happy New Year!

And, yes, this is worth interrupting all that partying, just for a second.

If you use video at all in your marketing, take a second and check out this video overview of a new WordPress plugin called Video Overplay.

This thing rocks! It will definitely increase your video marketing results.

(Okay…get back to partying! 🙂 )

How To Use Live Events Blaster To Rank For Multiple Keywords

live events blaster

I’ve been using Live Events Blaster in a very cool way to figure out which keywords to rank for and to rank for multiple keywords. Shot a whole video for you about this here:

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Live Events Blaster Review Walk Through

If you do any video marketing at all, then you should be getting into live streaming! Whether it’s hangouts or live streaming straight into YouTube, live streamed videos rank better than videos you upload yourself.

Basically, you have three options for getting your video into YouTube. You can just upload it. You can have a hangout. Or, you can live stream the video using Wire Cast or a similar service. Right now, for ranking purposes, it seems that the last option is best. But this comes with a price. Setting up the live streaming event of a prerecorded video is a pain in the you know what.

I’ve been wishing lately that someone would just come out with an easy to use piece of software that will do all the live streaming for me. Guess what? They have!

Live Event Blaster


Live Event Blaster does everything for you! It’s super easy! I installed it on my computer and had my own video live streamed straight into my YouTube account within a few minutes.

I highly recommend this piece of software for anyone serious about video marketing, on or offline!

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I shot a video walk through of me using the software. Also, towards the end, I give you a complete walk through of the OTOs. (I know most folks like to know about that! 🙂 )

Check out the video below.


Live Events Blaster launched tomorrow, May 6, at 11am eastern. I’ll have links here. Also, if you’re on my list, I’ll email you before that time with links.

Video Traffic Genie Review

Here’s a killer way of using other people’s videos from YouTube to drive traffic to any website.

  1. find a video that’s getting a lot of views, but has a link in it to an expired domain
  2. buy the domain
  3. redirect to wherever

Slick, right? Yep!

I shot you a quick video overview of this, you can watch it below. Also, tomorrow, Joshua Zamora is launching a really cool piece of software that will do all the searching for you. Just enter the keyword and it will give you a list of videos with expired domains associated with them. You just go out and register the domains and bam! Instant traffic!

Enjoy the video!